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Icandy footmuff v universal

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Doingitover Tue 20-Sep-16 12:21:15

My LO (8weeks) is v long and about to outgrow the carrycot. So I've decided I need to get the pushchair part of his pram ready. I didn't buy the icandy foot muff when I purchased the pram as I read some mixed reviews so I thought I'd wait until I needed to worry about it.
I've had a little look online and the cost of most universal footmuffs are a lot cheaper than icandy so I'm a little worried about quality. Can anyone who has the icandy peach comment on the durability/length of footmuff?
Is it worth the extra and will I get plenty of use out of it. Or should I. Just order a universal and change it every couple of months?

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