April '05 Summer Meet up - sign up here :-)

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aprilmeadow Sat 20-Jan-07 08:04:54

Open to all April 05 Mummies.

Meet up to be scheduled for sometime in June.

Please pop your name on the list so that we know who is up for it, and also if you want to pop down whereabouts you are based so that we can try and find a 'central' meeting place

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aprilmeadow Sat 20-Jan-07 08:05:23

Aprilmeadow - Fleet, Hampshire

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toytownmum Sat 20-Jan-07 11:10:14

Thanks AprilMeadow you are very organised.

Toytownmum - New Forest near Southampton

Darciesmum Sat 20-Jan-07 15:52:23

Good idea AM

Portsmouth Hampshire

Verso Wed 24-Jan-07 19:32:20

Thanks for this, AM! I'm in Streatham Hill, Sarf Lunnen

aprilmeadow Wed 24-Jan-07 22:42:57

Will be lovely to finally put faces to all the names :-)

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aprilmeadow Sat 27-Jan-07 20:44:46


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