orgasm after c-section

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treacle72 Mon 19-Feb-07 18:47:06

I know it probably sounds really dumb, but, since my c-section 2 weeks ago, I'm incredibly nervous about about having an orgasm.

During the last month of my pregnancy I experienced really uncomfortable sensations every time I had one - as if my uterus was clamping down incredibly tightly around the baby, which I guess it was - and now I'm worried that, with my uterus having been cut into and stitched (actually glued!) back together, that the contraction of an orgasm would pull the wound open again.

Am I being insane? I'm a little embarrassed to ask my midwife about this and could really do with some reassurance!

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IntergalacticDave Mon 19-Feb-07 18:49:33

you'll be fine, I had 2 css and no probs in that dept. Not that I ever have sex .....

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