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August 2016 - early arrivals to the newborn cuddles & graveyard feeding shifts

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rumisyum Tue 26-Jul-16 20:42:45

So many August bus babies have arrived already! Anyone else fancy a chat during night feeds or wondering what to make of the contents of tiny nappies? Might as well get comfortable...

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quitecrunchy Tue 26-Jul-16 21:21:27

Marking my place! Only at 36+1 so may be some time before I'm active on here (or not). Please don't give up on us on the antenatal thread while we wait though! smile

Sophia1984 Tue 26-Jul-16 21:22:49

Optimistically place-marking at 38w5d! Though I am also frequently up in the wee small hours as sleep is currently escaping me..

rumisyum Tue 26-Jul-16 21:37:40

Definitely not giving up on the antenatal thread! I just thought it might be helpful to get this started in case anyone else wanted to talk dirty nappies & sore nipples at 3am. I seem to remember doing a lot of that last time! wink

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Biscuitswithtea Tue 26-Jul-16 22:01:08

Good idea Rum
Am already in bed with podcasts, waiting for DD to wake for a feed. As soon as she's done I'm planning on some zzzz but no doubt will be back in a few hrs!

LotsOfDots Tue 26-Jul-16 23:01:58

Place marking as well. Hoping these braxton hicks are going to turn into something proper soon...

rumisyum Tue 26-Jul-16 23:09:37

Feeding... I have a suspicion that tonight might be a heavy one as she summons my milk in. Podcasts are a good idea - I like your organisation, biscuits!

Fingers crossed for you lotsofdots!

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rumisyum Tue 26-Jul-16 23:10:56

And ohmygod these after pains are a right bastard the 2nd time round! shock

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Fizzyboo Wed 27-Jul-16 02:22:01

Oh hell yes! And yes Rum I'm feeling the pain! Obv a first timer, and had to have a mans hand inside me during the retained placenta op, and a whole human come out of me, but no idea when I ought to feel on the mend again, or when I'll stop bleeding... Just keep telling myself the breast feeding will sort that uterus out!
Also my ankles, though fine through pregnancy, are now non existent and I swear I can almost feel my feet sloshing as I walk!!
Just went to take Izzy for her hearing test after a feed, but once we got there, she decided the feed wasn't enough and started crying, the hearing nurse came in, saw she was crying so left again, so now we've got to try and take her again, this time more chilled, at 5am instead...

Biscuitswithtea Wed 27-Jul-16 02:32:51

Are you still in hospital Fizzy?

Afterpains are a sod. But hopefully shortlived!

Am only organised with podcasts because I would normally listen to them on my drive to work. Our bedroom alarm clock has an ipod dock attached smile
Last time, in a fit of over-consideration, I used to feed DS on the sofa at night and watch crap telly This time, thanks to the Snuzpod, I'm staying in bed and DH doesn't stir anyway!

Fizzyboo Wed 27-Jul-16 02:38:29

Yep, still here. She's thankfully in with us tonight for the first time since being in SCBU, but I can't sleep because I'm so twitchy! DH says he'll stay up to watch her while I sleep some, but easier said than done! Surgeon going to let us know what they think in morning, possible talk of discharge....

Biscuitswithtea Wed 27-Jul-16 03:03:15

That will be brilliant to get home smile Fingers crossed!

I'd forgotten how nappy changes are like a game of Russian Roulette - will she or won't she pee and poo over herself and her clothes mid nappy change? I lost that particular race against time this now!

rumisyum Wed 27-Jul-16 03:15:58

Oof, fizzy, your uterus must have taken a battering. confused I'm sure it will heal soon & I am probably being a wimp about my own pains. Managed to get through my induced labour with just a TENS machine, but here I am desperate for painkillers every time I breastfeed. Silly, much?! That sounds annoying about the hearing test - I hope you did manage some rest!

And yes, that was over-considerate biscuits! Where did your LO sleep last time? I currently have a wee crib right next to our bed. DD will be put down in it ok, but then sleeps very noisily so I don't sleep. She's much better snugged up right next to me. Early days yet, as this is only her 2nd night in the world, but I may have myself another kiddo who needs to bed share for a bit...

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Fizzyboo Wed 27-Jul-16 03:19:09

It really will. I thought we'd have more answers by now, instead again, it seems just more questions, but hopefully answers should start coming soon.

I came a cropper on the pooulette wheel earlier, one of her possible issues is how allegedly close her bum hole and bits are, and while her nappy was off mid change I was having a good old look with a nurse, and that's obviously when it struck. All over her baby grow and sleep suit of which she had one of her arms wired up to a mega cannula, of which easy sliding out of clothes was a far off dream!
Lots of food based poo descriptions going on here... Does it look seedy, is it like pesto?!

rumisyum Wed 27-Jul-16 03:20:35

Whoops, biscuits! But haha, yes! I'dforgotten about the frequent night time nappy changes once your milk comes in! confused Used to make my husband handle output as my duty was input last time, but doesn't seem as fair to wake him for that this time when he's also doing heavy primary duties on the toddler care front... hmm

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Fizzyboo Wed 27-Jul-16 03:35:55

Oh rum, that's pretty awesome work girl! Just a tens machine! I find the bf'ing ok, I've got giant g cup boobies at the best of times, so don't know if that makes any difference to sensitivity levels... Also by being here at the hospital, I must have had about 12 different people show me different ways of feeding! Learnt lots!
Whereas the contractions (after my waters were broken) were wildly strong. Didn't like gas and air, so had nothing till near the end when I got a shot of diamorphine. I was so sure I wouldn't be a screamer, and yet I HOWLED that place down. I went from 5cm to pushing very suddenly after having my waters broken, but very lucky to have a MW who encouraged an active birth and followed me around adjusting the monitors wherever I went, and I went all over!
Well the DH as night watchman hasn't worked out ha! He's fallen asleep now, and I'm up, buts that's ok. Too excited that she's in with us anyway.
Totally down with the podcasts though, got any good ones? My faves are ones like Answer me this, Sawbones, Stuff you should know, all the Richard herring/Adam Buxton/Scrubious pip ones... Any recommendations always welcome, they're perfect for the wee hours!

rumisyum Wed 27-Jul-16 03:56:43

Oh the boobing I'm fine with so far... DD seems to be managing a decent latch, so it's much less painful than I remember the first couple days of breastfeeding being with my DS... Though maybe my nipple sensitivity has just never recovered since feeding him. hmm The bit I'm being wimpy about is the contractions in my uterus during every breastfeed. SO much more painful this time round, my word!

I probably should have at least tried the gas & air this time Fizzy, cause the induction contractions seemed more intense/faster paced than I remember them last time. Which makes sense as I went from 3cm to baby born in maybe 5 hours this time, whereas pushing alone took about 2 hours last time. But my memory for last time might not even be accurate! I remember the pushing phase as the fun bit last time, whereas that was not exactly how I'd describe it this time, even though it was much more brief!

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rumisyum Wed 27-Jul-16 03:58:16

I love the My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast, but it makes me snort & cackle out loud, so probably not one for quietly listening to in the middle of the night...

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FourForYouGlenCoco Wed 27-Jul-16 04:12:30

Reporting for duty! Currently up feeding. So sleepy but love these quiet times just me and the boy ❤️
rum I feel you on the after pains - don't remember them at all with DD but this time they were NOT comfortable!
fizzy bloody hell, you've been through the mill. Definitely don't worry about not feeling normal just yet - I had an easy birth (relatively speaking!) with DD and it still took a good 2 weeks before I completely stopped feeling like I'd been punched in the vag. Been better this time round, but think that's cos everything was baggy down there anyway grin hope you can get some answers tomorrow. Keep us posted, been thinking of you all lots.

Right, checking out again (for now) - we've got v lucky so far with the night feeds, he goes a good long time between each one, but I've managed to produce a baby who WILL NOT be put down on his back in the cot! So we are already co-sleeping. What with DH and DD in the mix too, it's very cosy round here! Thanking all the powers that be that we bought a super kingsize bed - takes up nearly our entire bedroom but was definitely the right choice!

Biscuitswithtea Wed 27-Jul-16 05:49:43

Various midwives said to me that the uterus contracting when bf-ing is more painful for subsequent babies. No idea why but it def matches my experience too.

Induction drip surely does speed things up! With DD my waters started to go at 6am, examined c 2.30/3pm and was 2cm. Drip started at 3.45pm, DD born at 4.50pm shock

Rum we used a moses basket with DS. Though he mostly slept on us instead. He did not sleep well! Like your household, DH is doing the lion's share of toddler stuff so I don't feel it's fair to wake him for outputs unless I actually need a hand with something. I keep a basket next to the bed with nappies/wipes/cream/foldaway changing mat so that I can just change DD on our bed.

Podcasts - I'm having a radio 4 binge at the mo. Dead Ringers is v funny (Friday Night Comedy podcast) but will look up your recommendations when I run out

Fizzyboo Wed 27-Jul-16 09:58:10

Ohhhh!! I get you!! I've not really felt my uterus contracting when I feed.... Hmm...
I did feel my poorly bits when I caught it with a towel this morning confused

Longtimelistener Wed 27-Jul-16 23:49:23

Marking my place / checking in for night feed duty. Still in hospital and there's big posters everywhere saying "why didn't anybody warn me about night 2?!". Sure enough, DS has started waking every couple of hours for a long feed from late afternoon today. Reckon I'm in for a long night..!
He's currently asleep across my shoulder though and it's lovely ❤️

rumisyum Thu 28-Jul-16 04:09:30

Aww, longtime. The newborn cuddles really are delicious, aren't they?

I'm currently up feeding DS for the umpteenth time here. I don't even mind though, cause my milk's come in & anything that keeps these melons comfortable is fine by me.

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Biscuitswithtea Thu 28-Jul-16 05:42:36

DD has been feeding like a fiend too. I predict a growth spurt.

DS came into our bed during the night for the first time in c3months. It's a smidge crowded!!

hgleslie89 Thu 28-Jul-16 10:24:44

Hi all, apologies for being quiet. I've been finding this week a lot tougher than I expected. Bea had dropped 13% of her birth weight, so we're on formula top ups as she just won't latch properly and I'm not producing enough milk. We went to the breastfeeding clinic at the hospital who were helpful but worried about the fact that she was sleeping so much, so we stayed in overnight for observation. Her weight is now going back up and the paediatricians all seem happy with her, but I'm really feeling like a failure because breastfeeding just isn't working and she's getting all her nourishment from formula.
I know that in the grand scheme of things this is really minor, but I'm finding it more upsetting than I expected.

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