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Baby swimming classes

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KaransMom Thu 15-Sep-16 08:55:50

I am looking at booking waterbabies for my DS but am reading on here its a big mistake. Am i missing something? Are there alrernative classes?

StorminaBcup Fri 30-Sep-16 13:40:26

Does your local gym do a baby swim-and-song, or similar? These are great for getting your dc used to water without the huge expence.

We did a few terms of waterbabies from 6wks, my ds hated being dunked under water and now has no water confidence (the two may not be related, who knows!). I was told it was water-wobbles and to persevere but to be honest it just got worse! I wasn't keen on the really rigid lesson structure either. I did a term of puddleducks, and ds seemed to enjoy these more. I thought the lessons focused much more on building confidence and less about ability, but this is just my personal experience.

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