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Baby yoga

(2 Posts)
user1468362200 Tue 12-Jul-16 23:48:08

I've been going to a gentle sing along mum and baby yoga class and my baby girl doesn't seem to like it all. She is 3 months and very alert and happy, sociable etc. I've been three times and the last time ended in her screaming the house down until I left and whimpering all the way home, like after vaccinations. It feels really out of character and like she is aware and doesn't like it. Perhaps she is over stimulated or a sensitive baby and very aware of her surroundings. I really love yoga and went with a new friend so am disappointed that it's not working out and I've paid for it too. I'm certainly not going to try baby massage as get the feeling she doesn't like this kind of thing at all.
I have been reading reports about parents attending too many post natal classes and it not being as good for babies as parents think...so am wondering if other people have had the same experiences?

Shihtzulover Wed 10-Aug-16 19:23:39

I went to baby massage for a few weeks and it was free at our local children's centre. She didn't mind it but we didn't do much massage as she wanted to be held standing up most of the time

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