Scan Sexing. Did they get the sex of your baby right?

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annaspanna Fri 19-Jan-07 13:15:10

The sonographer at the 20 wks scan said she thought i was having a girl.Wasn't very definate. Would not give a percentage only to say if it was her baby she'd think it was a girl. I then asked a midwife during a consultation, how often they come out a different sex. She said several times. So now i wanted to do my own poll to see if they usually get it right??

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lulumama Fri 19-Jan-07 13:19:34

with my DS & DD have found out the sex at the 20 week scan and have been right both times

it was interesting, having had a boy first, to see the difference in the scan , of their respective genitalia...the sonographer was quite definite both times..although with DS, my DH spotted his boy bits first and told the sonographer it was a boy!

so 100 % accurate both times here

notasheep Fri 19-Jan-07 13:20:09

they wouldnt tell us

BettySpaghetti Fri 19-Jan-07 13:21:26

Accurate both times with us at 20wk scans

bluejelly Fri 19-Jan-07 13:21:38

A friend of mine was told she was having a girl. She had a boy
They do get it wrong!

lulumama Fri 19-Jan-07 13:21:57

obviously 100 % accurate can only be wrong or right !!

poppiesinaline Fri 19-Jan-07 13:22:58

only found out with number 3 and it was correct - a boy.

I think they always say, they think its a boy or they think its a girl just to cover their backs. Also, they are more likely to be wrong if its a girl cos its not quite to obvious iyswim.

Plibble Fri 19-Jan-07 13:31:45

Mine was accurate (she is a girl). The sonographer didn;t sound very sure, though.

I heard an obsteatrician (sp?) say that she had two scans after 20 weeks with her second baby, during both of which she was told her baby was a boy. Presumably she could see also... and it was a girl!

I think they are more likely to get it wrong the other way round (i.e. think it is a girl when it is a boy).

wurlywurly Fri 19-Jan-07 13:32:24

yes correct with both mine.

annaspanna Fri 19-Jan-07 16:36:05

The little monkey turned over and wasn't in a good position to be sexed apparently. My gut feeling is its a girl. I know i'll have to wait for the birth to know for sure but i thought i'd see the whether there were may wrongly sexed babies.

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Glassofwine Fri 19-Jan-07 16:39:58

got it right all three times.

I've known one person who was told she was having a boy and it was a girl.

Socci Fri 19-Jan-07 16:42:10

Message withdrawn

Beadmum Fri 19-Jan-07 19:42:59

mine was correct (i had a girl)
I remember at my scan i was told this is never guaranteed though (guess this is to ensure they dont get sued) although i do know some hospitals no longer tell you the sex anymore.

PoppiesMum Fri 19-Jan-07 19:54:25

yes. the sonographer said she wouldn't have said if she wasn't sure.

Ceebee74 Fri 19-Jan-07 19:55:40

Mine was correct too (a boy) but the sonographer's exact words were ' I think it is a boy' and wouldn't confirm anymore so we didn't buy any 'boy' things just in case. My friend (who had a baby 1 month after me) saw her baby's boy bits on the scan - I was very as they could go out and buy loads of stuff!

divamumdiva Fri 19-Jan-07 20:00:36

i know the lady who had told having a boy and had little girl. her dd had blue clothes till 3m, even her room was blue eventually they painted. i think it was quite shock to all family who bought boy presents and clothes. you never know

SoupDragon Fri 19-Jan-07 20:03:02

They got DD right, the only one we asked about.

I was fairly certain they were right because the sonographer said she thought she knew what it was before we asked but before she specifically looked.

I don't think they're allowed to give a percentage or say they're certain though.

carolcoles Fri 19-Jan-07 20:04:55

They got mine right. The guy doing the scan was teaching someone else how to do them so he was pretty senior. Said he was "pretty sure" it was a girl but can't give me a definate answer.

divamumdiva Fri 19-Jan-07 20:14:25

btw, they couldn`t tell dd as she crossed her legs twice. proper lady like

mamama Fri 19-Jan-07 20:16:09

Yes, told at 20 weeks DS was definitely be a boy. I had a scan later on (for other reasons) and asked them to make sure he was still a boy, and he was .

Quootiepie Fri 19-Jan-07 20:18:49

they got it wrong, said I was having a girl...

Rodeo Fri 19-Jan-07 22:05:54

Yes, said it was a girl and it was I only know of one case amongst friends where they have got it wrong, a girl when it wasn't, and she was heartbroken and had a hard time bonding. So I'd say go with it but don't set it in stone

annaspanna Sat 20-Jan-07 13:42:34

Thanks for these posts. The sonographer i had seemed quite doubtful which is why i still call the bump "it". I have a DS already so i was hoping to get rid of his clothes to a friend but don't want to part with them just in case!!!! I won't be disappointed with another boy. When i had DS during Emergency CS, DP was chatting with the previous CS partner.Their baby had come out a girl but were expecting a boy.They'd spent a fortune on boys equipment and clothes. It's always stuck in my mind you see.

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3Ddonut Sat 20-Jan-07 13:48:35

They got mine right, I'm always of the oppinion that they don't say if they're not sure, but apparantly that's not the case...

Although they were right with mine (girl), it didn't stop dh telling me we had had a boy the SECOND she was born, he thought the 'look on my face' was hilarious. git!

aDad Sat 20-Jan-07 13:53:41

right both times, although particularly with girls they're never going to make it sound like they are 100% certain, so there was still an element of doubt in our minds.

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