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has anyone used a chicco next to me crib with a baby monitor sensor mat

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Bumplovin Wed 28-Sep-16 13:54:20


Im due in December and have bought a chicco next to me crib as I really liked the idea of being close to my baby, however we went for an angelcare video monitor with a sensor mat. I have since read that the sensor mat is not that effective with a next to me crib as it will pick up your movements on the bed so could falsely reassure U baby is breathing. Im wondering whether I should put the crib a foot from the bed with the side up so I can safely use the sensor mat or should I abandon the sensor mat and just have her close. I was worried about sids so that's why I went for a sensor mat. What would you do in this situation?

AlbusPercival Wed 28-Sep-16 13:58:44

My younger sister died of SIDS 25 years ago, so a sensor mat is very important for me and my family. All of my younger siblings had the old heart rate straps. (Which were useless, slipped off youngest dsis most nights!)

My first baby is due in 4 weeks. We have the Nanny mat, and a Snuzpod. At the weekend we tested the sensor mat and even with the snuzpod tied to bed it went off every time despite dh and I laying in the bed.

Can you do a trial with yours and see if it works?

Amalfimamma Wed 28-Sep-16 14:03:08

I had the angel care for dd and now use it for ds. It's a God send. I use it in his pram during the day and at night in the cot.

I've seen the next to me but didn't use it as I wasn't all that sure is it were safe or not, especially when baby starts to roll and could get caught in it seeing as it's happened before.

Bumplovin Wed 28-Sep-16 14:22:14

albusoercival im not quite sure if I understand what you mean or how to test I am sure it will alarm if it doesn't detect movement the problem ive read tho is that it could detect my movement not hers so if she stopped breathing it might not alarm as it would detect my movement and think it was hers, not sure how I could test that. Im beginning to think I should just move the next to me away from the bed and use it like a normal crib rather than have the side down.

Bumplovin Wed 28-Sep-16 14:24:31

Sorry I think I get what u mean now, if I get in the bed and roll around and she's not in the cot it should go off?

Amalfimamma Wed 28-Sep-16 14:46:01

Try to put it under the crib mattress and turn it on, get into bed and see if it goes off or not, if it does see if your moving stops the alarm. If so, move the crib away from the bed and use it as you would a normal cot.

They are very sensitive, as they should be for the job at hand.

Tfoot75 Wed 28-Sep-16 15:10:37

We have angelcare motion sensor for dd1 who is 3, dd2 who is 5 months is in a next2me but we use a video monitor for her. As we forgot the video charger on holiday we used the sensor mat in the next2me (just wanted audio mainly while she was upstairs asleep but the angelcare doesn't work without the mat). Anyway it worked fine, but the main issue is that the Next2me doesn't have a solid base, as the hard board is within the mattress rather than in the crib base, so the sensor mat isn't very stable. So I'd say it would pick up your movements if attached to the bed. There's also the major issue that when you lift baby out to feed several times a night the alarm will go off as you'll almost certainly not remember to switch it off every time. So I wouldn't recommend it - when we used it in this way we switched the monitor off when we went to bed. We have never used motion sensor when baby is in with us as not felt the need, as I think sids risk is very low when in their own cot in your room, so only used when in their own room, which I really recommend it for, hence why we're still using ours when dd1 is 3 - we know she's still in bed and not up to mischief in the night!! Also highly recommend the next2me, absolutely essential piece of newborn kit!

AlbusPercival Wed 28-Sep-16 15:27:22

Exactly bump

Notso Wed 28-Sep-16 15:50:04

I would rather have my baby next to me than use a monitor. There are cases where babies have died despite being on a breathing sensor mat.

Bumplovin Wed 28-Sep-16 21:20:09

Thanks for the opinions, will have a think

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