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sarahSILVERbells Tue 02-Jan-07 17:12:50


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sarahSILVERbells Tue 02-Jan-07 17:15:45

Oops - think it should have been 5 months on!

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olivhohoho Tue 02-Jan-07 17:24:17

ha ha!

my dd is only 4 months sarah....but she was one of the last!!

sarahlou1uk Tue 02-Jan-07 17:28:57

anyone else contemplating taking their xmas decorations down yet or am I the only misery??

olivhohoho Tue 02-Jan-07 17:42:43

ours are coming down tomorrow , dh says so! will secretly be pleased to have that corner of the lounge back but he doesnt need to know that!

jingleboobs Tue 02-Jan-07 18:07:15

my xmas cards are on our table will be glad to get it back

REIDnotREEDorREAD Tue 02-Jan-07 18:16:07

mine had to come down on new years eve to make space for people to play on DH nintendo Wii at our party (well, more like a small gathering)!!! there just isnt enough room in our lounge for doubles tennis!

eenysugarplumfairy Tue 02-Jan-07 20:19:06

mine are coming down tomorrow! I happily would have had them down yesterday but didnt get the chance! Havent had time to catch up on the old thread can anyone give me a run down of what I've missed?

katylou25 Tue 02-Jan-07 20:34:16

Took mine down this afternoon to constant murmer of "BYE BYE CHRISTMAS TREE" in that the-end-of-the-world-is-nigh sad voice that only a two year old can manage! He even cried bless him but with it out of the way can put up new toy box and stuff it full of christmas presents which have been cluttering the house!

NbgSparklyYellowFeathers Wed 03-Jan-07 08:58:56

Ahh found you all
Took our decs down new years day. They were starting to annoy me and I love having the space.

Booby, glad you got the feeding thing sorted. Not sure when I'll be able to chat on here on msn again before next week but I will call or text you about meeting up next week. It could be monday or tuesday.

I just like to announce to the world of my undying love for Melsy. She casually mentioned buying some medised to help Ellis with his sleeping and by bloody god IT WORKED !!!!!!
Admittedly he still woke at 3am but he just fed and went straight back to sleep, no messing, so I am eternally grateful!

burstingbug Wed 03-Jan-07 10:29:57

Hi, happy new year everyone. Our decs came down new years day thank god!
Anybody's lo crawling yet just out of interesst?
Joe is now 17lb 1oz at 20wks which is good going
He's screaming at me, gotta go. xx

stumpydoglooksforwardtospring Wed 03-Jan-07 12:08:45

oliv - would be glad to meet up. i run my own small business so am very busy but flexible with time. generally i do some of the work myself at weekends and holidays so that's a bit more difficult.

my ds, 19 weeks tomorrow, spends most of his time laughing, smiling and chatting. he is very sweet and is starting to make the m sound. up til now it's been cooing mostly. he grabs things, holds them and puts them in his mouth and cries when a toy is taken away. he also likes to put his feet in his mouth. he can roll from back to side and sit up quite well but still flops over, but definitely no signs of crawling yet. he doesn't sleep much in the day now but usually sleeps from about 9 til 5 or 6 in the morning. he is breastfed on demand and eats one meal a day of baby rice/oats with formula.have to go now as my dd is filling a glass of apple juice with the contents of the cereal cupboard

BigHotMamaClaus Wed 03-Jan-07 12:52:07

Happy New Year everyone. lets hope 2007 will be a good one! Got so much to look forward to havent we? First words, first tooth, first steps, oh and i just cant wait for our first holiday in August together as a family!

NYE was a bit of a blur for me, I did get very drunk as we had the place to ourself and had friends over for a party. Jackson stayed over at an aunt's and was extremely well behaved although I cried when I had to leave him.

Burstingbug, DS not crawling yet but keeps lifting his bum up in the air when he's on his front like he wants to ha! He has also started putting his arms out in front after rolling over so he can lift his head up and look around bless so cute!

Stumpy, sounds like you and I have got proper little chatterboxes as DS never shuts up, we listen to him early in the morning when he wakes up making all sorts of mad sounds. He also really giggles when I pretend to sneeze or cough.

So when are we gonna have a meet up? I go back to work full time in 4 weeks but only for 4 weeks then I'm off on garden leave for 2 months before being made redundant in May..only going back as the money will come in really handy. Am really dreading the thought of getting up at 6am and having to get me and Jackson ready..At the moment I'm lucky as he's not getting us up till 8ish so I'll have to be waking him up!

Glad the medised worked for you Yellow.

Jackson is really teething at the moment so Calpol is our saviour during the night, his little cheeks were illuminious red last night awwww and he tries to fit 2 hands in at the same time!

Our xmas decs are still up at moment but am eyeing them up as we speak and thinking of doing it before the weekend and getting the new travelcot put up as so many toys everywhere need a new home.

Has anybody got there lo's in a bouncer that you hand off the door?? Thinking of getting one but would like to hear of a decent one before I buy!

Hope everyone is ok and all the lo's are getting bigger and stronger by the day x x

Sorry for the essay (again!)

olivhohoho Wed 03-Jan-07 12:58:23


BHM - we put dd in a door bouncer for the first time yesterday and she loved it. it is a lindam one, blue and yellow, was about £17 IIRC.

just about to take our tree down, cant believe thats dd's first Christmas done and dusted.

just been out looking at strollers - anyone have any opinions? need something lightwieght and easy to take on hols in march and then to leace with the childminder when i go back to work. am liking the look of the M+P zipi - VERY pink!!
no signs of crawling here - dd can just about roll onto her side and get stuck. she likes bum-shuffling though

olivo Wed 03-Jan-07 13:00:57

oh, and back to my normal name now!

sarahlou1uk Wed 03-Jan-07 16:20:43

BHM- I got a Lindam one when I had Jack and have just dusted it off for Molly! Really good and safe. You can get two versions - the one I have has an extra fastener which goes around their chest to make sure they can't jump out! Don't know if they're still around as it was 3 years ago!

Glad to know I'm not the only one taking down xmas decorations. Jack is back to school on Monday and I can't wait to get the house back to 'normal' status again.

sarahlou1uk Wed 03-Jan-07 16:24:08

Olivo - Zaps are supposed to be the lightest and smallest when folded around. The only drawback is that they don't recline

I've got a Hauck Infinity at the moment which my Graco car seat justs clips onto the base so it's really easy for the car. However, Molly is starting to look a bit uncomfortable in the car seat so I will have to get my First Class out of the loft soon.

I also have a Maclaren Volo - which is very light but again, doesn't recline. I've also got a Graco stroller which is suitable from birth as it has got 4 sitting positions and folds quite small as it's umbrella fold. I got these two when I had Jack so they will do for Molly. Having 2 cars, I find this easier than transferring prams

olivo Wed 03-Jan-07 16:41:11

sarah - your graco one sounds ideal. i currently have a loola which i love, we use the car seat in it at the moment but as we fly a lot, we'd like something light and easy to fold (and not too expensive so that if it gets trashed en route, its not lots to replace it!) but one that reclines too - not too much to ask eh?. we'll also leave this one with the childminder when i go back to work. can you tell me the name of your graco one and i'll have a look?

BigHotMamaClaus Wed 03-Jan-07 17:25:34

Thanks for the tip on the bouncer girls. I'm gagging to go get one NOW! Bet they are so cute bouncing away like there's no tomorrow lol.

PinkTinsel Wed 03-Jan-07 18:55:44

hey girls will catch up properly later but first of all (belated) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

mine sucked as we were at my parents so i spent from 10pm to 1am new years night upstairs with caleb screaming and unsettled as every time i got him to sleep they started drunken shouting and banging downstairs and my dad insists on smoking in the house after they've gone to bed so couldn't bring him down.

then after a sucky few days my mom made everything even worse last night.... as you all know my dd isn't the best eater and we have alot of problems with her diet and weight but she's getting better. she ate loads (for her) yesterday during the day and when we were at my aunts house but wouldn't touch much of her dinner, when she was going to bed it was very late and she was overtired so she was tantrumming a bit at having to take cough bottle. my mom started ranting that she was 'starving' and it was criminal to send her to bed hungry and we were a disgrace and basically talking shit about us telling us it was our fault she's so thin and we're abusing her i'm so angry and upset at her and it'll be the last time we go up there as she pulls shit like this every time and i don't have the energy to cope with it any more.... it means my poor dad will miss out on seeing his grandkids though which makes me really sad.

sorry..... didn't mean that to turn into such a whinge but i'm just so pissed off at her.

will go catch up on all the news now!

BigHotMama Wed 03-Jan-07 19:07:00

Oh Pink, thats awful of your mom to say things like that? Was she pissed? Some mothers just cant keep their beaks out of our business can they? I've had to tell my mom lately to butt out of my business as she thinks she can get away with saying what she wants but I've started putting my foot down. At the end of the day you are your dd's mother and only you know best, and from what I know of you from coming on here the last year, I think you sound like a fab mom just wanting the best for your dd and Caleb. Your poor dad will be so pissed off at your mom. I think I would have slapped her if I were in that situation. Bet she's regretting this now though, hope your ok chick! [[big hugs]]

eenysugarplumfairy Wed 03-Jan-07 19:54:37

havent read the thread yet but I will catch up - just posted this just so you know about my day!

eenysugarplumfairy Wed 03-Jan-07 20:04:02

Pink I am so sorry. I completely understand what its like to have a rotton mother. You KNOW you are doing your best by Sarah! Dont listen to the ravings of a mad woman! You deserve better.

Yellow medised is my god! hahaha seriously though it works a treat doesnt it!

Well I have had a pretty rotton day. Alex IS crying a lot which is hard BUT GUESS WHAT today he totally cracked learning how to sit up on his own! I'll post a pic about it later tonight. He can sit there on his own with no one supporting him! Its like a miracle! Can you tell I'm proud!

PinkTinsel Wed 03-Jan-07 21:34:04

thanks BHM and eeny, she wasn't pissed (the shit she's come out with pissed is just pure evil at times) i think thats what shocked me even more that she said this sober, and in front of dd

i've tried so hard for so long but i've had all i can take now, this verbally (and often physically) abusive behaviour has gone on my whole life and i will not allow dd to be affected as well, she fucked me up but she will not damage dd the same way.

it's done one positive thing which is to remind us to have a will made up to ensure that if anything were to happen to me she could not gain custody of my kids, as the law over here would allow her to take them from dp if i were to die. i know it's a morbid thing to think about but the thought of her bullying caleb and sarah like she did me is unacceptable.

and as if i weren't feeling bad enough caleb took a tumble while i was unpacking i was putting clothes in the wardrobe while he had a roll around on the bed with no nappy and i cracked my head off the door right on an old and very sensitive scar and i was so busy feeling sorry for myself i didn't notice him pulling himself to the edge with his legs luckily he just slid gently off and landed on hands and knees and was giggling 2 mins later but i feel like such a shitty mom and dp and i had a huge blowout (which he apologised for which he has never done before )

i really don't think this week can get much worse!

eeny, that man is a twat, don't let him get to you. some babies are more difficult than others, it's noones fault and the baby is certainly not being naughty and he's a horrible human being for giving out to you babe {{{{hugs}}}}

olivo Wed 03-Jan-07 21:37:37

{{hugs}} PT.

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