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Look out there's a toddler about - Sept 05 onwards and upwards

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mummyhill Thu 04-Jan-07 10:18:34

Here you go Idris a new thread for the new year.

Simplyred Thu 04-Jan-07 10:31:51

Hello new thread!

Glad to hear wabbitt and the kids are well.

mummyhill Thu 04-Jan-07 11:05:23

I am going to try and call her once a week to keep in touch till her internet c0nnection can be re-established. It may take a while though as her exp is being silly about money.

I am taking down all the christmas stuff except the tree which I will try to tackle tonight once the children are in bed.

D starts with the support childminder next week doing 3 afternoons for 13 weeks. Not sure how well it will work out but am hoping he will settle to it so that I can get everything sorted out and hopefully then be a much less stressed mummy with more time to do stuff with the children. HV seemed happy when she came out this week and is going to come back out in 4 weeks to see how it is all panning out. The plan is to spend 2 afternoons decluttering and tidying up and one afternoon relaxing, taking a bit of time for myself that I didn't get last year with everything that was going on and work as well. Hopefully when the house is sttraight I can then keep on top of it and the constant worry that SS will do a spot check and catch me out wil be lifted. With less time needed to try and keep on top of the house work I may be able to sit down and try to tackle the finances which are looking bad atm and that will be one less thing to bring me down. My resolution for the year is to take it one step at a time and declutter the house and our lives iyswim which will hopefully help lift the depression I have been suggering from.

Ohh that was a long post for me. Thanks for reading it.

Simplyred Thu 04-Jan-07 18:56:03

Sounds great to me - I'm sure you will feel all organized very soon.

HappyNewJaamy Fri 05-Jan-07 14:56:51

Happy New thread to you all!
Mummyhill - plan sounds good - hope it all works out - so glad you are setting aside an afternoon a week for YOU!
SR - diet/exercise regime starts Monday (after have consumed all the silly Christmas/New Year food left over). Will check with you to see how you are getting on, if you will do like wise with me, please. Need someone to keep an eye on me!!

IdrisTheDragon Fri 05-Jan-07 21:47:42

This thread is very apt for Alice, who did her first proper walking on Christmas Day and hasn't stopped since . She is very impressed with herself.

mummyhill Sat 06-Jan-07 10:49:48

Well done Alice.

Simplyred Sun 07-Jan-07 19:42:02

Well done Alice!

Rachel's walking very well now too! Sadly she tears around obvious to steps, things on the floor etc and falls over often - as they do! Its a difficult age - I spend my whole time following her around! but she is so cute! Its a amazing how much they understand and how quickly they learn

Good luck for tomorrow jaamy with the heathy eating & exercise!!!! Best I finish of the chocolate tonight

mummyhill Tue 09-Jan-07 10:05:18

Morning all

D had his first session with the childminder yesterday. He cried when I left but settled down quite well. I managed to tackle the living room, bathroom and have a quick flit round the kids room before fetching N from school. After school we had time and space to play with her puzzles, read her school books and have a lovely cuddle without interuptions. He is going again today and tomorrow so todays plan is to tackle the hall/landing/staircase and the kitchen. Tomorrow I will just chill out and do something for me. Thursday is light maintenance on the rooms already covered whilst he has a nap and Friday is mums and tots followed by a visit to my surviving nan.

The weekend means work all day saturday and family day on sunday. D back to childminder monday afternoon so I can repair the damage done to the good rooms over the weekend and then Tuesday I get to tackle our room.

Fingers crossed please help me to keep motivated cause I really need this to work.

HappyNewJaamy Wed 10-Jan-07 12:40:58

Well done Alice! Fun and games for you now, though Idris!

A has been running around all over Christmas. Her favourite game is to climb onto the table and stand there giggling. Thinks it's tremendously funny! Hasn't had any major falls yet but it's only time. Fairly steady on her feet now but I can't help wishing for the days when I could put her down and she would stay in one place!

SR - is you house temptation free? Ours is, except for a few choccies that the girls still have from Christmas. Have been quite good with the food (just finished a salad with a small bit of pasta for lunch) but not managed any excercise yet - DDs have been up during the night and are going to bed late so my plan to get up early and do some exercise before work hasn't been successful yet, I'm afraid. Will weigh myself tonight at my mum's (I don't have any scales in my house) and start exercise tomorrow. Still hoping to lose a stone. How's it going with you? Have you had loads of new clients sign up?

MH - glad D is settling in to Chilminders and giving you chance to do some of the mundane tasks as well as getting some time to yourself. Hope you did something nice for yourself today.

mummyhill Thu 11-Jan-07 11:06:45

I had a lovely bonding session with my 8 week old niece whilst her mummy went to a doctors appointment. Ok I know it wasn't a kid free afternoon but it was nice.

Simplyred Thu 11-Jan-07 19:30:16


Glad thimgs are going well Mummyhill.

Hello Jaamy - I am not going nearly as well as you! I have eated rubbish all day as I have a stinky cold and a strained knee after a play fight with ds! But did have 30 new people start class on Tuesday

mummyhill Fri 12-Jan-07 17:06:37

Just spoke to wabbitt. She is feeling a bit low as her dad is really ill at the momment. Can you all send a few positive vibes her way please? I have promised to call her again next week and will be meeting up with her on the 26th.

mamama Fri 12-Jan-07 18:01:07


Nothing much happening here. Have been thinking about Wabbit as I'm in the middle of what may end up being a custody battle, so not much fun. Hope her dad gets better soon and that things start to look a bit brighter. Sending positive vibes and big {{hugs}} to her.

I'm envious of your babysitter Mummyhill. Hope you manage to do all the jobs you need to get done and enjoy a bit of free time.

Jaamy & Simplyred - good luck with your diets. Which reminds me, I should go and find something for lunch...

Simplyred Sat 13-Jan-07 14:45:54

Best wishes to Wabbitt and her father xx

HappyNewJaamy Mon 15-Jan-07 13:29:40

Wabbitt - thinking of you and hoping your dad gets better soon.

Simplyred - no fear, my good dieting start didn't last. And am not doing very well today either. Have put it down to extreme tiredness due to DDs both now suffering from bad colds and atill waking frequently during the night. Will start again with a vengence tomorrow...honest.

Mamama - sorry to hear that the relationship with your exP/H isn't going too well. I do really feel for you (and Wabbitt) Must be so difficult. Hope you come to an amicabel resolution.

Mummyhill - of your cuddle with the tiny one! At least she would stay in one place if you put her down but I bet you didn't want to let go of such a little cuty.
Please say Hello to Wabbitt for us when you see her next week.

mummyhill Mon 15-Jan-07 15:43:22

Happynewjaamy - yes it was great knowing that she would be exactly where I left her when I returned from the bathroom. Not having to hunt round the room to nsee what damage had been done!!!!!

Simplyred Wed 17-Jan-07 09:28:30

Morning..... I'd love nieces and/or nephews but its not happened yet !!!!!

mummyhill Wed 17-Jan-07 13:05:28

SR - It's great cause you can hand them back at the end of the day.

HappyNewJaamy Thu 18-Jan-07 08:49:32

Mummyhill - DN not put you in the mood for any more?????
Think have pretty much decided that we will wait until A is 2 and then see if we can make one FINAL addition to our family. Don't know whether that is sensible or not but A is (like her big sister) obsessed with babies (dollies) and I think she would like a real one to look after!!! . We'll see...

SR - think neices and nephews would be good when your own LOs are older, then you can relive the whole experience (from a safe distance)

A is suffering badly with a cold at the moment. Has a bit of a temerature and sleeping for no more than half an hour at a time (even at night). So mummy is knackered...again! No chance for naps during the day with DD1 about. Though was tempted at work yesterday. Would I be a really bad mummy if I took us all (including poorly A) out to play place just so I could ware out DD1 in the hope of some peace and quiet this afternoon??? this bad weather and all?

mummyhill Thu 18-Jan-07 11:07:57

Dh says I am not allowed to get broody one of each is apparently enough!!!! (We shall see )

mummyhill Mon 22-Jan-07 12:39:05

Hello everyone hope you all had a good weekend. Any messages for wabbitt? I am hopefully seeing her on Friday.

mamama Tue 23-Jan-07 18:16:31

Hope everyone is ok. It's cold and snowy here so we have been stuck inside a lot. We've just discovered a lovely clean, warm &, best of all, free swimming pool not far from our house. DS loves it & no-one else is ever there, so we have a whole pool to ourselves!

A big hello & hug for Wabbitt, please mummyhill. I hope things are going well for her and that everything is almost sorted out. These things really drag on and it is hard not to feel very miserable.

mummyhill Fri 26-Jan-07 16:47:34

Wabbitt sends her love and huge hugs all round. C is such a beautiful little boy. Wabbitt has a mediationb meeting next friday can we send her some positive vibes?

mamama Sat 27-Jan-07 01:42:09

oh yes, sending lots of positive vibes to wabbit

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