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August 2015: Mugabe Nights better be getting quieter as our babies hopefully learn to sleep better

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Dozygirl Tue 01-Mar-16 10:11:10

New thread for august 2015 babies

Tindel Tue 01-Mar-16 10:30:36

<waves, grabs regular bar stool>

Our nights have been a bit sketchy recently, either J sleeps through or he ends up in bed with us refusing to sleep at all! He turned 6 months yesterday, can't believe how time has flown!

mzzzf Tue 01-Mar-16 10:32:00

Just marking my place and checking in! God I hope the thread title is right!!! 😁

sianihedgehog Tue 01-Mar-16 11:01:52

Also bookmarking! I just ate an entire package of chocolate chunk cookies from Aldi while the little chap had an epic 2 hour lap nap. Problem is he's still napping and I have no biscuits left.

randomsabreuse Tue 01-Mar-16 12:12:38

Placemarking mostly..

Re Christening - we did F in early January and would have gone for sooner but for the fact that all 3 godparents and DH had to fit rotas together!

CraftyPenguin Tue 01-Mar-16 17:30:08

Another one place marking!
I've been so, so busy and stressed out that I've not had chance to come on here. Will try and catch up later smile

FattyNinjaOwl Tue 01-Mar-16 17:37:20

Place marking too!
Nutella and bread sticks are awesome. Mine was better because it was bigger wink

MaGratgarlik1983 Tue 01-Mar-16 18:36:07

Thanks for the new thread dozy! Hope all you lovely ladies and babies are doing well and had a nice day. My mom popped round this morning and we all played with DS and caught up which was nice. Went into town for coffee after then got back and started looking at my maternity leave admin. Still not totally sure what I'm doing and now it turns out my workplace is being restructured so I could go for a promotion! 90 per cent sure I don't want to go back tho!! Crazy days.

Glad piper was good on the plane dozy! We are flying in June and a bit worried about DS's attention span! Siani I can only eat biscuits secretly in the kitchen now as DS grabs everything or just gets upset if I don't let him! Hi to everyone else hope you're all well smile

Coconut0il Tue 01-Mar-16 19:20:34

Thanks for the new thread dozy. Glad Mugabe Nights hasn't closed down!

Fingers crossed that good sleep is just around the corner! DS is still pretty good before his first wake up but he is so unsettled after that it's really hard to get back into a good sleep. Appreciate the first part of the night though!

fatty Agree bigger is better grin

Sounds a lovely day magrat. Love it now that DS is so into playing with his toys.

It's so hard deciding what to do about work. With DS1 I was able to work one day a week and DP worked shifts so they had a boys day, it worked well. This time I love my job and I am able to go back part time but it has to be 5 mornings. Ideally I would like 3 years off then when DS starts school nursery go back! Couldn't risk leaving as wouldn't get a job I like as much again but I will be upset to leave DS. Trying to think long term as I have all school holidays off too.

Good sleeps start tonight right?!

EffinIneffable Tue 01-Mar-16 19:25:21

<Plonks arse down in usual spot>

Hi all. Nice day today, though DS has eaten hardly any proper food - and I made him a Thai green veg curry as well! Issue with blw is that I tend to get impatient and eat all the food I make for him, so I at least make stuff I'm happy to eat.

Re christening, we're not going to. DH is lapsed and I'm a heathen so we're not going there. I'd like to do something similar but secular, like a naming ceremony but not as precious as some that I've seen. Basically a welcome to the world, welcome to the family party. That might well become his 1St birthday party.

siani snap on the aldi cookies, they're lush. I didn't quite finish the packet (ds doesn't nap that long) but I did rearrange the cookies in the compartments so it looked like there weren't so many to stay with when DH gets to them 😁

I am in total denial about mat leave ending, but may is starting to look not that far away, eek!

Coconut0il Tue 01-Mar-16 19:30:33

Thanks for the thread dozy . Glad Mugabe Nights hasn't closed down!

Fingers crossed that good sleep is just around the corner. DS has always been quite good for the first part of the night but he's so unsettled after his first wake up that it's really hard to get back to a good sleep. Appreciate the first part though.

fatty Agree bigger is better grin

Sounds a lovely day maGrat Love it now DS is so into playing with his toys.

It's so hard deciding what to do about work. With DS1 I was able to work one day a week and DP worked shifts so they had a boys day. It worked well. This time I have a job I love and I am going back part time but it has to be 5 mornings. Can't risk leaving as when DS2 is at school my job is perfect, school holidays off, so trying to think long term. I'll still probably cry about leaving him though.

Good sleeps start tonight right?!

FattyNinjaOwl Tue 01-Mar-16 19:38:22


Nathan discovered just before bed time that he can almost stand up. He pulled himself up on his sisters little chair. Got to his knees. Went to stand and toppled sideways. He now has a lovely bump on the side of his head, because mummy was distracted and didn't catch him in time.

Frolicacid Tue 01-Mar-16 19:40:35

<slumps on a bar stool>

I'm craving skittles now dozy, damn you!

Re: work. I had a huge crisis about it last week. Sleep had been terrible due to Ds being ill and I thought there was no way I could cope. We frantically worked out how we could afford for me to take the whole year. But, even though sleep is still crap, I'm sticking to going back in May. I feel a bit like I'd just be delaying the inevitable. Ds loves socialising and I'm sure he'll be happy at the nursery and with my mum. Also, I'm only doing 3 days to start with. It will be fine. I love my job and there is a big part of me looking forward to returning. There is also a big part of me that will be very sad to leave Ds. Shame we can't have it all.

Anyway, I hope everyone else is ok. Fingers crossed for some better sleep for this thread.

Slowifeandthegrumpydwarfs Tue 01-Mar-16 19:52:01

Place marking - hoping the war on snot will abate and I'll be able to rejoin you all properly soon

Lilydreams Tue 01-Mar-16 22:01:52

Yay for the new thread unthought it seemed weird the last one was so far down the list!

Marking place will post properly tommorrow!

Dozygirl Tue 01-Mar-16 22:50:58

Work....I've been dreading it but now I'm thinking it might give me so sanity as it's one thing I'm good at whereas this a renting malarkey has me doubting myself on a daily basis so maybe I'll actually be happier of I go back. Not that I'm not happy now though but I tend to put myself down a lot that I'm rubbish at being a housewife and a grown up whereas work, although stressful, I do pretty well at. Not back till August though so still have some time to go.

Dozygirl Tue 01-Mar-16 22:51:51

Too many typos sorry. Should say parenting not a renting.

loveandsmiles Wed 02-Mar-16 06:51:25

Morning all - not been on for a while as had a busy time with birthday parties, moving swimming clubs and general running around to various activities!

I can top your bad mothering fatty. On Monday I put babyloves in her Moses basket whilst I was making the tea. She started to cry and DD2 (who just turned 8) picked her up out of basket and dropped her, on her head, straight onto hard wood floor. DD2 started to scream, DS came running in, saw babyloves and started to cry - my heart just stopped. She was lying on her back on floor then all of a sudden let out a huge cry - never heard such a wonderful sound. All the colour drained from her and she was sobbing but I think she got more a fright than anything - after lots of cuddles she was fine. My friend is a nurse and she said to keep a close eye on her in case she was sick or unresponsive but did say it's incredible how resilient babies are and they are quite bouncy! DD2 is great with babyloves but I tell her constantly not to stand up / walk with her - she can only hold her sitting down - bless her, she was so upset, she was only trying to help. Meanwhile my selfish teen was getting upset as it was our first night at the new swimming club and all this drama meant we were delayed - it's all me, me, me in the world of a teen - never mind an injured baby!

Hope everyone is well? After the weather being so nice it's really horrible this morning - wind and sleet. Off to Mumafit after the dreaded school run then I have to go and look at mobile phones - mine has been playing up for a while but too much effort to change it - does anyone have an iPhone 6S Plus? - not sure if it will be too big but thinking of it over iPhone 6S?

randomsabreuse Wed 02-Mar-16 07:13:02

Thanks for the new thread dozy!

Work is fortunately a minor concern for me - I hadn't worked for a bit before I got pregnant - lived in arse end of nowhere so a low paid job wouldn't actually gain anything, made an effort to get back into law, saw a careers consultant, realised I did want kids so didn't want to network into a job then head off on maternity soon after and then thought through the logistics of childcare with DHs job (vet) meaning I would have to do all pick ups bar one (possibly and often unpredictable) and most drop offs (technically on call from 7) which made a return to law impractical so started working on going self employed as a proof reader. Project managing our moneypit doer upper intervened for a bit but proof reading/indexing definitely appeals.

All I know is I need to do something with my brain - DHs billing has kept me sane to date but will obviously not be available to do for a while so I need to find something else to do.

On that front there's a definite mass in the bit between the lungs, nature still to be determined, hopefully one of the friendlier lymphomas - diagnostic cells proving elusive so far.

Of more immediate concern and pre baby far tmi alert - at what point do you worry about them not having pooed? Beyond the fear of the sheer quantity to come out. She's eaten minimal quantities of real food, none yesterday because of the cbas, breakfast (banana) and lunch (lettuce and beef) the day before and hasn't pooed (apart from a tiny lettucy one) since about 3 pm on Sunday! Not colicky or anything, plenty of wet ones, 1 bottle of formula and lots of breastfeeding. Normally if not upset she is every 24hrs or so.

Was half expecting it while seeing consultant yesterday and have tried the putting the nappy wash on trick!

Good luck with the war on snot Slow

Aldi had skittles when I went in on a dinner hunt!

Equimum Wed 02-Mar-16 07:37:04

Fatty and Loves, they are not examples of bad parenting at all. These accidents are bound to happen. I hope your little ones are both okay. (Bad parenting is forgetting to secure the car seat into car and only realising when the car seat ends up in the footwell when you go round a round about....not that I would have subjected DS1 to that!).

The whole returning to work thing is so difficult. If it's any consolation, most of my friends were struggling with it after we had our first children, but everyone soon settled in and most adapted to the balance really well. I'm not going back this time, but I left my job about the time I got pregnant, as it was incompatible with DHs work and having children.

Sorry, I is screaming...will be back later to reply to other posts.

kbro79 Wed 02-Mar-16 07:55:08

random DS was the same when we started weaning. Would go about once a week. Following excellent advice on here I syringed him some cooled boiled water with orange in it and that seemed to help. After about 3 weeks of weaning he settled and now does 3 or 4 poos a day.

I have a meeting with my boss next week about work. Going to ask for part time and see what they say. I work for v small place so fear it will be a no but we'll see. Luckily though not back till July. So still a bit of time. frolic I have the same worries about work and sleep. Esp as have become convinced Ds is going to be one of those babies that doesn't sleep through until they are 2.

Joskar Wed 02-Mar-16 16:23:17

lily thinking on you and your Dh. Hope everything works out well.

Dd2's half birthday today. Meant to celebrate with lunch out but dd1 was up at 5 so it's all been a bit disorganised. Then it started snowing and I couldn't face leaving the house. Don't think she minds. She's had a wee end of hot cross bun to celebrate instead.

I'm going back to work at the end of June but marking for most of May and June. Quite looking forward to it. Booked dd2 into nursery for two days a week and Dh will have them the rest of the time. No idea how we'll afford it but not to worry. Something will turn up. When dd1 gets her funding in Jan they'll maybe do three days each.

randomsabreuse Wed 02-Mar-16 19:45:09

Tab keeps crashing! Frustrating phone day - hvs seem to wait for nappies to be off to return calls!

Had snow but it didn't settle

Bloody tired. Starting to be an issue - was sorting 2nd pooey nappy of the day and misjudged F's range with her feet after successfully fending off marauding hands during the change and was just pulling the inserts out to put it straight in the machine and she kicked straight into the middle of the poo and then kicked me on the leg as it was on my lap.

Poor judgement there - sort nappy well out of range of kicky monsters and not on your lap!

EffinIneffable Wed 02-Mar-16 19:51:14

Good day here apart from a nap fight this evening. Ds has been on fine, giggly form. I've been wondering if he might be a bit constipated, but he's not keen on water, so I've given him half an ella's pouch of pureed prunes - possibly not a great idea to do this before bed!! But he LOVED it. So much more than my lovingly created blw meals. So maybe he's just more of a traditional weaning kind of boy.

joskar we've had no snow here at all so I'm a bit jealous, but probably less enjoyable than I remember with two smallies, prams/slings and whatnot.

loves sounds scary, but these babies are pretty resilient in the face of siblings! Hope your dd2 wasn't too upset either / learns from her experience.

Dozygirl Thu 03-Mar-16 06:48:46

Effin I wanted to do blw but I've found dd will inhale a whole pouch pretty much so I've given it up as she clearly wants more food than blw will allow her. I still give her blw type things as well as pouches so she doesn't get lazy. Yesterday I made us a turkey spag bol and whizzed it up for her. She scoffed 2 bowls of it. She may have eaten it as it was but I didn't want to risk it.

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