is it possible to overfeed?

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boozybird Thu 01-Feb-07 18:01:50

my monster is having 5 feeds a day of 10oz each, he almost always finishes every last drop. i have begun weaning him (10 days ago), because he was starting to cry for his bottle earlier and earlier... he now has 2 cubes of veg with 11am feed, and a teaspoon and a half of rice mixed with 2 cubes pear or apple at 5ish. he is a big boy (everyone comments), don't know how much he weighs... but he does seem to eat an extraordinary amount... i was of the opinion that if he didn't need it, he wouldn't eat it and that he will eat til he's full then stop so it wouldn't be possible to overfeed him... but now i'm worried that maybe i'm giving him too much... is that possible?

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Hillary Thu 01-Feb-07 18:14:58

Hi there boozybird,

No I personally dont think you can overfeed, your ds is probably going through a growth spurt how old is he?

Alot of people say you should curb their feeding or they will be obese when theyre older but my dd was exactly the same she also had 10oz bottles in the same quantity plus she had a rusk in them too and the milk was for hungrier babies, she ate 2 4month jars a go for breakfast, lunch and dinner, she grew into her weight, at the end of the day they only eat what they need when hes had enough he will just refuse.

I was exactly the same I still have lines on my arms where I was so big - I mean huge! but I never became obese same goes for my whole family.

boozybird Fri 02-Feb-07 10:36:54

Thanks Hillary, that's reassuring. In fact I was an enormous baby as well (although a skinny adult), so I guess it runs in the family! He's not as fat as I was - he's not really fat, just big and chunky.

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Hillary Fri 02-Feb-07 10:48:56

Wonderful - there's nothing like a nice chunky baby, he wont feel the cold

You'l probably find he will be a big baby if you were, You will get health visitors asking what you feed him though as it seems to be the norm to have skinny babys these days - my HV told me to cut down on my dd's feeds - NO WAY!

Well done and good luck!

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