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It's possible my sleepy eyes have missed it - a December 2015 thread?

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Cornettoninja Fri 04-Mar-16 10:57:12

Is there a thread for babies born in December? Am I so mashed up by this child I've missed it? grin

I didn't do any antenatal chat here so I'm not sure if there's anyone knocking around?

Liisabeta Sat 05-Mar-16 01:26:58

Hello, don't think I've seen another thread for December 2015. I was thinking of joining the January club as DS was born 30th December.

How are you getting on? I'm finding it hard especially this week after the jabs. Daytime napping is also a struggle.

Cornettoninja Sat 05-Mar-16 07:57:52

Hi! I was beginning to wonder if I'd had the only baby in December and if she might be the second messiah grin

How are you getting on? This is my first baby so I've no idea if it's normal to only just be coming out of the whole baby fog.

Napping is a myth in this house! Dd just doesn't do daytime napping at all unless it's on me and preferably with a boob right next to her face. Chuck in a few other issues (my health/house access/recentish house move) and it's made getting out and about really difficult unless dp is around. Tbh in the main I've just resigned myself to it, but there are days it really gets to me. I'm pinning a lot of hopes on this 3 month growth spurt changing the dynamic a bit. We had to reschedule her jabs because we had a d&v bug run rampage through the house - first taste of looking after a baby when ill and its grim - so will have to cross that bridge in a couple of weeks.

I'm dreading this whole 4 month sleep regression business. Even though there's no daytime downtime she's been great at night and I'm gutted at the thought of losing that.

The gummy smiles are great though (dd knows how to time them to make the worst bits worth it!) and I can't wait to hear her laugh properly!

Liisabeta Sun 06-Mar-16 01:04:40

Yeah it is strange there's no other December babies! When was DD born?
This is also my first so haven't got a clue about most things. Just learning as we go.
Poor you being ill and looking after her. DH works abroad and is away a month at a time so February sucked big time for me as I was alone. It was very tough.

DS was fine with night time sleep, usually making the first stretch around 5 hours. But these last three nights after the jabs (could be a coincidence) he's been only doing 3 hours. It drives me mad as I cannot understand why the change?! I'm just up doing the first feed now at bloody midnight. It used to be around 2-3 am...

During the day I've noticed that when he does this eating his hand thing (shoving the whole fist in his mouth) he's not actually hungry but tired. And I keep an eye on the clock to not leave it longer than two hours and I put him in the pram and hold his hand. He usually cries about 10-20 minutes and then settles for an hour or so. Every morning at 9 he sleeps like that in the lounge. Then he gets another feed and after that we head out for a walk/drive and he sleeps again. Afternoons are the hardest to get him to settle and some days he just goes from 2pm to 7pm without a nap and not because of lack of trying. He does fall asleep on the nipple but I try to avoid that much as I can.

I love the smiles I think life would be miserable without them! Cannot wait for the proper laugh either. He has been trying though and comes out with like coughing sound, it's funny grin

Cornettoninja Sun 06-Mar-16 09:23:04

DD (was born 6th December, she should have been a November baby but went over by two weeks - longest two weeks of my life! We've got the month covered end to end then! I wonder if people have looked and given up? I hope a couple more posters spot us. Tbh it's not a board I check loads (I like a good bunfight in aibu or random conversations in chat for passing the time). DD is my first too, definitely winging it.

The instincts have surprised me, not so much knowing what to do (hahaha!) or a massive rush of love, but how responsive I am towards her evey little sound/movement. I swear when she was first born I didn't sleep more than a light doze for the first couple of weeks, and not through lack of trying.

Well done for getting through February, I know you just get on with whatever you need to but the thought of it makes my stomach sink. Saying that I count the hours till DP gets home and then all he does is get on my tits grin I'm blaming the hormones still, but the poor bugger can't seem to do anything right at the moment, couldn't even tell you exactly what I do want so have to be careful about grinding him down... Little things like when chatting to people about her sleep and he goes on, I have to stop myself yelling 'waking up isn't the same thing as getting up knobhead' grin

DD has developed the fist obsession, to the point I can't rely on it as a hunger cue, I've figured it's just the only thing she can reliably get in her mouth at the moment, she's had a couple of other triumphs, she was very pleased to get a toy in there the other day, will battle valiantly for a muslin and enjoys a good chomp on my arm!

Funny you should say about the sleep patterns, DD's has gone completely haywire this week. She was generally feeding and dozing in the evenings till about 9ish then would wake or I'd offer a dream feed around midnight and she'd be out till 6amish - I was loving it! This week has been anyone's guess, lots of 3am wakings, still wide awake at midnight, up and ready for the day to start at 4am. I thought it was a growth spurt thing, but who knows. I don't do well with broken sleep, I can survive quite happily on four hours, but it needs to be continuous, so these random wakings have left me wide awake and on my knees come the afternoon. That's when I really start hating the no-napping thing and her sleeping has been so erratic it's hard to decide to sleep when she does in case she's back up as I'm dropping off which just makes me feel worse.

I haven't even tried to break the boob to sleep habit yet, in fact I've ramped it up this week in a desperate bid to get the child to sleep at times grin, I'm utterly perplexed by this whole teaching them to sleep thing, the concept isn't one that's coming easy to me at all. I'm going to start making a massive effort from next week though, as I said the 4 month sleep thing is worrying me so I need to prepare myself now rather than in the midst of some awful sleep deprivation!

Liisabeta Mon 07-Mar-16 02:09:33

I laughed so much when I read your post yesterday! So many things I can relate to hahahaaaa! How you say she's up and ready for the day to start at 4am, so true here as well. And how DP cannot seem to do anything right.

I can only imagine how long those two weeks must have been for you waiting for her arrival. I was luckily two days early but saying that I did stress out a lot. DH was abroad all December and only got home the day before I went into labour. Good timing.

The instincts have definitely kicked in while caring for DS. I used to get up and respond to his every need. I was able to get up before he properly kicked off crying. Once I even missed the alarm, just couldn't hear it but his smallest whimper woke me up. This has almost gone now. My guess is that my sleep deprivation is so severe now that I can sleep through all his first cues and only hear anything when it's too late. Then it takes a while to calm him down. No mummy hasn't abandoned you...

It still takes me nearly two hours at night time with every feeds so I lurk around MN. I'm new so haven't ever posted anything before but enjoy an occasional aibu as well as chats on how hard it is caring for a baby. Makes me feel I'm not alone!

Seems like he's finally settled so I better try to get some sleep before we get up in two hours again. We're traveling today to see my family (I'm originally not from the UK). Really not looking forward to the flight with the two month old. Wish me luck.

Hopefully some others will spot us. I did do the NCT and love that there's 7 of us all in the same boat. I love hearing them moan about same things that annoy me grin

Tangoandcreditcards Mon 07-Mar-16 03:06:08


Had my second DS on 31st Dec (DS1 just turned 2 a couple of weeks ago).

So glad to hear you aren't getting out much (not for your sakes but because it makes me feel better about rarely venturing far). With my first I remember starting to get the hang of it around the 8w mark but he was a Feb baby and Spring was gorgeous in 2014 so it made it easier. The weather has not been kind, once Spring arrives it really gives more options!

I also have a confession, my DP is at home, he WFH, he's busy in the day but it helps that I can usually call on him if I need an extra pair of hands (he's been SAHD for last year too). That said, with an active toddler and a newborn there seems to be more than enough work for both of us, I know that if I was home alone all day we'd get by, but we're so lucky to get this time together!

We've had a rotten couple of weeks, DS1 was ill, then DS2 chucked a fever and because he was less than 8w at the time we went to the docs who said just administer calpol. Then he got better and DS2 started teething (So. Very. Cranky) and getting up in the night. Now DP and I both have colds and earraches.

We operate a ridiculous shift system where DP stays up until 2am, I go to bed at 7pm, then we swap at 2am and both get a decent chunk of sleep. DS2 is feeding every 3h still and sleeps in a cot in the living room, so saves either of us having to get up twice a night. We did this with DS1 but had stopped by 8w, so it's dragging on a bit now. He's been reluctant to be put down, but he's in a nest tonight and seems better so maybe we can move to proper nights again soon now his feeds are getting more predictable and faster (I miss my evenings and am so shattered in the afternoon!). I'm so thankful we can share the burden though (FF).

Anyway. Hello! Good luck with the flight liisabeta , in my experience they're much easier travellers, the smaller they are, so hopefully it'll be a breeze. (Also - look as distressed as poss in the airport and hopefully the security will take pity and whizz you through, they did with me when DS was 14mo 😳).

cornetto hang in there on the sleep, it's tough. Ds1 didn't sleep through until 20mo (i.e. When I was 8mo pg with this one). I hear you on the broken sleep, my sleeping "shift" has been ruined by Ds1 waking up this week (and insisting on climbing on top of me in bed, curling up on my chest like his newborn rival!). But it will get better! I'm generally of the belief that you just do what works to get as much sleep as poss at the time, don't fret about "habits" (so maybe it's no surprise DS1 never slept v well and still has a dummy! 😳).

Tangoandcreditcards Mon 07-Mar-16 03:10:36

Oh i meant to say cornetto - daytime naps are exclusively on one of us or in the sling. I have a couple of places I try and put him down now and then, but he gets a much longer nap if i just hang on to him. Once we've sorted putting him down at night (going well so far, he's just done 2 X 2h stretches 👍🏻) then I might tackle the naps, but really only because I need hands free for DS1!

firsttimemum15 Mon 07-Mar-16 03:22:22

I joined the Jan boards. My baby was also born on 30th Dec.

I haven't introduced toys yet she just doesn't seem interested but she was two weeks early.

With the sleep thing I'm also dreading the 4 month regression .

My little one doesn't really nap in day if I'm at home. Tends to in the earlier morning but deffo nor on an afternoon unless out and in sling or car seat. Slept in pram today and amazingly when I got in was still asleep so went in sling for 2 hours almost unheard of as usually wakes up in house.

When she does sleep in day I can't seeks to get her in moses or on rocker really. She will go on rocker but nit for long.

I'm not worrying about feeding to sleep etc.

Nice to find a Dec board. Thank you

sharonthewaspandthewineywall Mon 07-Mar-16 05:01:44

Hello! There certainly were threads for dec 2015 babies but must have got buried amongst the other threads.
My boy was also born on the 6th! Are you aware there is a Facebook group? I think I remember you posting when I was pregnant but my memory isn't the best!

Sleepybunny Mon 07-Mar-16 07:51:23

Hi just checking in! I have a Dec 1st baby here!

Cornettoninja Mon 07-Mar-16 09:46:41

Hello other people!

Liisabeta, wishing you lots of luck with the flight, you wait, you'll be one of these posters who come back telling us how easy it is to travel with a baby smile either way enjoy the showing off and extra hands!

Tango, you give me hope - surviving one and having another must bode well! Tbh I could take the night times on the chin if the daytime naps were even a 'thing'. It's definitely contributed to struggling to get out and about, I'm too soft to leave her crying so getting washed and dressed happens in stages and can take literally hours. I'm a procrastinator by nature anyway but this is a completely different level of foot dragging. Sounds like excuses, but all the baby groups local to me (no car) are in the morning which seem impossible at the moment, and the last couple of months on the days I've felt able to even consider going out, I've found us finally ready to get out and the Sky already showing signs of getting darker! Now the late afternoons are getting lighter it feels better somehow, like we've got a bit more day to play with.

I think the toys are more for us than DD at the moment firsttime, it gives us something to babble with and DD seems happy enough to go along with it grin

I'm so jealous of those of you who have babies that go in slings - DD has gone ballistic in every sling I've tried so far (3 and counting) I keep trying because it'd make going out some much easier (house with steps and non existent hall space makes getting the pram out a nightmare with a back injury), but she seems to hate anything restrictive. Since she was a couple of weeks old she's wanted her hands in her mouth and does yoga stretches. As I said I'm soft so haven't made her, but I really need to get her used to this stuff now.

Hi Sharon smile, I didn't really post here about the pregnancy. I was the worlds grumpiest pregnant woman so tended to look for stuff to take my mind off it. I'm not on Facebook either, but am wavering about joining now DD is here, I get the feeling it'll be useful as she gets older, not a clue how it all works though! 6th is a great date isn't it? I said to DP hopefully it'll mean she can keep her birthday seperate from Christmas being so early in the month and not have that whole issue with trying to keep it seperate.

Hi sleepy <waves>, how are you getting on?

firsttimemum15 Mon 07-Mar-16 20:06:32

Ah I didn't want a Dec baby for that reason. Mine was due in Jan.

My baby cried at first with slings. She cried today when I put her in but I our her in and walked and she nodded off. Could you try that and turn back if she really hates it. X

Liisabeta Tue 08-Mar-16 05:05:38

Good morning everyone! Welcome to other December mums smile

So the flight was at 8am and we left home at 4am. That worked well as I'd fed him around 2am. He slept in the car and when we got to the airport I put him in the baby carrier. He usually hates it but because it was nice and cold outside he was calm. I've noticed that before that fresh air knocks him out grin
So we got through security while he was still sleeping. I'm amazed! He kind of woke up halfway through cause he had to get out of the carrier (it had metal bits and had to go through scanner)
On the other side we sat down at a cafe where I fed him (he takes an occasional bottle of formula). We had a readymade bottle which was not a problem for security.
Once we boarded the plane he was kicking off quite a bit but as soon as we got in he just kept staring around and when we took off he was out. I think he really really liked the noise!
Halfway through the 3 hour flight I woke him up for a nappy change and feed (I breastfed him then). He settled again for the landing.
Honestly I still cannot believe that he was such a well behaved baby grin
I saw another baby his age and he was the same. Very quiet and sleeping.
The ones screaming their heads off were toddlers. That was painful to watch really confused

Sorry about such a long post but I'm just still amazed how easy it was!

All this traveling tired him out so he even slept two long stretches last night wink

Cornettoninja Tue 08-Mar-16 06:26:26

Well done Liisabetas DS! I bet you were on edge waiting for him to turn though - make sure you enjoy the flight back smile

I've tried that firsttime, I can usually calm her from her initial protest at which point I leg it out then she'll quickly realise what I've done and resume telling me off grin, my itty bitty 10 week old kicked her way out of a wrap sling through pure rage and indignation!

I've took a break from the sling thing since I did my back in but will try again soon, I really want her to like one. She loves been carried about in my arms and hasn't let me cradle her since she was teeny, always upright when carrying, so I don't quite understand what her problem with slings is. I'm almost positive it's the restriction - she's was wriggling and kicking all the time when I was pregnant and just hasn't stopped since she was born.... God I'm going to be chasing a manic toddler around aren't I?

In other news, we've discovered new entertainment. A helium ballon! DP bought me one for mothers day (cute - would've preferred he'd steam cleaned the oven but hey grin). DD can't get enough of it. It came with a plastic clothes peg thing so I clipped it to her onsie by her foot and she's now gone mad with power! She babbles and grins madly at the thing and seems to love making it bob about while she kicks. I love the opportunity for a hot cup of tea!

WalkThePlank0 Tue 08-Mar-16 06:46:42


Saying hello! I've a December 4ther. I was missing the other threads too. Will have to come back later and read properly as I haven't managed to yet - so excited to say hello.

I had a miserable time after the first jabs. Sleep went backwards and then he really turned a corner last week and dropped his midnight nap so in only waking once now. And he settles really easily. But my DS1 has not been well so I have been awake with him most of the night.weeps

Found a really strict routine with naps helps otherwise he is a nap refuser and goes all day without one. I often put him in a sling and that helps when the routine is not possible. But he is also eating his fist too and that threw me for weeks.

Loving the whole baby snuggles though. And ladies - get them and the daytime tv in now. Don't feel guilty. Because once they are mobile... No more Good Morning forever!

firsttimemum15 Tue 08-Mar-16 09:00:32

I find napping in the house hard. My baby won't go down in day. Will sleep on me and can put her in rocker for a bit but she soon wakes but will sleep soundly in car or sling when out and about but I can't really wear sling in house she doesn't seem keen on that.

WalkThePlank0 Tue 08-Mar-16 10:10:21

first time mum. DS1 was a terrible sleeper. So this is what I learned, hope it helps:

- If they want to sleep on you, let them if you can, it's nice and it will end soon enough. You'll miss it when it ends.
- Admittedly, it can be a bit annoying and that's ok too.
- Build nap times at the same time everyday - it helps regulate their body clock.
- Make the room as dark as possible.
- Both mine don't nap for more than 45 mins at a time. I don't know who these babies are that nap for hours...
- I used to walk mine in the pram in all weathers three times a day. It got my fitness back and I lost loads of weight.
- 'Putting the baby down drowsy' actually means let them fall asleep on you and give them a minute and then let them fall asleep properly in the crib.
- Keep persisting with healthy sleep habits. I.e putting down in cot. Eventually they'll figure it out. They like familiarity so you have to keep doing the same thing over and over again.
- sleeping through the night will happen when they are ready and not before.
- perserve with the sling. Sometimes they do have a sqwack before they fall asleep for a minute or so.
- Eat biscuits, watch tv, this is a lovely time. X

Cornettoninja Tue 08-Mar-16 10:46:58

And here I was thinking that everybody else got their shower and breakfast in when the baby napped and DD was an oddity smile (currently sitting by her pram as she gurgles and kicks at me after yawning her head off for the last 1/2 hour and falling asleep during her feed)

WalkThePlank0 Tue 08-Mar-16 11:53:13

That's why baby wipes were invented surely? For mums who can't get in the shower? hmm

DH brings me breakfast first thing and I take DS2 in the bathroom with me, I have a bouncy chair in there. Usually after first nappy change. On bad days I don't bother with a shower just have a wash smile. DH does bathtime and that's when I do my jobs - laundry, bins etc... Grocery shop on line. I have a uniform of yoga pants and just live in them with t-shirts and sweaters, bit of blusher and lippy and jobs a good 'un.

I loathed nap time with DS1. He's only just grown out of them now.

Cornettoninja Tue 08-Mar-16 17:44:56

I don't know whether it's post natal hormones or breastfeeding but I don't think there's a baby wipe in exsistence that could cope with my stink right now! Even if there were I don't think they could market them for babies grin

Tbf, the house we're in doesn't really lend itself well to children/babies. It's a tiny terraced house and the bathroom extension is basically a nicely sized walk in shower but no bath and no floor space. It suited us perfectly when we signed off on the (3 sodding year) rental but it's not great with a baby, DD was not expected/planned. the showers far too temperamental temperature-wise for me to consider taking her in with me yet.

DP did do a few mornings of getting up earlier to give me chance to shower but that seems to have wained a bit and by the time he gets home it's very late and I'm just battered from the day and want to get sleeping while DD is properly down for the night.

I'm just negative through and through aren't I? I'm sure I'll find my feet soon enough, I just need a good couple of energetic days to boost my confidence a bit I think.

WalkThePlank0 Tue 08-Mar-16 18:22:24

It's tough. But I promise it gets easier. Have you read What Mothers Do (especially when it feels like nothing). I rave about it. The sweating is normal and will pass soon enough. The sleeping will get easier too. As will nap time.

Do you know about Wonder Weeks? It's possible that DD is having a development leap - which will pass.

Also, try and get into good sleep habits now if you can but if you can't it doesn't really matter. Either she's a sleeper or she's not.

Good habits is just a routine. You can feed her to sleep. If you try winding her then putting her down - you've half cracked it.

Cornettoninja Wed 09-Mar-16 18:52:06

I've seen that book recommended before, it's on my list, although the idea of reading a book again seems unlikely - funny how life can change so quickly eh? grin

Well today was a horror, I felt well enough to battle getting the pram out and DD seemed in a good mood so off we went for a walk.

40 minutes, 40 minutes she screamed at me. I don't know what to do with her and she's wearing down what little confidence I have with her. This little town is stupidly small so to get anywhere with any vague sign of life means getting a bus (no car) and I just can't risk her on a 20 minute journey doing that. It's awful and puts me right on edge. Because we've relocated I've not got anyone here to fall back on or just pop round to and I'm feeling increasingly isolated. I'm a massive (usually content) introvert so this is pretty unknown territory tbh.

I just don't understand why she goes mad with me. DP can take her out for walks and we can both go and she's a bloody angel either having a good nose around or sleeping, but leave it to just me and her and it's pure anger. sighs I suppose I'll get out again when I go back to work! grin

WalkThePlank0 Wed 09-Mar-16 20:06:04

Sounds like DS1. I would perserve . If you can get her to nap in her pram while you take her out, you're laughing.

Also have you heard of Cranial Oestopath? I took DS1 and it helped.

Babies have a knack of behaving for daddy and not mummy, apparently it's a sign that she is securely attached to you.

If you have a phone with kindle you can read and feed. In What Mothers Do she writes about how new Mums worrying about their baby is sign that they are sensitively connecting to their baby in just the way the baby needs. And that she can feel as though she is doing something wrong when really she is learning to be a mother to her baby. It's lovely.

Jabs for DS2 tomorrow... Poor thing. I have to take DS1 who will create havoc by swinging of the curtain again - at least it's a distraction.

Cornettoninja Wed 09-Mar-16 21:15:09

Oh I hope the jabs go well. They always look at the nurse and you so trustingly just before don't they?

I have looked at the osteopathy, DD should theoretically a prime candidate as a ventouse birth but I'm not convinced she needs it, generally she's a sunny little soul and her whinges are generally about something at the time.

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