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Nov 2006 - Part 2 Beaming simles Pelvic floors!

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Charleesunnysunsun Tue 02-Jan-07 17:58:50

I started a new thread now we have all arrived! I hope nobody minds!

Harry is 7 weeks now and we are getting some cracking smiles!
He has really settled this week and is loving his cot with a musical mobile above it he goes down like a dream!

Im am ok doing my pelvic floors for all im worth i don't want to suffer post natal incontinence! (sp?)
Im feeling a whole lot better now thje anti d's have had a chance to kick in!.

I hope your all well and enjoying your babies

podglet Wed 03-Jan-07 13:23:02


Hope everyone is ok. DS is 9 weeks old today and smiling loads and doing lots of "talking" to us

He has his first jabs tomorrow which I am not looking forward to

Have been rather sensible I think and bought him some 12 - 18 month clothes in the sale as I got some vouchers for him for Christmas. He doesn't need any more for now and it seemed like a good idea!

saralou100 Wed 03-Jan-07 14:31:17

hi everyone!

charlee, you do sound uch happier keep up the pelvic floors.. lift and clench - all together now everyone

podgelet, i cried the first time, prepare yourself! try giving him calpol before you go.

ryan's doing very well, has put on some weight, hooray. he's 9lb 13 oz now! he's a little pig though, we started giving him bottles aswell and takes 4oz every 2hrs, aswel as mummy milk. when the health visitor said he'd want to feed alot to fill out his length i thought she was talking shite.. now i'm starting to think she was right!

ryan's cot arived today! dp's got a flat pack to buid tomorrow, should be fun and i'm finally gonna order a pushchair, gonna get a phill & teds double, very excited about it! (sad isn't it, getting excited over these things - also vey pleased with new steriliser )

podglet Wed 03-Jan-07 17:03:15

I got excited about putting the steriliser away today! We have given up with the night time bottle as he was beginning to refuse the breast during the day the little so and so! We spoon feed him the Gaviscon mid feed which he seems to yum up - bizarre child as it looks gross!

Sara - the Dr and my HV have told me that he can't have calpol before his 2 month jabs? Will go with it tomorrow and then Calpol him before his 3 months set - wish us luck!

Sorry, Charlee also meant to add that you sound loads better too, am clenching as I type

KaybeeandZak Wed 03-Jan-07 19:20:26

Hi everyone
DS is 5 weeks now, and has started smiling at me which is lovely

Can anyone help with a feeding question... DS gets hungry at the drop of a hat and just screams and goes mental! I have been formula feeding him 4oz every 2.5 to 3 hours, but often he throws up some of it afterwards. Is this because he is eating too much? If he seems hungry after throwing up should I just feed him again? Also, I know you are supposed to prepare all feeds fresh but how is this possible when you have to steralise the bottles, boil the jug and then wait for it to cool - all while baby screams his lungs out!?!?!?! Am very confused!

I did start out bf him, but it just wasn't working out, and both of us were getting upset and frustrated and he would just end up screaming and screaming and refusing the breast....

MeAndMyBoys Wed 03-Jan-07 19:45:47

Hi just caught up and wanted to say Charlee sorry you have had such a rough ride and so glad that DS1 is recovering. What a horrible scare. Glad the Anti d's are kicking in hope you start to feel like yourself again soon and sending you hugs - been there so know how you feel. {{}}

I have to recommend this little gadget to everyone on here. DS2 is now 10 weeks and needs daily medicine and have been having a nightmare getting it down him, partly cause he is breastfed, although he takes a bottle I am useless and guessing how much he'll take and when so have wasted so much medicine and formula it's untrue - but found this a couple of days ago and it arrived today - MAGIC!!!!

medicine dispenser

Debbsyandson Wed 03-Jan-07 20:26:16

hi all will catch up tomorrow xx
posted a pics of ds on mp

Calmriver Thu 04-Jan-07 09:40:29

Hi all, DD2 was born nov 24th. She hasnt started smiling yet! My dd1 started at 4 weeks

NatalieJane Thu 04-Jan-07 09:49:33

Thanks for the new thread Charlee, I hope your DS is all back to normal now.

Kaybee, with DS1 we used to sterilise and make up a full 24 hours worth of bottles, stick them in the fridge and then when he was due a feed I'd take one out and put it in the microwave to take the chill off, I'm breast feeding this time so I don't know if things have changed for formula fed babies but I wouldn't like to be sterilising and making feeds up as and when.

Someone mentioned spots before, George has loads all down the sides of his head and neck, I am assuming it is the result of all the milk dripping down there when he is feeding, I just wash the area over with plain water and cotton wool after each feed, I'm not sure it makes the spots any better, but it makes me feel like I am doing something to help him! They are only really red when he is either feeding or on the rare occasion he cries, most of the time you can't see them at all.

Debbsy, Kai is beautiful!! Well done!! I have tried to put a picture on there of George, but it says the picture is too big or something, so I gave up, so well done on figuring it out as well!! LOL

NatalieJane Thu 04-Jan-07 09:50:29

Congrats Calmriver!

KaybeeandZak Thu 04-Jan-07 10:35:04

Thanks NJ. Aparently last year they changed the guidelines for making up formula, and now recommend its made up fresh!!!!! For the night I do cheat and make one in advance.... but started to worry it might make him sick. Just wondered wHat others were doing.

Thats great that you are bf this time, so theres hope for me yet!

KaybeeandZak Thu 04-Jan-07 10:43:44

Oh and how do you post a pic in member profles??????????

Jodypops Thu 04-Jan-07 12:16:51

howdee all, ds was born 1oth of nov, 11:59pm, just made his due date by 1 minute, good lad.

been catching up reading all your news in stages, when i get a sec, having dd at a very active 20 months and full of a cold is not much fun, ds sick too, started coughing so back to the docs tomorrow

pleased your feeing better charlee, you've been thourgh the mill all right

me and my boys - thanks heaps for the link - bought one of them medicine dispensers, have a feeling doc will be prescribing some tomorrow

kaybee - i'm sure formula will be fine for 12 hours in the fridge, otherwise keep the boiled water in sterilised bottles and then add your formula and microwave and shake and serve. You may be overfeeding if your DS is throwing up after every feed, sometimes they look hungry by sucking crying etc but it may just be wind also or tired, wouldn't it be so much easier if they could just tell us, nod once for food, twice for burping and three to go to sleep!

Jodypops Thu 04-Jan-07 12:20:25

Just read my message and forgot the most important bits, his name is Flynn and he weighted a healthy 8 pound 13, he's just hit 6kg so he's on the way to becoming an All Black!

Debbsyandson Thu 04-Jan-07 13:11:37

nj kai has a few spots hv recommended no cotton wool just a piece of muslin for cleaning his face they are getting better now,but she said it could also be his endocrysin system kicking in.

NatalieJane Thu 04-Jan-07 16:51:12

Kaybee, I gave up breast feeding last time after being completely exhausted, HV recommended giving a formula feed in the evening, so I did it, from that moment on DS either wouldn't latch on right or just sicked up every drop of breast milk he took down so I gave in, this time I was determined I wasn't going to just give up again, and so far so good! There are times in the middle of the night, where I would give almost anything for DH to be able to do one feed so I can sleep, but I am fast approaching the start of getting some stocks of EBM together so I can have a break every now and then! Must start getting my act together on the expressing actually!!

Debbsy, what the blinking heck is the endocrysin system???

Silly question but how many of you offer water for a drink? Do you use a cup if you are breast feeding, and is that a proper cup or one of the trainer cups?

lulumama Thu 04-Jan-07 16:59:05

<<hijack to say Hi to nataliejane..miss our thread...hope you and the boys are all well xxxxx >>

mygirllolipop Thu 04-Jan-07 17:04:41

Message withdrawn

charliegal Thu 04-Jan-07 17:05:28

Can I join? Am new to MumsNet. My baby DS is 7 weeks and gorgeous. He is 14lbs, fat boy and was 10lbs at birth. He is smiling and laughing loads too. Am overwhelmed by how much I am enjoying being his Mama

Am dreading the jabs too. I cried when I had to give him anti biotics, although he gobbled it up like saralou's wee one. He even seems to love Infacol.

I actually can't wait to have another!

Charleesunnysunsun Thu 04-Jan-07 17:05:29

Hi all!

I just come back from a posh salon! I won a complimentary cut and style at a salon in our local town so i have anice new do!

Harry is fine i haven't had him wieghed in ages i will HAVE to do it next thursday at the clinc.
I had my post natal check yesterday and that was fine, i have to have a smear test, i have neverhad one so im a little scared!

Jack is also fine got a follow up appointment with the top pead at the hospital tommorrow so hopefully will have the results of the blood tests and everything he had done last time.

Harry is 8 weeks today, boy does time fly!

mygirllolipop Thu 04-Jan-07 17:10:40

Message withdrawn

fatbetty Thu 04-Jan-07 17:47:31

I thought they didn't do smear tests anymore at the post natal checks as you still can be bleeding. That was the case when I had DS2. I have my post natal check next week and don't look forward to having a smear done.

fatbetty Thu 04-Jan-07 17:49:31

Feel like I hit a brick wall this afternoon. I have been on the go since before Christmas and took a walk this morning with kids and my Mum and I can't believe how shattered I am. Thankfully DS1 started school again today.

Debbsyandson Fri 05-Jan-07 12:52:38

nj i have no idea

NatalieJane Fri 05-Jan-07 13:33:12

Sorry I missed you Lulu, we are getting on really well thanks, did you get the photos I sent you? I didn't have a bad time with DS1 at all, but this time is still so much easier and I am really loving it, George is a really lovely little man, still find myself having wasted another hour just sat looking at him!! And DH thinks I spend the day catching up on sleep...!! LOL He was 4 weeks old yesterday, and was weighed at 3 weeks and a day and had gone from 8lb 10 at birth to 10lb 6 and a half so I think the BF is going well!! I miss the old threads as well, we will all have to make an evening of it soon and have a bit of a reunion, bottle of something nice and cold, some lemon drizzle cake, lurvely!!

I am quite sure the spots he has is caused by all the milk dripping down the side of his face, it is a shame for him really, but it doesn't seem to bother him, and he loves his wash downs! He really is a water baby, DS1 still moans about getting in the bath now, once he is in he doesn't want to get out, but George seems to get very lively when he knows it is bath time!!

We haven't had any proper big grins yet, well not ones that aren't followed by a nappy change anyway!! But I can see he is trying, his eyes light up and his breathing gets really quick.

My MIL (Devil Woman as I affectionatly call her ) is getting married on Tuesday so I have been into town to get new outfits for "the boys" LOL I love saying that And I bought a gorgeous real suede blazer style coat thingymebob in New Look for 20 squids, I'm well impressed, I am loving kitting out my new wardrobe, couldn't have done it at a better time either with all the sales on!!

Anyway, on with the next feed and nappy change, even his poo is lovely LMAO xxx

Sorry there are way too many smilies in there I am supposed to be feeling overwelmed and shattered and everything else, but I just don't. I can't wipe the grin off my face!! LOL

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