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Nov '05 Toddlers and their baby brothers and sisters!

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Rodeo Fri 16-Feb-07 14:46:10

New thread for our new little bundles

twinkle1 Fri 16-Feb-07 17:53:04

Thanks for the new thread!!! Diege where are we meeting next wed??? Im useless if i dont write it down straight away it drops out out of my head!!!!!!
well good luck ith the new babes!!!!
hope it all go's well

feetheart Fri 16-Feb-07 21:00:12

No news then?
Need to go to bed but just wanted to check in.

Hope you have had an amazing day ChaCha.

Beksmum Fri 16-Feb-07 21:33:16

Ladies I don't know what to do here, I' know you are all going to be thinking of her so I'll let you know that I got a text from Chacha earlier today to say that she has had the baby and that both she and ? are well, I'm not going to steal her thunder by telling you what she's had, but the whole family are thrilled to bits.

Congratulations to the Chacha family, will post a proper congrats message, when Chacha has had a chance to post her news herself

Beksmum Fri 16-Feb-07 21:44:46

Right on to today, had a great meet up with Tex & Bob.

Tex is really well and was great company and Toby and Rosie are just adorable and Rosies signing is coming along a treat and she was most excited to show me the signs for dogs, cats & birds.

Rosie and Thomas got on famously and were allowed to roam the park until Ben decided to run down a muddy slope only to slip straight over and get covered in mud from ankle to waist, he thought he was in trouble but I couldn't stop laughing at him, as he is normally so clean and it was great to see my 5 year old covered in mud Needless to say I had no spare clothes in the car for him

Bob turned up a little later, she looks well and Oskar is just lovely, he was very shy of me and of the boys but did pose for photo's on my camera phone so I will try to download them over the weekend.

Now on to baby Sophie who is just beautiful, she is like a tiny doll, you forget how small they are don't you and it makes our Nov '05 babies look huge - Chahca will definetly notice the difference when she next sees Z. Sophie's birth story is just amazing and Bob is very calm and matter of fact about it really, don't think I would be.

Right best let dh back on to the pc, hope you have a great weekend and that we get an official announcement from Mr Chacha as soon as possible. Beks

Londoner Fri 16-Feb-07 22:09:57

Congratulations CHACHA and family, can't wait to hear all about your new arrival .

Thanks Beks! Meet up sounds great, sorry didn't get your message things are mad mad mad here, thanks so much for thinking to invite us sounds like a great time was had by all.
THanks for the new thread Rodeo.
Diege- bad Londoner got it wrong sorry, Grazia-0 Grindstone-1, Diege poor you, hope light is firmly at end of tunnel by now, you wiiiiiill survive, you wiiiill make it, you are Diege.
Hi everyone else...........
Night all.

Rodeo Fri 16-Feb-07 22:38:50

Oh brilliant Thanks Beks! Congratulations Chacha, Mr Chach & Z! Can't wait for the all the details! Just popped on for any news before bed so that's great!
Just watched Without A Paddle on dvd, which was v.mildly amusing (Don't all rush to get your hands on a copy!)
Night x

Diege Sat 17-Feb-07 09:23:09

Congrats CHACHA and family ; my vote for a blue one too! Can't wait to hear all the news!
Don't worry LONDONER, last 10 scripts then they're done, albeit 3 days after the (new) deadline as they'll be going on Monday now! At least the money will compensate, although it's already spent.
TWINKLE: will e-mail you full details of weds .
Good weekends to all!

Diege Sat 17-Feb-07 09:25:26

Meant to say LONDONER Grazia has been read and enjoyed last night on the train home ; that is sooo a new nose ; don't think it looks like her any more, preferred the old one!

feetheart Sat 17-Feb-07 10:00:51


Congratulations to all the ChaCha family and welcome to the new little ChaCha-ette.

Very impatient to know whether its a pink or blue one and the name but you are forgiven for not posting yet as I am sure you are up to your eyes (and still in hospital)
Love to all.

BrownieBells Sat 17-Feb-07 12:26:18

Congratulations to the Chacha family! Very excited!!

Thanks for the new thread Rodeo - was only thinking about starting a new one myself the other day - but again,you beat me to it!!

Nova - glad Quinny is fab - still not sure if I can justify it, but it's nice to dream hey!

Well, trip to London was fab yesterday. Went to Madame Tussauds - which was cool - and we also went to see Mamma Mia - which I would highly recommend! Didn't realise it would be soo funny!

Right, just a quicky from me, need to go and get some Brownie stuff sorted!

Hope everyone is doing well and big [waves] to those I haven't mentioned. Diege, hope you have now compelted the marking!


Tex111 Sat 17-Feb-07 13:08:24

Congrats Chacha! Can't wait to hear the whole story.

Beks, great to see you and your crew yesterday. Tobes had a brilliant time with Ben and it was so nice to see how much Thomas has grown and changed. We'll have to start a montage of them in Greenwich park on the Yahoo site! So good to see BoB too. We missed you Londoner but will hopefully see you soon.

Diege, good luck with the marking. Huge admiration for you. Don't know how you manage it all and look so fab too!

Off to look at some houses. Looks like we may move AGAIN.

Happy Saturday!

Diege Sun 18-Feb-07 12:17:35

Afternoon! DH and dds at MIL, to give me the chance to catch up on housework (sooo thoughtful eh, but there are perks ). Will change the beds then maybe do a bit of internet shopping .
TEX, that's very kind of you to say so! I have now finished the actual marking, so just a case of inputting the marks and filling in the expenses sheet! Bliss!!
Well, feel like anxious relative here pacing the hospital corridors to hear news of littlest Chatch!! Sooo excited to hear!!!
Right, best give the place a cursory once over!

Diege Sun 18-Feb-07 12:22:12

Oh meant to say TEX good luck with the househunting! Anything in mind? We are trying to get our's in a fit state to put on the market, as we desperately need a bigger place with a garden! We can compare stories over the coming months!
Oh also, sort of mixed work has decided that they are going to have a 'restructuring' of our department, so there are likely to be redundancies over the next year/months. I'm on the look out for something better, so not necessarily sob-city, but then of course me gets to thinking, let's screw them for all they have (ie, get the old maternity package while I still have a job )Is that just toooo scheming do you think ? ...

feetheart Sun 18-Feb-07 16:47:04

Diege - a bit scheming maybe but they haven't exactly been the world's best employer have they? I'd say get as much out of them whilst you can

Beksmum Sun 18-Feb-07 19:31:17


Diege I reckon go for it, get what you can out of them, while you can. What have you got to lose in the long run if you are already thinking about getting another job anyway. Well done for getting the marking finished by the way!

Well it's official Tom is in love with Noo Noo no not Nova's beautiful daugther but the toy Dyson we bought him today. He has even tried to feed his dinner to it today and all we here whereever he is is Noo Noo, Noo noo!!!

Right best go and start the bed time routine before the drama of returning to school kicks in. Hope you're all having a good weekend Beks

Rodeo Sun 18-Feb-07 21:10:26

Right just a quick one before 24 and Lost!
Beks, awww NooNoo How cute! Jessie's No.1 obsession is still the cat or 'ggggrrrrrsssspppppppp' in her language think she's imitating the hiss the cat makes at her to name the cat!
Ooh yeah Diege, you def deserve the maternity pack! Cannot wait for you to be pg too Oh and thank god your marking has ended!
Brownie, glad you had a lovely day! Our girls weekend begins next Friday and I'm getting nervous!!
Oh, I'm doing the Mile for Maude walk on May 12, I'm sure you've probably all heard but here is the website to sign up for it if anyone's interested, there's walks all over the country \link{ for Maude}
L&S, LOL at me saving on texts! I have just gone on to pay as you go, so would say yes but I'd left my phone in the car last night and that's the reason I haven't texted you back, sorry!
Right 24 has started, so am off - still can't wait for Chacha's news, if she stay's in for 5 days then hopefully she may be on Tues or Weds (if she gets chance!) Bye all x

Rodeo Sun 18-Feb-07 21:11:42

Why didn't that work?!
Mile for Maude

Rodeo Sun 18-Feb-07 21:13:19

L&S, or anyone else, you can register by clicking on 'The miles'

Diege Sun 18-Feb-07 21:31:01

Evening! Thanks for all your support re: [whispers] no.4 and maternity pay. Thing is it's not like I would be ttc no.4 just to spite them, just that we'll have to get a move on! At the moment even thinking about it makes me tired - def. not next month - don't want 3 Nov birthdays, lol, though hardly think it'll be a one-month wonder going on my past record . Good thinking RODEO about when CHACHA will be out - yes,hopefully by Weds - how will we manage to wait ! Yep, sooo glad the marking is finished - only 4 months to go till the summer batch! Oh and we are going on the Liverpool 'Mile for Maud' walk .
Right, bbc 2 conspiracy thingy beckons!

Mumma2005 Mon 19-Feb-07 11:24:11

Hello all, im not a regular user of mumsnet, but just thought i'd say hey. i have a 15 month old daughter called zahra and we live in east london, she was born on 28th nov 05. just had a bried scan of the posts i guess congrats are in order to cha cha. xx

novadandypowder Mon 19-Feb-07 14:16:05

ooohhh I'm in the grip of furious nesting! I can't stop - Over the weekend I packed my hossie bag, got all the new bottles out of their packets and dug out the steraliser, and cleaned up and prepared my P&T. Today I've cleared out the cupboard under the stairs, the one in the downstairs toilet, and the crawl space in the nursery. I have a huge bundle of clothes etc. ready to wash, and have dug out the play mat, bouncy chair, slings, and car seat. Have already bought nappies and formula, so dare I say it, I'm almost set.

Went to a fancy dress party on saturday night, thought I'd better make the effort to go as I've been turning down lots of things and I realised this is probably my last chance at a night out for a while. The theme was 'nations of the world' so I went as a Geisha as it was the only costume that went with a bump and I could cover my hideous skin in make-up. Was gutted when the first person I saw at the party was wearing the same outfit!! I made sure DH and I stayed in a different room all night - lol. Some of the costumes were ace, one person went as a hotdog in the full on foam one piece, another went as a bottle of tequila. There were quite a few oriental ladies, and cowboys/girls. One that made me go 'I wish I'd thought of that' was someone who came dressed up in carrier bags from Icelands! Abi Titmus went as a french maid - what a surprise .

Congrats on the marking Diege

Hello Mumma2005 - we haven't had anyone new join us for a while, but we're a friendly bunch.

Can't wait for Chacha's news - come on, one of you knows what she had........

novadandypowder Mon 19-Feb-07 14:20:11

Forgot to add my proud mummy moment:

The last few weekends we've been taking noo out for lunch at a local restaurant. Yesterday we decided to get her a fish main course rather than pasta, as she's quite good at using a fork and spoon. A woman on the table behind us (who was with her DH and two sons, who must have been 7-9ish yet she still cut up their food for them ) commented on how well behaved she was and how good she was at eating her food . We did however have to make quite a sharp exit as we'd let noo walk to the restaurant and she suddenly got very very tired and grumpy, but we thankfully avoided a scene.

feetheart Mon 19-Feb-07 21:55:58

Evening all. Just a quickie from the (almost getting over being) ill crew
A has at last started to smile again, poor little boy has been coughing himself sick for the last 3-4 days tho thankfully he has been off his food as well (definitely ill) so we have only had to cope with the projectile vomiting of milk. I really had forgotten how far it can go
DH has been the last one to get whatever it is and has been moping around either sweating or shivering and feeling very sorry for himself. Luckily he has taken himself off to bed now as my sympathy gene has run out for now!

Nova - nesting sounds exhausting but hopefully feels good to have done it. Was it an indication last time? Don't think I was as organised either time! You haven't got lunch at The Ivy booked any time soon have you?? That would be a dead giveaway
Party sounds good too. We went to a Superhero 4th birthday party 2 weeks ago (not quite the same league I know but its that time of year!) as Batman (DH), Robin (DS), Catwoman (well just a cat really - DD) and I went as Alfred the butler as I have a wonderful tailcoat!! Will try and stick a photo on Yahoo at some point as Ash was the ultimate cutey!

Mumma2005 - welcome to the gang! I will be the first to tell you that we are officially the friendliest thread on Mumsnet.
I have a DS (Ash) who was born on 7th November '05 and a DD (Tessa) who will be 4 on Thursday (where has the time gone?)

Diege - hurrah for end of marking, and even bigger hurrah for expenses!!

Rodeo/Diege - seem to have volunteered myself to organise the Bedfordshire Mile for Maude There are only 2 of us so far but I haven't tried very hard yet.

BEKS - love the NooNoo/Tom image
Meet-up sounds lovely, I do wish we were a bit closer sometimes as I hate missing out! Maybe we should start to think about a big North/South meet-up again so we can gasp at the size of the Nov 'babies' and coo at the little ones. It will need a bit of planning as I'm not sure the British Museum could cope with 12+ toddlers, a slightly more enclosed space is called for methinks

Might not get on too much over the next week (though will keep popping on the see ChaCha's news) as my Mum arrives from N. Ireland on Weds for 5 days, T's birthday is Thurs and DH's birthday is Fri. Cue over-excitement and overdosing on cake - and that's just me

Not much of a quickie in the end!!!

twinkle1 Tue 20-Feb-07 09:34:08

Hi all,
Diege will see u tommorow at 10.30 ish. Looking forward to it

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