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Mugabe Nights: sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your (sleep deprived) pain!

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mzzzf Sat 09-Jan-16 21:56:40

New thread ladies!
Buenos are still free, the bar tab is still open and you can leave your healthy living resolutions at the door!

Frolicacid Sat 09-Jan-16 22:00:30

<gets in first, picks best bar stool>

Thanks for the new thread mzzf.

Ds is on his 2nd wake up to feed since going to sleep at 8:30. Hopefully he's tanking up for the long haul later 🙂

🍹 Anyone?

Clstow Sat 09-Jan-16 22:23:47

😂 to the thread title - thanks MzzF.

Just marking place while watching Hunger Games, will catch up properly during the night feed(s)... Fingers crossed its a quiet night at the bar.

FattyNinjaOwl Sat 09-Jan-16 22:28:43

Right, I've lost 7lb since Monday (that could be a whole baby!) Surely that means I deserve a decent night's kip?

MaGratgarlik1983 Sat 09-Jan-16 22:28:56

Thanks mzzf. Getting a good seat by the fire with a large red.

Slowifeandthegrumpydwarfs Sat 09-Jan-16 23:17:36

Marking place. Everyone still alive here at the dwarf house (just) grin

sianihedgehog Sat 09-Jan-16 23:47:40

Still trying to get DS down. Been sitting in bed with him on boob since 8. sad

Grok Sun 10-Jan-16 01:14:20

Thanks mzzzf!

<drags stool over to the bar and lines up shots for everyone and matchsticks for those whose eyelids need them>

Second feeding since going down. I'm hoping its gearing up for a long haul too frolic.

mzzzf Sun 10-Jan-16 01:41:19

Ohh Siani that's crappola. Hope you're snoozled now, you too grok! And in fact all the rest of you.
DD needs a feed, waiting for formula to cool enough to not scald her 'too badly'. Joys of ff! 🙄
Looks like our lucky run is over. Although I'd love to think this next bottle will buy me HR magic 4hrs!!

everythingispeachy Sun 10-Jan-16 01:52:30

I've just had 4 hours sleep! Lets party! Ds2 went down at 8. I had a glass of wine and was in bed by 9 15 and this is our first wake up and without the awful cough waking him up. Come on let's do the conga or have a feed and straight back to bed whatever.

mzzzf Sun 10-Jan-16 01:57:47



Then sleep afterwards?!

Fanby Sun 10-Jan-16 03:46:51

Ooooh wocka wocka! I'm here too! Gutted to have missed the conga!

I have a wide awake baby who is blowing raspberries on my boob and chatting. About to put a stop to it, she's heading back to her cot with a dummy. I'm so mean x

Tindel Sun 10-Jan-16 04:16:56

<staggers into bar, grabs matchsticks and a drink>

Not posted for a bit, but have been reading! Had a rubbish night last night which involved me giving up and going to bed about 10 and J slept until 5am. Tonight has been better with J asleep by 8pm, but we got carried away and stayed up late. Have since had a midnight feed and now this one.

Lovely day today meeting a friend with her DH and baby - we were due on the same day, but due to J's early arrival, he is 4 weeks older. Both babies v chilled and it was nice and relaxed. Am struggling a bit now its just me with J on my own again after Christmas - anyone else?

Right, back to sleep and hoping I will get a decent stint this time

Dozygirl Sun 10-Jan-16 04:55:59

Hello mugabeans.

Fatty forgot to say sorry you're still having a hard time with major life events. sad
Is the weight loss from the stress?

I've been up for a feed and she did the whole fall asleep thing but won't resettle back in her crib yet. I don't mind getting up for the feed, it's the not just going back down afterwards that bothers me. And I don't want to wake my sister and her boyfriend up because they're just next door.

Went to see star wars last night. It was actually really good. I enjoyed it immensely. I prefer going to cinema because I actually pay attention whereas at home I just look at my phone all the time and miss most of what I'm watching. Another thing that shows how badly I am addicted to my phone.

My mum is currently cuddling dd in bed heehee. She's had a feed so she should go to sleep, but she loves physical contact.

Tindel I seem to do better on my own. I definitely miss having someone around in the morning so I can have a shower though. I always choose to sleep again if dd drops back off to sleep whereas I should get up and showered while she sleeps. But apart from that, I like our little trips out to do mum and baby things so I missed that over Christmas. I was so used to it being the 2 of us that I found it weird having dp around.

Fanby lol at molls blowing raspberries. Piper was a bit like that the night before. U can't help but giggle and smile at them even though sleep gurus say u shouldn't interact overnight. Hope u had a more successful transfer to crib than I've had. I'm about to try again though. There's not as much room in this bed for me, my mum and dd.

Dozygirl Sun 10-Jan-16 04:57:18

Mzzzf hope u managed to go back to sleep. Waiting for ff to cool down is the worst! I get so impatient.

Joskar Sun 10-Jan-16 06:24:24

Watched the last episode of The Bridge (season one) last night shock so went to bed far too late. Paid for it. Rubbish sleep plus dd2 lying on me all night. I'm so bursting for the loo but I don't want to wake her. Not sure the pelvic floor will cope!

23 months between my girls. Working well so far but terrible two tantrums and potty training are definite challenges. I don't think there is a perfect gap. I think it depends on the kids' personalities. You just don't know how they'll react to each other. I will say I find it tons easier the second time round. Dd2 is an easy baby (sleep regression notwithstanding) but I just feel so much more confident. I was a mess first time. I second guessed everything and felt so out of control and stupid. Definitely didn't enjoy mat leave and was quite relieved to get back to work. I found it dull and terrifying and exhausting and very lonely. I'm really enjoying it this time. Dd1 is a handful but she's also great fun. I'm sad I'll miss lots of dd2 at this stage because I can't see us trying for another baby for a couple of years yet. No money. Won't leave it too long though because we need to keep it fairly tight so Dh doesn't have to be part time for too long.

Dd1 never watched tv at all til about 18 months because she just wasn't interested but she's making up for it now. Proper telly addict! I like Nelly and Nora and Abney and Teal the best. My sil works on Twirlywoos which is pretty good. Loathe Bing and Peter Rabbit and Wussy Wat.

rrra Sun 10-Jan-16 07:33:20

You Bing haters should try watching Welsh language Bing. Puts a new annoying spin on it, when you have no clue what they are talking about (unless you are in fact Welsh)! My DD loves Bing even though I think she is a bit old for it. Got some Bing toys for Xmas and everything!

Ok ish night here. Got almost 4 hours first stretch! But the. DD woke coughing which I actually think caused my DS to wake. Maybe he would have gone longer? So my H had to see to her which he grumped about, we were both up for an hour and then he was snoring within minutes and I couldn't sleep for ages! Had one more wake up and again just now, but DS has fallen back asleep and everyone else is still snoozing so I'm hoping to catch another 30 mins!

Frolicacid Sun 10-Jan-16 09:09:34

He did it again! 10-4 am! 3 times now, so that means he's going to do it for ever and ever, right?
He even slept in his own bed 🙂 We usually co-sleep, but I let mr frolic down from the attic for the night 😉It was lovely - until the dog got super excited at having everyone together and decided that she must sleep in the middle of us.

7lbs in a week is a lot fatty. Take it easy - you've had a run of illness and now bad news. Be careful not to get run down. You need your strength for wedding planning!

We get raspberries on boobs too fanby. Funny the first time - not so much now.

I've found it tough being on my own this past week tindel. It was so nice having dh around for company. I'm making extra plans for this coming week to keep me busy.

Are you in Wales rrra? Could we be neighbours?

Right, dh has gone surfing, so I'm going to get Ds and I out of pj's and take him to play with his crazy cousins.
Happy Sunday mugabeans!

mzzzf Sun 10-Jan-16 09:40:01

Waaaaah!! The two nice nights were all a bloody con the little minx!! Had plenty of wake ups last night, longest stretch between two was 2hrs 20mins 😕 Thankfully DH took her this morning so I could catnap and he's now cooking breakfast - good man! Did giraffes not do her spell of summink?!

I managed to dye my morticia streaks yesterday and I feel so much better for having my roots covered. Black hair and grey hair is not a winning combo for a 35yo!!

Mini mzzzf has found her voice again and everything is full volume. It cracks me up!

Get you getting fruity, bet mr frolic was pleased of the invite 'below stairs'!! 😁

Take care of your good self fatty. You know you deserve lots of cake!!

Joskar - you've described how I feel when you talked about your dd1. I'm praying there's a brain shift for the second one.

Crikey I can't believe I'm thinking of a second one!! I'm torn between waiting the optimal time between csections versus the risks of time marching on and getting older! Who knows when is best!! Plus with being posted again means I'll have to work out better timing than this one, if that's possible!!!

Happy Sunday folks. Mugabe Mugabe 😁

FattyNinjaOwl Sun 10-Jan-16 09:40:40

Crap night here too. But I forgot to get my phone ready before seeing to baby, which meant I ended up sat with him in my arms, unable to manoeuvre myself to grab it.
I think I've only lost so much because of the stress to be honest. I need to shift it, I put on loads over Christmas and ended up 15st 8! so I can't complain really.

loveandsmiles Sun 10-Jan-16 09:59:12

I think giraffe forgot her magic spells last nightsad. Up every hour here - babyloves is now sleeping soundly in her Moses basket and has been for the past two hours whilst I rush around washing, ironing and getting uniforms ready for school tomorrow !

kbro79 Sun 10-Jan-16 10:38:29

Yep the spell didn't work here either. Back to 2 hourly wake ups. Fun times. And bloody swimming doesn't tire him out the way I was promised it would. But hey what can you do.

Oh dozy I am terrible with my phone. I never concentrate on anything properly anymore because of it. I need to watch everything at the cinema. Ha ha.

Loves I am quite a The Voice fan too. Boy George and Paloma are better than I thought they'd be.

DH and I are taking the little man out for a nice lunch today. Times like this I wish my mum was nearer as would be lovely to have lunch the 2 of us.

Fatty make sure you look after yourself! Hate it when am settling aidan and release my phone is out of reach.

Great new thread title !!

kbro79 Sun 10-Jan-16 11:01:13

Oh oh oh I think we have a tooth. There is definitely some white there now!!!

everythingispeachy Sun 10-Jan-16 11:25:52

Another good night here after our first wake up at 1 ish Ds was up again at 3.30 but this was because of coughing. He didn't want a feed so just a cuddle and back to sleep till 6.20 and then straight back down until ds1 shouted boo in his face at 7.15.

Those thinking of a second, I really don't think there is an perfect space between siblings. I personally wanted to do another couple of years at work before going off again for mat leave and I had hoped we wouldn't need to buy a double buggy or have 2 in nappies. The second didn't quite work out but potty training ds1 a bit later than expected means it was easy. I do agree with Joskar though that I am much more relaxed with ds2 and everything seems to be much easier. I remember being so anxious with ds1 and breastfeeding was a nightmare. I was also stressing about the next stage and almost wishing he would grow up. This time I know ds2 will learn to walk, talk, eat, sleep through etc... so no point worrying and the initial shock of parenthood has worn off and is now what life is like. I am enjoying it much more this time.

Fatty I hope you are ok and you and dp are looking after each other.

I dont mind bing on ceebies but I struggle with any of the programmes with real people in so tumble, bloom and show me can't stand them.

We have no plans today, it's raining and we are all still in pj's. Might pursuant dh to go look at house later than we have no intention of buying but I just want to see what we can get for our money.

Have a good day

Joskar Sun 10-Jan-16 15:15:12

Mr Bloom is good! He was totes larging it off his face on eccies in Manchester in 1998. Betcha. I like CBeebies because there are no ad breaks. I can live without tantrums over toys for a few more years. Dd1 adores Swashbuckle. She has us marching around doing the swashbuckle cheer. I made her a pirate hat and she wears it to bed.

We're sort of house hunting too. I think we'd maybe get a garden shed for our money. But only if it was a fixer upper.

Think we'll start The Bridge season two tonight. Is it good?

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