Still bleeding 8 weeks on...

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Oscar22 Sat 03-Feb-07 00:02:42

Hi, I am being given the run around by GP and Hospital. I am still bleeding 8 weeks on and am getting very worried. Have been to GP who referred me to Hospital but Hospital say their care stopped at 6 weeks so would have to go to A&E. This seems ridiculous - I just hope its nothing serious! Has anyone experienced this bleeding before??

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Simplyred Sat 03-Feb-07 20:36:56

I remember bleeding for some time - but I can't remember how long - so bump to any one that can help. I'd go to a&e or go back to your doctor and state how crazy this passing on is....

castlesintheair Sun 04-Feb-07 11:51:44

I had bleeding on & off for the 1st 3 months of my last pg. It can be quite normal especially if it is heavier around the time of what would have been your period i.e. 4, 8, 12 weeks. Ring the EPU of your local hospital on Monday and they will give you a scan to make sure everything is ok. Good luck.

lulumama Sun 04-Feb-07 11:55:23

is this the lochia you are talking about? if it is very heavy and full of clots, you might have an might just be that you have been doing a bit more which can start the bleeding off again.....

what is it that is worrying you? is it very heavy? any odour ? have you called NHS direct? they might be able to give you some advice as to where to go for help

castlesintheair Sun 04-Feb-07 12:08:22

Ooops! Suffering post-natal baby brain I read this as ante-natal. Sorry!

Oscar22 Thu 08-Feb-07 21:49:37


went to hospital and had scan which shows that some membrane or placenta has been left behind now on antibiotics for second time for one week to see if comes out naturally. Will go back for scan in 2 wks and if still there will have to have DNC or something like that? Anyone had that before and if so was it painful??? x

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Tashie Thu 08-Feb-07 22:00:19

Yes Oscar I had a D&C procedure for a different reason ( missed miscarriage) and it's not anything to worry about. I do hope you're feeling better soon...

katwith3kittens Fri 09-Feb-07 15:15:03

I bled for six weeks after first LO was born, not particularly heavy but enough to need to wear a panty liner all the time and it was a real pain. I found out with DS2 (5 weeks bleeding with him)recently that uterine fibroids can be the cause of extended bleeding. I have at least three fibroids which were picked up on a scan. Could this be the case with you ?

Oscar22 Fri 09-Feb-07 23:53:02

the Dr suggests it is part of the membrane or placenta. I am unsure as to whether, on taking these anti-biotics, I should be bleeding or not in order to get rid of the membrane/placenta? I have stopped bleeding for the past couple of days but I don't think this is necessarily a good thing as it must mean the membrane/placenta is still there. Surely I have to have a heavy bleed? I thought that when you are bf you don't bleed - is this true???

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