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*Lonely hearts* Soon to be (April/May) mum of 2 seeks new expectant mum friends. Dartford/Bexley

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Ginspirati0n Fri 05-Feb-16 21:22:46


This might be a bad idea but here goes.

I'm Kerrie, a soon to be second time mum, due April/May, with a toddler. I'm looking to make new friends (locally Bexley, Dartford, Hextable etc) with mums/couples in the same position who due around the same time.

I'm a normal, everyday kind of girl getting on with my days working, homemaking with fabulous partner and child. We are a working couple in our 30s, young at heart, one crazy toddler, no pets, love the outdoors, cooking and socialising. We like to go out to dinner in London or at country eateries with friends. I like to go swimming with my young one, singing, dancing and being silly. I really love my life, and despite this add, have lots of friends but I'm all of a sudden facing a year completely out of kilter with my usual crowd. Newborns are great but people only really care for 2 minutes before they've got to get back to reality and carry on with the humdrum of normal life with their own kids and man friend to take care of. 

We took NCT classes for my first pregnancy and found it very beneficial, however doing something exactly like that again doesn't interest me at all. Once you've given birth once and experienced all that 'first time joy' (and the rest), you know all you need to know really.

The no1 thing I've been left with after NCT is the group of fabulious friends I now have. We've all gone back to work and keep in touch regularly but with me starting to plan my leave and even my leave date, I'm lacking the network I had last time. That open-all-hours whatsapp group we slumped towards at 1,3..5 am after 3 hours of breast feeding... Or that dead cert 'sure come round for a quick (frazzled) coffee' - someone would forget nappies... It happens. I need that.

I'm looking to replicate that experience of having support and friendship pre and post birth. Weather it be online or in person, I'd love to aim to meet pre birth through to post baby. And maybe go for a glass of wine (leave the kids with dad) once the dust has settled.

Would love to talk if this idea interests you. 

K x

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