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baby slow growth

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Muumof2 Wed 01-Jun-16 17:50:27

What do people think of growth charts? My baby girl is 2 months old and although she is growing every week she is steadily climbing up on the 2nd centile line only. She was born on 35th centile but then dipped a lot in the first week (lost 13% weight) and then has been growing steadily on the 2nd centile. My first baby was also small but grew faster and at this same age was more than a pound heavier (she's 8lb 12oz at 2 months, born 6lbs 5oz).
She's happy and content baby and my instinct tells me she's fine and just naturally small but then every time I get comments on how dinky she is I question myself? I'm bf only. Should I add formula? Maybe my milk is not enough?

Muumof2 Sun 05-Jun-16 22:09:12

If this is not the right board, will you let me know where appropriate to post this?

FirstTimeMummy25 Mon 13-Jun-16 23:36:04

Have you spoken to HV about it? My DS is 3 months and weighs 12lb 5 he's on the 25th centile he was born 8lb 13 but lost a lot of his weight in the first week. It took him 4 weeks to reach his birth weight again. I exclusively breastfed and HV told me to keep going and as long as he confined to gain weight on his trend line he was ok... I would seek advice tho for piece of mind though but I'm sure he's finesmile x

FirstTimeMummy25 Mon 13-Jun-16 23:36:42

Continued not confined! Oops

Shihtzulover Wed 10-Aug-16 19:28:10

my baby us 17 weeks, breastfed and tiny. She is on a low centile can't remember which one but she has been on that pretty much since the beginning. I was concerned at first but with reassurance from family and health visitor I now know she is just little.

heatherwithapee Wed 10-Aug-16 19:40:37

If she's consistently following the 2nd line now, then I wouldn't worry. DD was born on the 50th line but quickly dropped to 9th. She grew very slowly but did stay on the line (minus the odd week when she dipped a bit here and there). The 9th was obviously 'her' line and it was where she was meant to be.

She was a content baby, EBF, slept through the night (7-7) at 4 months, was bright and alert, had normal nappies etc. There was no reason for me to worry that she wasn't getting enough to eat. She was just meant to be small!

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