How long for belly to go down after c section?

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bunsen Wed 02-May-07 17:22:56

Yes it went down, cannot remember the time but all i have now is an under exercised stomach which could do with some sit ups if only i had the time! i think it went at 3 months or something!

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hugecat Sat 21-Apr-07 05:54:37

Just out of interest Bunsen, has your belly gone down now? And how long did it take?

I am 4 weeks post c-section and I don't have extra weight anywhere, just a big round stomach that seems to have stopped getting smaller. People have been asking me when the baby's due, which is really depressing and I feel like it's never going to go away, especially as I'm not allowed to do any exercise yet.

bunsen Sat 16-Dec-06 22:16:02

yikes! I do mean uterus, is that still the casw. I was told it is 1cm smaller each day with normal delivery, longer with cs. Am i stiill looking at 3m +?
thanks for your replies!

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macneil Sat 16-Dec-06 22:12:36

I'm just a little over two weeks post c-section. The skin is very spongey and loose, and annoyingly there's a big dent in the sponginess where my knickers dig in, so I really need to get some bigger knickers that spread the pressure - I read Gwyneth Paltrow wore a corset sort of thing, or magic pants, or something like that. Because the dent is so pronounced, so I think anything that presses in compacts the flab. Or maybe it just squishes it into a different place.

However, I'm pleased by how quickly my waist has come back, the same shape it was and basically as flat, because I had a friend who still looked pregnant - like, she had a proper lump not just fat all over - four months later, and I'm quite old, so I thought that would happen to me. I wonder if my skin will ever go back to normal, though, a friend who had a baby a few months ago says her stomach is still very soft. So I think you get your shape back eventually, but god knows if you ever get firm again.

multitasker Sat 16-Dec-06 22:11:17

After 3rd CS my DH very tactfully remarked is there one still in there? Well it was only a week or so after, but I do remember thinking it was huge and knowing it would be the best part of 3 months before I no longer looked pregnant.

southeastastra Sat 16-Dec-06 22:11:04

i'm still waiting 5 years later

onzephyrstdayofchristmas Sat 16-Dec-06 22:10:17

Hester I'm another one! 8 months down the line from CS #3 and the belly is going nowhere fast!!

It will though bunsen, don't worry.


hester Sat 16-Dec-06 22:07:30

I'm 14 months post-caesarean and still waiting for the belly to subside. Mind, that could be due to having lived on cake and chocolate for the best part of two years

Three weeks is nothing. It will go, I promise.

mumfor1standfinaltime Sat 16-Dec-06 21:57:37

Hi, I had an em c section and was having contractions every 2 mins, but my belly did take a while to go down. I was looking at some photos of myself yesterday (stangely enough!) when ds was 6 weeks old and my belly seemed huge! It will go down.

bunsen Sat 16-Dec-06 21:47:32

I still have a belly after 3 weeks since c section, is this normal? it seems to be about half way down between boobies and its original resting place. didn't get any contractions during inducement, this is making me worried now that it won't go down.
Probably me being a worry head.
Any advice from you will be gratefully recieved

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