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Calling all Glasgow mums!

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clairewatson Tue 13-Feb-07 10:21:29

My name is Claire and i have a 5month old son called Sol, and i'm (a young!) 33. As none of my friends have any children i'm finding it really difficult to meet other mums for coffee/mum&baby groups/chats etc.
I stay in the southside of Glasgow (shawlands),and am desperate to get out and meet new peeps.
I'm not originally from glasgow,and although i've been here for a few years, i only moved to southside last march.
Anyone else in same boat?


trixymalixy Tue 13-Feb-07 21:10:46

Hi Clare,

Why don't you join us on the bumps north of the border thread in Pregnancy. The thread has been going for while now so some of us are mums now and others are not far behind.

We are mostly in Glasgow, and the majority of people are not originally from Glasgow so you would fit right in!

trixymalixy Tue 13-Feb-07 21:11:52

Claire even! Hate it when people misspell my name!

talcam Tue 13-Feb-07 21:19:45

Hi Claire when my DD was young I went to small talk at Clarkston Clinic its on a monday am its great for meeting first time mums

Loulee Thu 22-Feb-07 18:45:27

hi claire, think theres a mother and toddlers group at hidden gardens at tramway on a thursday...

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