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C-section babies- mucus

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Bella1985 Thu 05-Jan-17 11:09:57

Anyone else struggling with mucus in their post c-section babies? DS is 9 days old, had a mucus clearout at around day 3 but seems to have more now...not sure what to do... midwife has suggested saline drops, just wondering if anyone else has tried other things and what worked. It doesn't seem to be a cold, yet 9 days seems a little late for it to still be post birth mucus. sad

FrankAndBeans Thu 05-Jan-17 12:07:10

Both my VB had this because they were such quick births. It really is horrendous but it will pass soon. I just left alone, fed often and they brought it up themselves.

HalfStar Thu 05-Jan-17 12:11:12

I had this too with my VB baby, quick birth. It did last maybe 2-3 weeks? I thought it was a cold at the time but now realise it was all mucus. It was hard, feeding was hard because she was stuffed up and not getting all that much.

Saline drops a great help, but get the little bottles (think Calpol have a range) not the big spray ones for a newborn. Bowls of warm water steaming around the place can help too I think.

Congratulations flowers

C4Envelope Thu 05-Jan-17 12:16:27

Hello! My c-section baby was mucus filled for weeks and weeks. To the point where I had to sleep upside down in the bed to try and get some sleep away from all the aditional mucus-y noises.. We would go into a steamy shower room in the morning and as PP suggests bowls of steamy water do help keep a bit of moisture in the room. Try and feed lots too. It will pass. Good luck, it sounds like you are doing terriffic and congratualtions on your DS flowers

Bella1985 Thu 05-Jan-17 14:36:38

Thanks for the replies! we spent 5 days in hospital on antibiotics which meant we had professionals on tap 24/7 to reassure us, and now that we're home alone DH and I are finding it quite hard to know what is 'normal' and what should be a gp or hospital visit, especially when it comes to breathing issues. He is feeding and having dirty & wet nappies, he just seemed a little out of sorts this morning so I hit panic button and started to fret about it. I will try the steam trick and hope that he brings it up soon and I can start worrying about something else! star

C4Envelope Fri 06-Jan-17 19:59:15

Thats the way it goes! Now that I think about it I can remember gazing intently at the health visitor - when she was looking at DD - to see if she would recoil in horror at the state of my child. She never did and was happy to see my concern but very gently reassured both DH and I that she was ok. brew for you x

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