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Period came back 13 months after having DD, but nothing this month.. normal?!

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HannahClareRose Wed 17-Feb-16 20:30:32

Hi all, I have no idea if this is normal, but my period only just came back at the beginning of january, I'm still BFing, but it's only ever been combination and my supply is not a lot now. Anyway my first one was lighter and shorter than they used to be, but I haven't had one now this month! Is this the usual? (I don't think I am pregnant!)

bluewisteria Fri 19-Feb-16 13:29:50

When mine returned they were bang on28 day cycle as before, but everyone is different.
However, if you've had sex in the last month then take a test to rule it out. How many days late are you? Or how many days since your last period started?

HannahClareRose Sat 20-Feb-16 18:36:48

Hi, thanks for the reply. I'm 51 days since the last one started. I was never totally bang on before so I don't expect that, but I wondered whether this was like waay late! Maybe they won't sort themselves out properly until I totally stop BFing?

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