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mastitis, womb infection and now thrush...someone tell me its all gonna get better???

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baba5 Fri 15-Jan-16 12:25:03

So my beautiful boy is 16 days old. Hes doing great, putting on loads of weight and generally just gorgeous.
When he was 2 days old my temperature rocketted and I had to go to maternity unit where they ran lots of tests. A couple of hours later it became clear I had a mastitis infection, was given antibiotics. 5 days later no improvement so changed antibiotics, lots better though boob still sensitive and feels bruised. On Monday had swab results back and told I also have an infection in womb...started more antibiotics. Now this morning I have what I think are symptoms of thrush in boobs and bubs has white spots on roof of mouth 😞

Hoping someone will tell me it will all get better soon? Feeling really fed-up. This is my 5th baby I have never struggled with infections before of any sort, feel like I've been hit by a bus still. So badly want to be back to normality but feel possibly worse than I did just after giving birth.

Words of wisdom much appreciated right now??

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