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Stinging nipples during letdown or when I leak milk when due a feed.. What is it

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sammyjayneex Sat 09-Jul-16 23:07:26

So when my baby is due a feed my nipples begin to leak, they sting. Also at the beginning of a feed when let down happens they sting.. Is this normal? I don't have any more symptoms.

albertcampionscat Sun 17-Jul-16 08:36:58


Loraline Sun 17-Jul-16 08:39:37

Totally normal. This gradually lessens and will be less stingy but it's completely normal for you to feel your key down like this.

sammyjayneex Sun 17-Jul-16 12:29:51

Thank you
I'm glad to know it's normal. Hopefully it will stop soon

Shihtzulover Wed 10-Aug-16 19:21:55

Mine stopped at around 12 weeks. Thought it was thrush at first but then it went

Waterlemon Wed 10-Aug-16 19:34:30

ITs completely normal, I also had painful "let down" and dreaded feeding in public as I would really wince. But it does slowly get better.

Just as a precaution- if you have a bf clinic nearby, then get your latch looked at just in case you need to make a slight tweak.

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