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July 2016 #3

(492 Posts)
primarynoodle Tue 08-Nov-16 19:40:11

Hello all! Can't believe we're on thread 3! Let's kickstart with a then and now photo smile

Here's Annie at 4 months 4 days

tams13 Tue 08-Nov-16 19:54:58

Loving the dressing gown primary.

I'll try to catch up soon. Just preparing for a visit from MIL at the moment.

AnnaT45 Wed 09-Nov-16 01:41:09

Marking place!

LOVE Annie in her gown! So beautiful.

Biscuit update. Have probably eaten half the box in two days. They're proper chocolate, rich biscuits and there is a lot so I'm pretty ashamed! I didn't manage a walk today either as was so busy. Damn. Some days I'm super motivated, other days I literally don't care. Anyone else feel this way re weight loss?!

I think Grace may be the youngest of us still posting? She's 2 August. I think she's 14 weeks now. I'll have to count! Need to rebook her 12 week jabs sad

becks love the bouncer! I wonder when I can pull the jumperoo out..,

Hang on can't remember what else has been said so I'll have to go check the old thread ....

sundaysunday Wed 09-Nov-16 08:44:02

SNOW gringrin

Need to go out locally with E in the sling later. What do I put him in? Will he be too hot in a pram/snowsuit type thing? I don't have anything else apart from normal trousers and cardigans.

primarynoodle Wed 09-Nov-16 09:12:14

Sunday!!!!!!!!! Wow! I took Annie out in the sling on bonfire night - although it wasn't snowing - she had long sleeved vest, tights, sleepSuit, hoodie, woolly hat and my coat wrapped around her and she was toasty.

Anna - I am the same with weight loss, 2lbs away from goal for 3 weeks now, I just cba! I think youre right I'm craving energy therefore biscuits!!

Question - for the crafty among us, are you making presents from baby to grandparents? Have pinterested a bit but not too inspired yet!

Rubytuesday2980 Wed 09-Nov-16 09:39:49

Gorgeous but chilly Sunday, really miss the proper snow up north. I would use the suit thing, but only put thin layers underneath. I am a bit paranoid about overheating though.

primary what sort of thing are you looking at? I was just going to do a nice photo in a frame, but also feel that's a bit of a cop-out and need some inspiration!

I have thought about getting some sort of foot/hand print set and actually doing it on Christmas Day to mark H's first Christmas?

Rubytuesday2980 Wed 09-Nov-16 09:45:17

4 months old, to the minute!!

beckslovestimmy Wed 09-Nov-16 09:56:21

Just got back from dropping DD at preschool and they had a photographer in. He was great, he did photos of Ben on his own, then the 2 of them together, then DD on her own. Ben was super smiley. I can't wait to see them!!!

4.5 months and 0 days, what a difference.

Bluebell20 Wed 09-Nov-16 10:08:01

Dropped off the thread here, too!

Elliz Sorry to hear about the illnesses. Hopefully everyone's on the mend now as we head towards (dare I mention it?) Christmas!

Dats Joss sounds bloody advanced! Ruben was 16lbs at 16 weeks and that was 75th percentile - Joss must be well up there! And Ru can't roll for toffee! Really sorry to hear about the anxiety / catastrophising - as one who has been there (often) I can really empathise. Keep on trucking, lovely - you can do it. Do you do any CBT or anything? I found writing stuff down and rationalising it really helped curb my catastrophising during peak anxiety. Also - if I was worried about anything I could reasonably (i.e. not OCD-ishly) DO something about, I did it. Then if there was nothing more to do, I tried to pop the worry on a shelf to look at later. Easier said than done, I know.

So sorry to hear about your kitty, too. Poor little love.

Mexican style quinoa and black bean recipe, puh-lease! What are you knitting? I'm doing a shawl at the mo - can't remember the name of the pattern offhand - but it's really disgustingly easy because my head can't cope with lace or cables right now.

Anna amazing work on the weight loss, well done you! Eating the naice biscuits made me laugh. The perils of being overly organised!

Ruby Superworm is now going on my Christmas list! Ha! Totally agree with the brain-mangling effect of babies not napping in the day. Even a ten minute nap gives you just that little bit of down time that is necessary. I am trying now, if Ruben is awake and peaceful and playing with a teddy, to just leave him for a little bit so that I can recharge for a few minutes. Love the pom pom wreath! And the cardigan! What else are you crafting?

Rolly was your friend pregnant?

Cookies babies have to be really small before they're too small! Don't panic! Ruben's 75th percentile for length and still has BAGS of room in his 3-6 month babygrows, so I'm sure if he were, for example, 25th percentile he'd be happily in 0-3 months.

Beaut I'm losing tons of hair, but I did have very thick hair anyway. My hairdresser told me the other week I ought to go to the GP if I continued losing it in such clumps! Fortunately it seems to have slowed down now.

primary cheers for starting the new thread!

So, Ruben has completely stopped sleeping through the night now. We are up for feeds around 2am and 4am, sometimes with a little extra one at around 10pm. He is a milk-drinking machine. I don't mind though - the weeks he was sleeping through gave me the chance to feel human again, and I feel better prepared for multiple get-ups per night now.

Still doing really well with keeping on top of the cleaning (though you wouldn't know it if you didn't know how filthy the house was before...). It's thanks to the bullet journal, for sure. I am addicted to being able to colour in a little square next to a task. Sad, sad woman. It does make me feel a lot better about what I'm achieving on a daily basis, too.

Ruben and I went for our second big food shop together yesterday (I've been either internet shopping or leaving it to DH) and it was a complete success. I even managed to pop him in the sling afterwards and head into town to drop off some charity stuff, buy my SIL a birthday present, and pick up a delicious take-away decaf coffee. Ruben had a glorious time being cooed over by pretty much every lady we passed by. I'm feeling as though I am much more able to go out and have mini 'adventures' with him now, which is very freeing.

We went to Dorset last weekend for a cottage holiday with friends and their babies / baby bumps. Lots of fresh sea air, coastal walks and cream teas. Totally blissful. Everyone enjoyed it and everyone said we ought to do these things more often. It's scary how quickly the months slip by without us seeing some of our favourite people - and it's more marked now we have Ruben, because of course he's so much bigger every time we meet up!

I went to a memorial service yesterday at a school I used to work at, for a colleague who died very young earlier this year - I think I might have mentioned it on the thread at the time. It made me realise even more than ever how lucky I am to have my little boy, and that I should be grateful for each and every moment. Including the wailing before bed, and the 2am get-ups.

Not even going to start on Trump, ladies.

Rubytuesday2980 Wed 09-Nov-16 10:45:23

Also trying not to get started on it bluebell, but I did feel the need to apologise to H this morning for the complete c**k up everyone seems to be trying to make of the world atm.

Rubytuesday2980 Wed 09-Nov-16 10:47:29

Oh, and next on the crafting list:
Embroidering a Christmas jumper for me and then making matching family felt Christmas stockings for the three of us (terribly twee, but irresistible opportunity to enforce 'proper' stockings on DH, mwah ha ha)

BeauticianNotMagician81 Wed 09-Nov-16 13:52:55

Primary I love that dressing gown what an adorable girl.
We have been asked by most of the grandparents for a nice canvas of all four children for Christmas presents. I'm going to try and get a good shot on my posh pretty much unused camera to save money.

Sunday where are you? That looks gorgeous. I would put E in a snowsuit personally. I like to make sure they are nice and toasty. None of mine have ever overheated. I'm currently using the pram with MB in a snowsuit and with a cosytoes .

Beck's beautiful photos.

Bluebell I'm not getting started on it either. I'm beyond words now it's just ridiculous. I'm hoping a lot of the campaign was just pantomime to win votes.

Second week at weight watchers and another 2lb gone. Very pleased with that.

I tried to take a milestone pic of MB yesterday that didn't quite go to plan as he wanted to play peek a boo. His smiles and giggles are just gorgeous.

MrsRolly Wed 09-Nov-16 14:03:12

Thanks for the new thread Primary smile

We find out tomorrow Blue, I hope so!!

Crafting I have brought some white ceramic baubles from hobbycraft and some pens and am writing on them caligraphy style from my two they are actually turning out ok so pretty pleased smile going to stamp footprints on one his feet (just kind of fit!)

I am so tired today stupidly checked election results when up at 3 feeding and had little sleep since!

We are recovering from 16 week injections here today and an annoying health visitor I took Raffy to be weighed and he was 16lbs 13 still up near the top of the 75th percentile and she was a bit judgey and has put in his book about his weight slowing down.. the kid went to be weighed in a 9-12 month vest and 6-12 month romper for goodness sake! he is 99th percentile for height at nearly 70cm.. I am particularly hormonal due to lack of sleep and I think having my coil put in last week has sent me a bit hormone overdrive! Has anyone else's BF baby weight slowed but baby still gaining? If Raffy had continued at the same rate he would be around 20/21lbs which seems slightly mental for a 16 week old!?!

On the weight loss I am just eating everything all the time! Winter is not good for me I just want to hamper down and eat eat eat trying to keep the exercise up but increasingly thinking F**k it ;)

Saw the July 2017 baby thread pop up and made look down at my boy and think wow what a year!

Going to eat some toast and cuddle my injection filled boy some more!

MrsRolly Wed 09-Nov-16 14:12:45

Also look at your snow Sunday!! I know it quickly becomes a pain but Iove love snow, we don't have much chance to enjoy it where we are though it's been 5 or so years since our last flake!!

Cookiesandcoffee Wed 09-Nov-16 15:00:22

Marking place!! Gorgeous babies!
sunday wow to the snow!! To think I was moaning I was cold! Advice I've heard is no to a pramsuit in a sling! Layers and a hat and extra warm bits on legs. They won't be positioned as well where the suit is so bulky. Do you have a big coat you could wrap round you both?
beaut thanks for the Ewan advice, think I'll go lights instead. I'm just so desperate for sleep. I'm debating getting extensions my hair has thinned so much in the last week. Damn 4 month mark.

mrsrolly despite being relatively 'good' I've gained weight recently. Peed off is an understatement. Your creative plans sound lovely, we got a bauble made with his handprints the other week - I'm so excited to see it

I'm having a massive wobbly that people in RL aren't appreciating. Had our weigh in and he's only 14lb2. At 18 weeks. They want to see us again in 2 weeks as he's almost dropped a second centile. Feeling like a massive BFing failure. He is having 6ish OZ formula a day as well (I didn't tell them this) to help get him to sleep. I don't know what to do for the best. I'm currently eating my feelings. Will stop being a self absorbed hormonal mess and catch up properly later.. but first.. two school runs.. a swimming lesson.. and work tonight ..
Did I mention my house is a pig sty?!

birchybaby2 Wed 09-Nov-16 15:33:27

Hi mummies. Trying to catch up on all the news.
Mrs rolly - 16 week injections this morning as well. Boy a little grotty now and preparing for a bad evening. Thank goodness no more till over 1 now.
Daniel is 16 and a half weeks old and 16lb 15. Doing well and still fully breast fed. Even better he sleeps through the night. I'm a very lucky mummy. 8 year old daughter makes up it as she's harder work. Keep trying to post but get distracted. Feeding at mo so sat down. Loving the pictures but can't add my own as post from kindle.xx

sundaysunday Wed 09-Nov-16 15:53:51

Thanks all, I ended up putting him in the snowsuit thing but we went in the pushchair instead as I was too worried about slipping over while having him in the sling. However, if I fell and let go of the pushchair there is a high likelihood of him rolling down one of the massive hills so it was a very very slow and careful journey! Pushing a pram in slushy snowiness is hard work!

Bluebell I've heard about a 4 month sleep regression, could this be where Ru is at with waking again? Your holiday sounds fab and comment about not seeing your favourite people often enough has reminded me to rearrange some get togethers with friends before everyone gets busy for Xmas.

Cookies I don't know much about normal weight gain for babies and i don't bf either so I haven't any useful advice so will send brew and cake instead. If he was still hungry I am sure you would know about it! I assume he is contented after his feeds?

MrsRolly I accidentally clicked on the July 2017 antenatal thread while looking for our new thread! I feel a real mix of emotions reading that. I'm sad because that part is over, all the excitement and anticipation, but equally glad as I remember the first trimester being full of worry too might be getting broody again though

All the Christmas craft ideas sound great, would love to see pictures of your handiwork once they are finished. I'm shite at anything like that but I do like a bit of Xmas baking so I'll have to see if I have time this year!

Rubytuesday2980 Wed 09-Nov-16 16:29:35

Hugs to cookies and rolly, I know that feeling all too well. It's not easy to dismiss their comments and they should be so much more careful what they say. Two pieces of advice that got me through and might help to help save your sanity a little bit:
1) No baby is purposefully going to starve themselves. If either baby was still hungry, you'd know about it.
2) They're getting more active and burning off more calories, it's rare that a baby will stay on the same percentile forever.

Also, cookies, you are not in any way a failure. Try to remember that if they were very worried, you'd be back in less than two weeks. I think H is around that weight and he's 17 and a half weeks today.

Eat cake and give yourselves a pat on the back ladies, they're healthy and happy and loved xx

beckslovestimmy Wed 09-Nov-16 18:32:06

I think Ben may be crawling soon !!!! If he rolls on his front he can get across the room really quickly. He puts his face on the floor, gets his knees up under him and pushes himself along. (Bit worried he may get carpet burns on his face!!!blush) he's growing up to quick for my liking.

Cookies I can understand you worrying about weight gain but as others have said they won't starve themselves. My friend has a 'small' baby. She's the same age as Ben and was 4lb lighter than him. (Not much difference in birth weight). Hopefully you'll see a good gain in a couple of weeks. I must get Ben weighed I think he's 20 weeks this week and I've not had him weighed since 12 weeks. He's defining growing well and I don't think it will be long until we start weaning.

primarynoodle Wed 09-Nov-16 19:45:45

ruby was thinking of getting a plain bauble and doing a handprint on it? Problem is trying to get a perfect handprint on a bauble will be nigh on impossible with a baby! You can't exactly ask them to follow instructions...

bluebell big sleep regression here too. I. Am. so. Tired. No idea what to do sad
RE: trump, I'm upset mainly that I appear to have some secret facist and racist friends that now feel comfortable expressing their views, I'm quite disappointed TBH!

beaut awwww what a cute photo!

rolly yep I am ebf and Annie went from 25th to 75th in a couple of weeks!! Stayed like that for ages and now seems to be slowly dropping (still gaining just not as rapidly ) I'm not worried - she is a chunk compared to most babies.

cookies as long as he's gaining I wouldn't be too worried! You're doing a fab job smile

crafty ladies crochet vs knitting a blanket, is it worth the extra wool for crocheting? Knitting just takes foreverrrrrrr!

primarynoodle Wed 09-Nov-16 19:46:09

Oh and beautiful photos everyone, I'm getting broody again!

MrsRolly Wed 09-Nov-16 20:13:20

Thanks everyone. So helpful to vent sometimes.

You are completely right Ruby they should be more self aware.
I am being hormonal though as I also thought she asked me if I was coping OK twice because I looked a bit rough today knew I should have used dry shampoo this morning ha ha

Cookies in awe of all your achieving and back at work already. You are doing amazing!!

Primary sounds very similar he is also a chunk I love his chubby thighs 😂 as big as two seven month old at Swimming so I should really just trust my own instincts!

Pic attached can't get to the newborns on my phone for some reason! Can't believe we are at 4 months next week.

Becks that is amazing for Ben bless him hope his face is OK! Raffy can move in circles using his head and jumping himself around.

Fingers crossed for more sleep tonight for those with sleep regression babes or just sleep avoiders 😂

primarynoodle Wed 09-Nov-16 20:33:46

Actually, and I hate to admit it, it upsets me that she's a bit of a chunk blush. I think it's a) because she is a girl and b) a huge projection of my stupid mother making a huge deal about weight(mine, hers, the rest of womankind's etc) leading to me developing major body image issues very young. I get irrationally angryangryangryangry when anyone calls her chubby or big - I don't think I'd be as bothered if she was a boy...

I feel like I'm failing her by giving her too much milk sometimes - but she won't have a dummy and loves boob. And now I feel even shitter that I'm essentially thinking about putting my 4 month old baby on a diet blush

Gahhhh. Sorry - meltdown over!

AnnaT45 Wed 09-Nov-16 22:19:45

Right girls first things first. Stop worrying about baby's weight. They all come in different sizes. Some gain loads others take a little time. They're all different and I get so pissed off with HV and they're obsession with weight. Is your baby happy? Are they producing enough wet and dirty nappies? Do they look well? Are they hitting milestones? If yes, then they're fine! We had this with DD1 as she wasn't gaining enough weight. I was made to feel like shit and I won't allow it this time! Grace is huge but I love it. She's my little chunk and she's happy! I know you guys feel down about it I did. But please don't. Your babies are perfect.
Sorry for the rant, but I feel so strongly about this!

So on that note. I just tried Grace with a bottle of HIPP. She's nailed it!!! I'm hoping it keeps her full so I can get some sleep and if so, I'll do a bottle of formula at night for her. Just pleased she took the bottle straight away. Should have known though, such a pig! She's decided to start rolling from back to front today! Can't believe it. I've not encouraged this at all. Think she's gagging to be up with her big sis!

Re trump. I blame the Democrat party. Clinton is not that popular and a more likeable nomination may have produced a better result! Let's pray Trump isn't as stupid as we think!

rolly and beaut gorgeous babies!!!

beaut well done on weight loss! I've been shocking today with the bloody biscuits. I've got rid of them now (by eating them, not binning them ) so back to being good tomorrow!

blue I hear you on the night feeds. That's where we are at! Hope it stops soon for you. It's so hard, although good for Xmas shopping browsing! Well done on getting out, such a lovely feeling.

14 weeks!

AnnaT45 Wed 09-Nov-16 22:21:11

their obsession. Head hung in shame as I work in comms!

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