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after-effects of mastitis

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baba5 Wed 27-Apr-16 13:30:35

I had mastitis when bubs was 2 days old. Took weeks to get rid of the infection.
I dont have an infection anymore but I am aware of the area where it was and i can still feel the duct that was infected like its swollen? I thought maybe it blocks up still. So try to massage the area whilst he is feeding to clear it. When I do this I get a sort of gunky white stuff coming out? I have just realised it has been 4 months since infection started (guessing its four months of sleepless nights making me lose track of time) Is t normal to still have a lump this long after? Tried to get appt with gp but receptionist informs me its not urgent and to try calling tomorrow...they never have any appointments!

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