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Two weeks post c section. what to expect?

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vickyors Thu 11-Feb-16 11:54:10

Says it all above. I'm 15 days after my planned c section, and I'm still having to be very careful about doing everything. The site has completely healed on the outside and looks great, but inside I can feel it is tender. It also pulls at the sides, particularly the left, with a kinda stinging sensation.

Midwife is very happy etc..

What were your experiences? Thanks!

Macdat Fri 05-Aug-16 18:49:33

You'll probably feel a bit tender for a while now, I'm at 3 months and the skin is still sort of tender and stomach numb, which is apparently normal according to friends who've had one and my GP.
As for experiences, I can't really speak as mine seemed different to how it was "supposed" to be. I suppose everybody has different experiences, but from everything I'd read on here and other sites, and asked friends about, I expected something much different.

As far as I remember, 15 days is still normal to have pain and be doing things gently. Just take things slowly, and don't rush to recover and you'll heal better. Do things if you want to, you don't have to sit down all day, but take it easy. It's a major op really. Enjoy not having to do much while you can grin

wobblywonderwoman Fri 05-Aug-16 18:52:16

I have had two and it took six weeks to really stop feeling weak and nearly a year to be fully myself (but I was six months pregnant by then)

Phillipa12 Fri 05-Aug-16 18:56:26

Ive had 4 sections and have healed differently with all 4, one thing i have learnt (the hard way) is even if you are feeling great still take it very easy as even doing too much on one day can set you back a few weeks.

fruityb Thu 01-Sep-16 17:02:12

I'm a week after mine and having been utterly terrified at the thought of having one and crying before they did it, I am actually surprised at how well i am coping. It's still sore and still stings when i sit up, but I am getting strength back and today went for a walk in town with OH and DS. I am slower than I was but that'll change I know. I have spent a lot of time with my feet up but have also made an effort to walk round every day. I'm getting told off for trying to do too much which I know is for my own good.

It's been a lot better than I thought it would be.

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