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August 2016. Anyone got the hang of their babies yet?!!

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plimsolls Wed 12-Oct-16 18:57:10

Thought I'd start a new thread. Unimaginative title but E has spent the whole day grizzling/feeding/sleeping on me so I'm running on limited capacity!

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plimsolls Wed 12-Oct-16 19:06:38

hope everyone is doing alright today. We had a few excellent days earlier in the week but today has been a grump fest (both of us). Still, I've managed to have some dinner so I'll count that as a win.

To add to the ranitidine chat pear sloth and biscuits (I think!). I've really noticed a change in E's digestion.... She didn't poo for four days after I started her on it and then has done two absolute monsters in the last 24 hours. She's also a lot windier I think. Definitely farting more anyway. The burping is fine because of the infacol and at the moment the trapped wind and farts are much more manageable than the reflux so I'm still hanging in there with the ranitidine.

Anyone got any issues with oversupply? Mines not chronic but occasionally E is very upset on my left breast and I can see she's kind of being flooded with milk. I've expressed from that breast once or twice and it really does come quickly! Not entirely sure what to do about it except for letting her feed "on top" of it. I'm still suffering with painful nipples, on and off. I find sore/tender nipples a bit like toothache....makes me so tetchy.

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Whattodowithaminute Wed 12-Oct-16 19:17:30

DH gone awol this evening, short notice, drinks from work, not enough notice for me to eat dinner with the kids, putting third child to bed on my own now (absolutely should not complain as I've only done all 3 once or twice before in the last 20 weeks). Irrationally cross and hangry!

Spent all morning trying to buy a new car seat for ds2 who wouldn't sit in any of them as they were the wrong type of red...😡

Has friend pop around today was lovely to see her but she arrived over an hour late with no evidence of the lunch she said she was bringing (would have eaten earlier had I known).

Moan over 😀😀

plimsolls Wed 12-Oct-16 19:47:19

AAAARGH what I feel your pain, partic with the late friends who only pay lip service to bringing provisions. So annoying.

Hope you get some food soon. Hanger is the worst. (Me every day at about 11am -->angry )

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Slothlikesundays Wed 12-Oct-16 22:01:35

Plimsolls I have the oversupply problem. I normally express the first bit before feeding until it's less forceful (maybe 30 seconds) and dd seems happier. When I don't she's known to pull off and then I have milk shooting several feet across the room shockblush. Between this and the reflux vomits I'm pretty sure I smell of sour milk 99% of the time.
What thats annoying. My friend also did this and I was so hungry I could barely talk to her ( bit unreasonable I know but don't offer if you can't be bothered!)

LotsOfDots Wed 12-Oct-16 23:07:46

Marking my place!

Had parents evening for the DDs tonight so everything later than usual and I'm knackered! It's the last day of the half term here tomorrow so the next few days will bring the new challenges of three children school holidays...

Sophia1984 Thu 13-Oct-16 06:23:52

I've got an abundance of fast-spraying milk too plimsolls! I deal with it by unlatching DS during letdown and catching milk with a muslin - he finds this very frustrating but better than choking on it. His stomach issues and vomiting are better since I started doing this too and it does seem to be improving as he gets older and feeds more efficiently.

What I would have barely been able to conceal my rage! I'm eating like a horse at the minute - made a banana bread last night and went down at 1am for a huge slice! Surely bringing food is obligatory when visiting baby!

FourForYouGlenCoco Thu 13-Oct-16 10:23:56

plimsolls oversupply here too, especially on the right hand side. DS can't cope with that side and often ends up choking - not much to be done other than what people have already said. It gets better as they get bigger and can cope with the flow. It's a pain though (literally!) - right boob is often v engorged, inevitably ended up with a bad blockage the other day - had to take myself off to bed with a bright red boob and a temp of 38.5. Luckily it cleared rather than turn into mastitis but I felt rank for a couple of days.

what i feel your pain! DH was an hour late back on tues with absolutely no word or notice - as I said to him, I don't care when he gets back, but he needs to bloody let me know! So he had a lovely cold dinner waiting for him, which would have tasted nice an hour earlier, when it was ready hmm I gently made it known that I was not particularly impressed. Don't think he'll do it again grin
Plus if someone promised to bring food and then didn't, I think that the hospitality I'd promised them might suddenly be lacking...! Very slack of your friend.

Dots good luck with half term! Am sure it'll be fine and you'll have a fab week smile lots of lovely lazy days - or have you got busy plans?
Re bedtime routine, DS has basically just slotted in with DD - so both kids go up for a bath some time 6.30-7pm. DS has about 15 mins in the bath then I do him a bit of massage and get him in clean nappy and jimjams. Then DD gets out (7.30 latest) and while she's getting ready for bed, I settle DS. Then do DD's teeth and read a story - DS usually asleep or feeding & nearly asleep. Then DD goes to bed and I bring DS down and settle him on the sofa and he stays there til I go up to bed. I could probably leave him upstairs, except I cosleep with both kids and I don't trust DD not to snuggle up/squish DS and wake him up! Might start putting him in his cot for the evening and see how we get on.

Me and DH currently have The Cold and feel quite sorry for ourselves - both kids have somehow escaped so far though! Also slightly hungover today (was at my neighbour's last night, only had a few drinks but I'm such a lightweight I was pretty giggly!) so spending the day on the sofa with some crap telly today. Need to book in for DS's next jabs, poor little unsuspecting bub.
Also thinking about Xmas presents. Obviously DS won't know or care but I suspect DD will be v cross if Santa doesn't bring him anything! What are we all buying the babies?

LotsOfDots Thu 13-Oct-16 13:20:17

I think DS will be receiving one or two wee toys for Christmas, and possibly a big present of a new extended rear facing car seat. What a lucky boy - Santa always puts safety first!

Slothlikesundays Thu 13-Oct-16 13:48:32

grin lots well dd with probably be getting the larger sized sleepyhead. Because for Christmas I would like a good nights sleep!

Lou2711 Thu 13-Oct-16 14:18:31

Hello everyone, hope all is well, long time no post.

We have just moved house (and 60 miles up the country) for dp's job. Moving with a 6 week old hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be, I don't think she's even noticed.

All 3 of us have a cold too glencoco, DD is too young for calpol so she's become clingy and I can't put her down at all, how do they even notice being put down when they're in such a deep sleep. Think I will have to get the baby carrier out of the box in order to get stuff done, or I could not and use it as an excuse to do nothing. Anyone got any tips of anything I can do to make her feel that bit better, she is awfully snuffly!

I'm too having oversupply problems, but DD seems to mostly handle it pretty well. Sometimes I have to let it out onto a cloth. Hopefully it won't be long until she can handle it, she seems pretty expert at all this bf malarkey.

6 weeks today and need to get my arse into gear to sort the doctors so we can have our check up/vaccinations in time. Really not looking forward to them, I was on the verge of tears when they did the heel prick testsad.

Right.. off to try to sort this crazy place out hmm

BellaGoth Thu 13-Oct-16 15:38:00

Did someone mention Christmas? <shakes jingle bells>. We're doing a stocking and a few gifts too, purely so DS won't question it of course! DD has very few "keepsake" type things, so we'll probably get her a few nice bits and pieces. Maybe a money box? I'd also like to get a shape sorter as the dog ate DS's.

Jabs yesterday were pretty horrible, ended up back at ooh as they were concerned DD had had an allergic reaction. Fortunately she's fine now, but been very sleepy today.

My three year old has been really difficult lately, I'm at a total loss as to what to do with him at the moment. Yesterday he kicked his friend and then tried to push her down the stairs. sad

Whattodowithaminute Thu 13-Oct-16 18:57:13

sloth larger sized sleepyhead made me laugh as DS is growing so quickly I keep thinking if the small one lasts him to 4 months it will be a miracle! Sounds like a great plan. I was thinking I might wrap some presents out of the garage?!

lou I'm sure moving now hadn't been ideal, try and rest up as much as possible. We did it (only aile down the road) when ds2 was 2 days old in hindsight it was crazy! They do at least snooze a bit more at this age if you're lucky!

bella feeling your pain with 3 yo, DS 2 is 3.5 and a real handful at the moment, his favourite activity is head butting me and it hurts... he goes completely crazy at bedtime, 40 minutes holding the door shut the other night as he was running riot and we removed everything from the room including the lightbulb...

BellaGoth Thu 13-Oct-16 20:04:12

Oh gosh what, that sounds tough. Today has been better, but I'm still traumatised by last night! He wet the bed. First time ever. Of course I cleaned it up, said not to worry, these things happen. Then I realised that his pyjamas weren't wet. So he must have pulled his trousers down to wee in the bed. So it can't have been an accident. angry

hgleslie89 Thu 13-Oct-16 20:05:46

Place marking...
We had our first session of baby massage today. DD was much more chilled than I expected and then slept for 4 hours straight. No idea how well she'll sleep tonight.
She's also got some sort of creamy hungry in her neck and it's starting to go red and shiny. Having googled it looks like it might be a yeast infection sad Going to try to keep it clean and dry and take her off to the doctor if it doesn't get better over the weekend.

peardrop2 Thu 13-Oct-16 22:46:01

Plimsolls thanks for starting a new thread. I was being silly and took a while to realise we've moved on grin I hope it's not a yeast infection and google was wrong about your Dd sad FX!!

Omg hg that is hard not to smile at! What a cheeky monkey pulling his pyjamas down to wee. Attention seeking or what shock I've got to say I'm quite relieved to hear my son isn't the only monkey! DH had to carry him out of costa yesterday screaming "my name is Paw Patrol" That was fun blush He was overtired from nursery but DH didn't get that hmm

Hmm who else do I need to respond brain is mush!

Omg to the poor lady who has a child who reacted badly to the vaccines. Was that Bella? Think it was. You can't scroll on the mobile annoying. That must have been a worrying experience!

We had to take Dd to A&E on Wednesday. She suddenly reacted really badly after giving her gripe water and I just decided enough was enough. I saw a doctor who prescribed ormpezol but it's not working and now makes Dd smell of sick. I've come to the conclusion that she's reacting to something I'm eating so I decided to remove dairy from my diet today for 6 weeks. I could do with a reason for eating less cake and ice cream blush

The decorator never bothered to turn up and is now coming at the weekend.

On a positive note I gave Dd a lovely bath and massage with coconut oil this afternoon. She slept so well afterwards. Is it OTT to give 2 baths a day? wink

To whoever is suffering with a baby and a cold. Snuffle babe drops is your new best friend!

peardrop2 Thu 13-Oct-16 22:46:45

Oh dear I've got everyone mixed up sad

BellaGoth Fri 14-Oct-16 01:53:52

Ah don't worry Pear. I use the mobile site and constantly scrolling up and down. I'd have no chance of I couldn't do that.

No, 2 baths is not excessive if it helps her sleep! IIRC you've gone dairy free before, haven't you? It does tale a while to get put of your system so I think 6 weeks is a good timeframe to go for. Have you been able to get a referral to a dietician?

hg another one crossing fingers it's not a yeast infection! Poor DD.

I keep nodding off feeding DD. I'm sitting bolt upright in bed and every now and again my head just lulls right forward. Soooo tired. How can I keep myself awake?

peardrop2 Fri 14-Oct-16 05:27:01

Bella I know how that feels...nodding off. It's amazing how suddenly it's doable because without a baby I would never have dreamed that I could nod off bolt upright!

Yes, I went dairy free for 2.5 weeks when Dd was 5 weeks old. However, I was in a sorry state then and kept forgetting to check labels etc and because my supply wasn't settled I was struggling to eat enough etc whereas now I don't need to eat in the night it's not so tough because I don't need to think about fatty snacks so much. However, I have brought a big stash of bourbon, digestives and rich tea biscuits as they're all dairy free and will help me get through the dark days wink I've also discovered that flavoured bagels are dairy free so that will be nice with Df spread and my son can have that as a snack with me too. Plus I've brought almond butter and apples. So all things that I can have with ds at snack time which helps a lot. I am quite looking forward to my Ocado delivery arriving tomorrow. smileGawd it took ages to sort out today!! I do miss shopping with a trolley grin

So, I've been up since midnight. I just can't get Dd back to sleep. Thankfully she is not showing many reflux symptoms and has burped well in the night but I suspect it is the constipation that is keeping her up because there's been a few periods of her trying to go sad I really don't know what to do tomorrow. I feel like coming off all medicine completely. This omepazele medicine seems to make her bring up sick and although she's been sleeping for longer naps in the day (yesterday) Im not happy that she cries out in her sleep like she's in pain. I've been looking at the side effects and they do seem to be abdominal pains and constipation sad I really am just so tempted to just stop everything and see how she gets on without any medicine for a few days. I mean it's not like I'm getting sleep with the medicine!

BellaGoth Fri 14-Oct-16 06:19:36

Pear I'm really no expert but I think you might need to try one thing at a time and stick with it for a while. How long has she been on the omepazele?

BellaGoth Fri 14-Oct-16 07:19:04

Sorry I've just realised how condescending that sounds. blush

peardrop2 Fri 14-Oct-16 11:18:42

Ha ha Bella It's ok smile We only started it on Wednesday. It's just she now yells out in pain in her sleep and she hasn't pooed for 3 days and she's just so miserable sad I feel totally helpless... no doctor seems to be able to help. Taking her off it feels like the only thing I can do for her right now. That and changing my diet.

AlfieTheRailwayCat Fri 14-Oct-16 11:40:00

How old is she pear? My DD is 10 weeks now and she has just started not going every day. I was so worried about it at first but I'm reassured by HV and google that breastfed babies after 6-8 weeks don't have to poo everyday. In fact up to a week is considered totally normal!
I also agree with bella try one change so that you know which it is that's working. Have you spoken to your GP or HV about changing your diet? They might be able to give you some support with it. Again feel free to ignore me if it's not helpful!

We've had a couple of bad nights over here after a run of good ones. I had forgotten how awful waking at every hour is 😴. So today is a lazy morning, snuggled in bed feeding and watching Netflix. I have nowhere to be today for a change so I'm enjoying doing nothing.

hg fingers crossed it's not yeast! How is it today?
I'm also so excited for Christmas! Haven't quite decided what I'm getting the little miss yet though. I also want to larger sleepyhead but I think My DH would fall out of his tree at the price. Was hard enough convincing him to buy the first one.

Feel for those of you with naughty toddlers, I can't even imagine having two wee ones to deal with! You are all amazing.

hgleslie89 Fri 14-Oct-16 12:37:02

DD is much better today smile Making sure her neck is completely clean and dry and putting on baby powder seems to have done the trick. It's not completely cleared up, but the difference is amazing.

Biscuitswithtea Fri 14-Oct-16 12:49:07

Hmmm. I would give the omeprazole a bit longer to work Pear if you can bear to. And then if you feel that neither ranitadine nor omeprazole are helping then that will be useful info for when you have the hospital appt (next month?). There's so much nondescript digestive angst anyway at this age as their little systems change that it can be so hard to attribute discomfort to one thing or another.
It does sound like you are in a better place to have another shot at eliminating dairy this time. I remember how hard it was to find all the safe foods with DS.

Toddlers playing up is testing of patience at the best of times. Sleep deprived is not the best of times. DS has been mostly okay this week but there have been some howlers of strops over food. Thankfully he has redeemed hinself by telling DD that he loved her this morning.

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