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Egypt Mon 29-Jan-07 02:20:42

Sorry to do this, but for some reason I can't get into our old thread! Have tried for days, internet explorer bans me and shuts me down!!! Can you all convert to this one please?!! pretty please?

Egypt Tue 30-Jan-07 03:29:17


Bozza Tue 30-Jan-07 09:22:42

I'm here!

Let's face it, the old thread was getting a bit unfeasibly long. Am feeling miserable today because I have got a cold and feeling a bit rough and come in to work today to find that my fulltime colleague has been off sick since Thurs, so all the work since then has backlogged up and I will have to do his night on call tonight as well as my own tomorrow. Hoping not to get too many phone calls because my voice won't stand up to it.

Took DS to the hospital yesterday re his undescended testicle. He has to have it operated on 13th April. Then he has to have a week off school (well it will be Easter hols) but then a month of no PE, no swimming lessons, no playing football - he will go mad. I feel a bit sorry for DS - this will be his 5th operation and he will only be 6.

Anyway need to get on with some work now...

Egypt Tue 30-Jan-07 13:03:29

oh bozza, thanks! remind me what job u do as well please!

your poor ds. does he know he has to go into hospital? does it bother him?

will write more later. dd has just gone to bed (9pm) and she's been up since 530am!!! need to do NOTHING for a bit...........

Ponka Tue 30-Jan-07 23:29:57

Oh hello, you're here are you?

We've all got colds/the flu here, too. It's just one thing after another at the moment. DS2 has a temperature with his and he's throwing up to get rid of all the gunk (sorry if tmi!). I've had to wash the sofa covers today (thank goodness for IKEA removable covers) and both of us have changed outfit 4 times.

It was DH's birthday last week. I took DS1 to buy his present. Didn't make a big thing of it but he asked what I was buying and I said it was for Daddy's birthday. Next thing I know, we are sat at the dinner table and DH is slightly pushing DS1 asking what we've got him . DS said, "It's a secret" and I thought to myself, phew, that's my boy. Then he just came straight out with what it was and spoilt the surprise! Ah well.

DS2 has just learnt to walk and so is plaguing DS1 10 times more than he did before! I'm constantly having to pull him back to give DS1 some space.

Got to go. Being booted off again.

Egypt Wed 31-Jan-07 00:57:23

helloooo ponka! thank you for coming over! hope everyone else sees it, although you lot can pop over now and again to usher them through. No idea why i can't. useless pc. also cant access my email anymore as it says the password has been tried too many times incorrectly - i have had the account for about 6 years and no probs. now cant seem to reset it.

aaaaaaaanyway. we are getting our shipment on 6 feb (HOORAY!) which is during the mornign when dd is at school, so i can direct the unpackers without too much hassle. then on saturday 10th we'll all move over and set the house up as we like it. bet dd is going to miss this place now instead.

oh dear, between starting this post, and making breakfast and coming back, we have heard that dh's grandad has died. he had been in hospital since august and with various hospital bugs adding to his problems he couldn't fight it any more. poor dh. he'll have to travel home for the funeral soon. it's too late in my preg for me to fly. although taking dd anyway, may be a bad idea.

Bozza Thu 01-Feb-07 15:04:41

Oh egypt that is sad for your DH. I imagine you will be glad to have your stuff over. Ponka I work in IT and am off sick today. I am really not sleeping because of coughing so spent the night on the settee. TBH I am really fed up with my job but don't know what to do about it.

And I still have to drag DD off DS and his stuff all the time. She really plagues him so I'm afraid you've probably got a while to go with that one.

DS knows about his op because he was there when it got booked in and was assessed by the nurse in the Day Surgery unit. He doesn't know that he will not be able to play football for a month. Or also how much it is going to hurt. It is hardly the same as grommets. But still they bounce back quickly at that age.

kbaby Fri 02-Feb-07 22:12:49

Bozza your poor ds. Youll have to think of some stuff to cheer him up with.

Egypt- Sorry to hear about dh's grandad. How many weeks pg are you now?

DD is being a proper madam again. Taking toys off DS and dileberatly moving things out of his reach. Shes also so picky with her food its driving me up the wall.
She has however managed to potty train herself. Shes done so well and is now taking herself off to the toilet when needed. She only had 2 accidents and has been dry now for 2 weeks. Still need to get a poo on the potty/toilet though as she insists on a nappy.

Egypt Sat 03-Feb-07 14:19:17

hi kbaby, i'm 33 wks pg tomorrow and really feeling it now. its hard to take it easy with a 2 yr old isnt it? having BH's so frequently tonight and back ache that i am starting to worry i'll have it early. dh is in japan all week and then he has to go to uk for his grandads funeral, so i really hope nothing happens or i;ll be on my own. will have to find someone to have dd and that might be impossible too.

we've reached the 'why?' 'what for?' stage and its driving me mad!! every answer i give is follwed by this and i cant give an answer to suffice it seems. its q amusing for a bit then just irritating!! how long does it last anyone!?! pleeeeeeease?

Bozza Sat 03-Feb-07 14:54:22

Really 33 weeks! I hadn't realised. How time flies when it's somebody else's pregnancy.

DD is also full of the questions. She is in bed now. I got DS to read to her because I have an awful cough. He comes in handy sometimes. We've been to the dreaded Toys R Us to buy birthday presents and also spend the children's spending money. DS got a knight and horse and DD got a little mermaid (known as Princess Ariel in our house) doll. They always insist on going and sitting in those big electric cars they have on display. Well one must have had power to it, and DD drove it into a row full of bikes.

pepperrabbit Sat 03-Feb-07 21:51:24

Hello all, so this is where you're hiding!
Sorry to hear everyones been poorly and about your DHs grandad Egypt.
We're having a grim time here too. DS2 (nearly 10 months) had bronchiolitis last week and they were threatening hospital so we were housebound all week - DS1 nearly went loopy stuck at home. He's through the worse with only one night trip to hospital and they didn't keep him in but we had no sleep.
Then on Thurs I heard that my dearest and oldest friends DH had been in a terrible terrible car accident on his way to work. He was airlifted to hospital but it is still touch and go. He has such awful injuries they cannot tell if his brain is damaged or not and I just had a text to say he seems to have gone downhill today. We can't take it in really and I just wanted to write it down I guess. They have 3 young children and she's been at the hospital pretty much 24/7 since the police came and fetched her. I just can't imagine how awful it must be to get that call to tell you that about your husband, her whole life has changed in a split second.
Sorry. don't want to depress everyone on a sat night.

Egypt Sat 03-Feb-07 23:29:38

pepperrabit thats terrible, how awful for your friend and for for you. how is she managing? who is taking care of the children? how old are they? do they know that daddy is in hospital? thoughts are with you.

can i borrow your ds sometime bozza! dd wont even let dh read to her. she's a nightmare at bedtime at the moment, and has been since we got here really. very clingy, but i guess to be expected. she's not going to sleep til near on 9pm and its just that hour too late for my patience. for some reason she woke just before 7 this morning and dh went in - she wanted me of course and cried so much that she has woken herself up properly, so hopefully tonight she might be ready to sleep by 7.......dream on....... we can try!

Egypt Sat 03-Feb-07 23:30:27

that post looked odd with the time difference! it is 728AM here! sunday!

Bozza Sun 04-Feb-07 21:41:00

Oh pr how awful for your friend You must feel so helpless. And poor little DS2. Egypt is DD tired a lot of the time? Or does she not need that much sleep?

Egypt Mon 05-Feb-07 00:22:08

she still does her 12 hours of sleep at night, its just that with the time change thing her body clock is all over the place and we cant seem to shift her back to 7pm. then she wakes up late. have woken her many mornings at 8ish and sometimes before, but then she is knackered in the day and sometimes falls asleep in the car, which means can't get her to bed again at 7! vicious circle. she went down at 8pm last night which i was happy about but woke at 1am for an hour!!! so i have just woken at its gone 8! just opened her door and can hear she is waking up, but it'll mean she won't go down tonight now til after 8!! arrrgh.

does this make sense?!

Bozza Mon 05-Feb-07 21:22:01

Yeah and it is a bit of a tricky one. DD is usually sleeping 7.30 - 7 sometimes up to 10/15 mins earlier going down, and sometimes up to 1/2 later getting up. She also has a nap of anywhere between 0 and 2 hours. Friday was no nap. Saturday was 2.15-4.15 and she was still in bed by 7.30. . Sunday was 10 mins in the car (despite nearly 2 hour journey). Today was 1 hour.

Could you start regimenting her and moving her forwards 15 mins every few nights. So tonight let her go to bed at 8 (sounds odd writing that when it is 9.20 here and I suppose really it is tomorrow night I mean!) but get her up at 7.45 in the morning and for a couple of days then put her down at 7.45 and so on.

Egypt Tue 06-Feb-07 07:02:38

makes sense bozza. think i will have to tackle the mornings first, getting her up earlier and earlier then hopefully the nights will fall back into place. or could go dh's way and just keep waking her at 7 am each morning and suffering a tired child that will at least go to bed on time.

actually she got herself up at 730 this morning which was good, despite going to sleep at 9pm! so tonight might be a better time. sigh. i dont know, surely they still need 12 hours? you're lucky your dd naps. mine has stopped that when in a proper bedtime routine.

what's everyone else's lo's doing re: sleep times/naps.

Bozza Tue 06-Feb-07 09:43:34

She has 11.5 hours at night. And she does really need a nap, at least some days. I think she would have slept longer yesterday but we had to go to get DS from school. I know I am lucky really because we can skip the nap if we have better things to do but I try to make sure she has one at least one weekend day because then I get to spend time with DS without DD turning into a screaming harridan.

DS was reading his book to me yesterday and DD was being an absolute cow. Trying to sit between me and him (on my knee wasn't good enough), crying, wanting me to get things for her, anything she could think of to get attention. This despite the fact she had been with me all day while DS was at school, and we'd done reading together etc.

Egypt Tue 06-Feb-07 13:07:39

i can find dd really difficult at the moment, and just had the most awful time with her just now. trying to put her to bed. she is shattered and its 845pm. ...she just came through again....i cant cope with this........anyway, i got her into bed, no probs, read to her ok, she wanted the light on, wouldnt let me turn it off so thought, well she's done well so far, so left it on, told her i'd come back and turn it off in a little while. went back and she was playing away, so told her i was turning it off and she grabbed 2 handfuls of my hair and wouldnt let go. for ages. it got to the point where i was crying, out of pure frustration that this 2 year old had hold of me and there was nothing i could do. the look in her eyes was hateful. she said she wanted to hurt me and wouldnt let go. then i pulled her hair, which just made her cry and i felt awful but she was still holding on! in the end i did manage to prise her hands off along with handfuls of my hair. then spent the next 10 mins carrying her back into bed time and time again whilst holding her hands down as she was trying to do it again. this isn't like her.

its now 904pm - (she came through again when dh rang!) and she is now in bed with a sheet of bubble wrap from a jiffy bag, popping the bubbles. sigh.

she has been up 13.5 hours. what is wrong with this child?

a very peeed off egypt

and dh is in japan

Egypt Tue 06-Feb-07 13:10:57

she did enjoy school today so thats something i suppose. feel like i'm not getting any time to myself, with her not going to bed. when she's at school i am busy doing the things that need sorting here whilst i can in peace. worried the new baby will arrive and i am in a state like this still.

7 weeks to go - hopefully, so time yet.

i still hear popping........

Egypt Tue 06-Feb-07 13:33:29

930 and finally asleep...

how can someone wake at 8am one morning and go to sleep at 9 that night, then wake at 730 the next and not go to sleep until 930 that night?

Bozza Tue 06-Feb-07 13:44:44

Oh egypt poor you. It sounds like everything is getting to you, with DH being away so much and being in new surroundings etc, it must be really hard. When DH gets back make him promise to help you work on DD's routine.

Egypt Tue 06-Feb-07 13:57:08

i just spoke to him and he suggested what you did ! working in smaller steps. we'll get there in the end. i feel so controlled by her at the moment. i guess i'm just tired and over emotional. bless her. she is asleep and looking so sweet now. i feel terrible for needing time away from her. how on earth do people cope with more than one child?

pepperrabbit Tue 06-Feb-07 13:59:46

Afternoon everyone, Egypt it sounds very stressful - and I'm sure they pick up the more you worry about it - DS1 is always more trouble to settle if we're going out, even if we haven't mentioned it in front of him - somehow they Know...

I have very sad news from my friend. Her husband died last night, I really really can't believe it. This time last week she had an "ordinary" life. Now as she said on the phone, all is lost. Have been in tears most of the day (it's my birthday today, so supposed to be festive and happy ). She kept saying "what shall I do? How can I tell the children?" there are no answers to any of the questions. It's very unfair and a very cruel thing to happen to a lovely person. Their children are 8, 5 & 18 months.
I want to go and see her but she wants a few days just with her family. I am dreading the funeral.

Bozza Tue 06-Feb-07 15:11:08

oh pr how awful. I think in the months ahead you will be able to help and support her but just now you really don't know what to do. I suppose the only thing you can do is get her a card and let her know you are thinking about her until she is ready to see friends. Sorry about your birthday too.

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