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Lost sex drive after baby!

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Mommatomonroe Wed 18-May-16 01:04:23

HELP!!! Baby was born December 2015 (5 months old) and me and my husband don't have sex! He wants it like any normal husband but I've just lost all motivation to have sex we have done it twice if that since she's been born
I feel terrible but il do anything to get out of it and I'm worried it will all end in him having an affair - I trust him 100% but I feel like il drive him to it! Any suggestions on how to get our love life back!?

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MaGratgarlik1983 Thu 19-May-16 22:37:29

I'm not surprised you're not in the mood! Looking after a small baby takes it out of you so much! And what with stitches etc ouch! Just maybe take it slowly, concentrate on stuff other than intercourse, and maybe try to have a night out just the two of you?

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