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Extended breast feeding help

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Shouldbesleepingnow Tue 20-Sep-16 11:37:39

I'm still BF my 14month old. I don't want to give up BF yet and am hoping to let her self wean. Once we got established, I really enjoyed BF... until the last month. In 4 weeks she has cut teeth; 6 all at once.
Now BF really hurts. She occasionally bites but the main problem is a constant knawing from the top teeth 😬

I have tried adjusting the angle by extending her neck more, also tried pressing down on the top of the boob, to push it away from the teeth without breaking the lip seal.

What else can I try please??

TIA, a mummy with very sore nipples 😯

Ps please don't say give up or that children don't benefit from extended BF blah blah. That subject can be discussed on other posts.

Thank you x

ImYourMama Tue 20-Sep-16 11:40:15

If she deliberately bites you need to immediately remove her with minimal fuss and say 'we don't bite', make her wait at least 10 minutes before allowing her back to the breast.

No idea on the gnawing unfortunately - hope someone more knowledgeable comes along

Hmmnotkeen Tue 20-Sep-16 11:46:50

How are you holding her? DS (15mo) much prefers being upright to horizontal so he sits over one of my legs and feeds that way? Otherwise, when he started to chew I would just detach him and then put him back on - bit of a faff but he did get the message after a few attempts! Good luck!

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