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It's the Christmas party at Mugabe nights, pull up a bar stool and order your shots! August 2015

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FattyNinjaOwl Sun 06-Dec-15 21:47:48

New thread for all the regulars at the bar, and the not so regulars too.
<gets shots lined up for everyone>

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rrra Sun 06-Dec-15 22:15:57

Can we please have more sleeping on this new thread? My DS just keeps getting worse. Haven't been able to get him to sleep for more than 5 mins in his cot tonight. He's next to me in the bed now. Got to wondering whether this could be the 4 month sleep regression, as although DS is only 14 weeks he was almost 2 weeks late.

Yes please to the shots!!

Frolicacid Sun 06-Dec-15 22:46:47

Good evening!
Thanks for the new thread fatty.

Ds has fought sleep all day. He's only had a few 1/2 hour naps instead of his usual 2-3 hour ones. He is super alert and excitable when he's awake. Full on shouting and body flailing. The wonder weeks has him in a leap and I think it's right. He's finally asleep now, but not for long probably as he's not done his usual 7+ hours for over a week now. I'd got quite used to it and am struggling to readjust to the wakings.
He's also 14 weeks rrra and I've been wandering about the dreaded regression. I second your vote for more sleep on this thread 😴

Dh and I have set a £30 limit on presents this year due to skintness and wanting to try and boom a holiday for the spring. He's always in a hat, so I'm getting him a lovely hand knitted one with a matching mini one for Ds. Is there anything like that he's into kbro? I'll do a stocking as well with sweets.

I think I've more or less finished my shopping now. We bought Ds a lovely sheepskin footmuff a couple of weeks ago, so he's not having lots. So far I've got him some soft fruit and veg from ikea, some squeaky eggs and a few teethers. It feels a bit mean so I may get some more stuff along the way.

If anyone is looking for clothes, I just spotted this on e-bay. Ds was gifted one and it's super cute, lovely material and an absolute bargain at this price.

Glad you had s good night grok.

That cake is brilliant everything? Did you make it?

💐💐🍷🍷 jockstar. That's shit. Look after yourself.

The cd is really lovely slow. Ds goes inside out at some of the songs. This is it if your dad wants something to sing with the dwarfs.
Finnish Father Christmas sounds fab.

Right, I really should be asleep now! Good night everyone- I hope none of us make it to the bar later on.

Lilydreams Sun 06-Dec-15 23:09:40

Hiya everyone!! Woo new thread! Rra I'm also praying this is a more sleep thread! The last 3 nights DS has taken about 2.5 hours to get to sleep with pretty much constant crying!! I thought we'd already regressed I didn't think it was possible to regress even further!!

I've missed loads as we've still not got wifi and my unlimited internet on my phone has run out now so I'm trying to be careful with it as my bills keep going way over!!

DS has got a proper hacking cough- sounds like he's been smoking 20 a day! Sounds really flemmy and he's done a tiny bit of sick on occasions when winding and it's been green flemmy with the milk, poor thing. He's quite happy in himself but his appetite has totally disappeared- he didn't feed overnight at all going from 8pm till 10am and and has only had 4 feeds all day most of which he's only took 4-5 ounces a time! Anyone else find their LO's appetite was upset when they had a cough/ cold?

Interesting to read all the Father Christmas opinions I had never thought to do anything but have him believe in him as that's what I had as a kid but I like the alternate believing it's a game thing.

Trying DS in his Cotbed tonight- as it won't fit through the doors to put it in our room and DH said he can't guarantee it will go back together if he takes it apart and I don't feel ready to have him in a separate room yet I'm sleeping on a mattress on the floor of his room tonight and probably for the foreseeable future! He can't really do anymore nights in his Moses he is too big! I keep finding him with his head touching the top and to one side and having to move him- I think the mattress has got indented/ uneven so he rolls slightly to one side and wakes up! Got family staying at Xmas in both spare rooms so I won't have the mattress then so he will either be in his room on his own or if I still don't feel ready I'll dig out the air bed and sleep on that!! Anyone else going to put their LO in on their own prior to the magic 6 month mark? DH keeps telling me I'm being soft! If the cot fit in our room though he'd be in with us probably long past 6 months! I like being able to listen to him breathing in the night blush

Yay for the nights out we've all managed- I went on my friends hen do yesterday- didn't see DS from 11am until 1am and bloody hell I missed him! We were leaving the restaurant heading to a bar at 11.45 and I had to go to my car to put things in to take home for the bride and she said to me 'don't feel bad if you want to go home to your baby' I was so grateful and teared up a bit and did it! Ive snuggled him all day today! Can't imagine doing overnight yet!

Right off to my mattress bed, keeping my fingers crossed that his Cotbed equals sleep tonight!

nolongerwaitingfornumber2 Mon 07-Dec-15 00:11:10

Mugabe for the new thread Fatty.

Lily, I got a crib this time as DD had to go into her own room around 4 months as we didn't have room for the cot in ours and I found it really hard doing the night feeds in winter! I have a friend with a 9 week old who has already put her baby in his own room. I couldn't do it personally but she hated having no space of her own.

Oh I want a Finnish Christmas! Sounds amazing. I just love the innocent belief in magic young children have. They grow up so quickly as it is. I couldn't sleep Christmas eve as a child because I was so excited! I don't think I'll do elf on the shelf or anything though. To be honest I didn't even know that was a "thing" until I joined mn.

I can't remember what else was said at the end of the last thread apart from Joskar having tonsillitis so sending lots of get well soon vibes your way missus.

Frolic, I have v nearly finished my shopping too but mostly done it on Amazon so waiting for deliveries. Feels like an achievement until I remember I need to find time to wrap everything!

More sleep on this thread would be very welcome here too. I really must start going to bed earlier. Going to head up now. Night all.

FattyNinjaOwl Mon 07-Dec-15 00:17:42

More sleep is a must.
My DC don't go into their own room for ages. With DS1 I lived with my mum until he was 14 months and we co-slept so he didn't go into his own room until he was 18 months as he hated being alone.
DD went into her own room at 11 months as she slept quite happily alone, but hated being in the cot so I put her in the trundle bed (basically a mattress on the floor) if she had liked the cot she would probably have been in my room longer. I like having them close.
At the minute I've got two in my room! DS2 is asleep in his cot, he's being good for once! DD is led in my bed, propped up in my pillows struggling to breathe there's so much phlegm and crap on her chest sad
DD goes right off her food when she's unwell, and doesn't really enjoy drinking. I have to force her to drink.
DS1 would still eat basically until he threw up and then carry on eating. He was a greedy little bugger. DS2 has started with a cough and he seems to be the same as his brother!

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Fanby Mon 07-Dec-15 02:10:00

Slowwife - if you've eaten most of the box you may as well finish them off, it'd be awful if they go stale. Love how DD1 has learnt to be extra good in public, smart cookie that one!!

Rra - I concur!! More sleep on this one please

Fatty - big old cheers to the new thread. Hope your babies feel better too xxx

Frolic - olive and moss have a shop based two roads away from me, there sample sales are AMAZING! Buenos for your stolen sleep it's the worst when it's taken away.

Lily - oh he sounds so poorly bless him. I hope he's back to his usual chirpy self soon x

Frolicacid Mon 07-Dec-15 02:49:49

2nd waking so far. Yuk!

Ds definitely didn't eat quite as much when he was sick lily. I'm sure you are, but keep a close eye.

I love wrapping nolonger! I usually have a theme and spend a few evenings doing it with some mulled cider. This year I shall probably chuck paper on everything very quickly and sprinkle with baby vomit 🎁

Poor dd fatty. I hope you all manage some sleep.

Olive and moss sample sales sound amazing fanby. I'm very jealous. Thanks for the buenos - stolen sleep is a bitch.

Fanby Mon 07-Dec-15 05:23:20

Ahh I'm so sleepy, think I might fall asleep in baby sensory tomorrow. Leaving a whole tray of these at the bar for anyone who needs a christmas pick me up x

Tindel Mon 07-Dec-15 06:51:39

<sidles up to bar, grabs shot>

Yes to more sleep, please! We keep getting baby that refuses to nap during the day for more than 15 minutes at a time, get hysterically overtired and grouchy, falls asleep on us downstairs, then goes wide-eyed and awake the minute we try and put him to bed. DH took him upstairs asleep about 730, he slept for about 20 minutes and then woke up and refused to go back down for almost 2 hours! I know I probably shouldn't complain as he then slept through, but I am getting very bored and frustrated of sitting by the Moses basket trying everything I can think of. By the time DH came up to see how I was doing, I was trying to feed him and he was crying at the breast, which made me cry. By the time DH had done a nappy change and applied eczema cream, I was drained and just got into bed to sleep, as that seems to be the only way to settle him. Am so not in the mood for Xmas shopping today.

joskar hope you feel better soon. Saw the amazing cake on the previous thread, but can't remember who made it? Well done to whoever.

Right, going to see if I can get another hour or so before J wants to feed again before I brave going downstairs to see how much of a tip it is. DH was watching the snooker last night, so suspect he didn't move once and didn't clear the dinner table. I didn't even get dessert last night, so hoping he remembered to put my share back in the freezer ...

mzzzf Mon 07-Dec-15 07:51:17

Morning loves!

How goes it?!
Night away was lovely, all that worry for nothing as mini mzzzf was a champ for MIL. However, I've come back down to earth with a crash last night with a long to settle baby and then waking up numerous times. I got a delightful 3hrs 15mins in total, lucky lucky me hmm

So brought DD in bed with me at 5.30am. She falls asleep instantly but then DH Wakes is both at 6.45am to see if we want help getting up. Says he'll come back in 5, he doesn't he's getting his coat on to go to work instead. So he's woken us both up to then bugger off! Arrrrrrgghhh!

Feeling sick didn't ruin the night away, randomly didn't get a giant amount of sleep as hotel was ridiculously noisey but did feel rested when I came back yesterday.

Some nighttime reading suggested this sleep regression goes on for 4-5weeks. She's already done one so we've got 4 weeks left to go max and then she'll be an amazing sleep through the night baby!!!! grin
Thing is I know she can go 6 + hours without food but she bloody won't be asleep the whole time!!!

Ok let's rock this week folks!

Fanby Mon 07-Dec-15 08:33:34

Tindel - course you can complain!! Tbh I don't think I'd have the patience of a two hour trying so extra bacon rashers for your Mugabe nights fry up to you xx ps I too am not in the mood for Xmas shopping

Mzzzf - welcome back!! So glad your night away was good and restful!!!! Ooh I'd be livid at your DH! Mine woke up molly this morning by shutting the door a little too enthusiastically but I'm deciding to bite my tongue this time as she unexpectedly exploded in her nappy at half five this morning and he dealt with it, swings and roundabouts and all that jazz!

Giraffescandance1 Mon 07-Dec-15 08:43:30

Morning all,

Fatty hope dd is better soon! My dc stay in my bed ages too, my dd is 3 and sleeps in my bed, as does baby (baby in a co sleeper cot).

Baby giraffe has a cold atm and is very grumpy and wants to be held/fed/carried around all the time. I think need to check whether I may have some pnd as I've been coping badly for a couple of weeks and dh doesn't understand. He keeps leaving me alone with the dc at the weekend and already lonely in the week, he wants to work on the garden, fix the car etc. the trouble is that although we're back together we lived forty minutes apart so none of my friends are local now and I keep going back and forth to my old town which is exhausting to do several days per week with a baby and pre schooler, I don't have any family locally etc. so yesterday I walked out and left dh to it as I was so upset. I came back an hour later, but I think it's very hard for anyone who hasn't done it to understand how lonely and exhausting it can be to spend 12+ hours a day alone with young children!

I did try going to the local church yesterday for the family service which was nice and everyone very friendly so hopefully I'm making steps to feeling happier!

Good luck and yes to more sleep on this thread!

Tindel Mon 07-Dec-15 10:25:22

Giraffe I'm sorry to hear you are feeling like that. Your DH definitely needs to do more to help, how did he respond to you taking a break? Glad you are finding ways to feel happier, but might be worth talking to HV to see if you can get any help. I was impressed at how quickly stuff came into place for me, so might be worth a try.

Wish me luck, am off to brave Xmas shopping with J. I have only a vague list and a decreased tolerance for Xmas music - it's going to be a long day. DH has just called and offered to put J to bed tonight, so hopefully I get to relax with a beer!

kbro79 Mon 07-Dec-15 10:48:55

More sleep is a must. Come on babies. You can do it!!

Tindel I really admire your patience with bedtime. I was ended up in frustrated tears too but always cracked and brought him back through way before 2 hours. I really should try and be stricter. Not sure him sitting up watching Homeland is great parenting smile

Ah giraffes sorry to hear your feeling so down. The loneliness is hard isn't it? Again I don't think it was something I was properly prepared for. Lots of people warned me I'd feel bored but not really warned me about feeling lonely. Sounds like your Dh does v long days too which must be hard.

Mzzzf pleased your night away went well even if didnt end in as much sleep as you'd like. And grok pleased you got out and had some fun!

Lily we know lots of people that did own room before 6 months. I am the same as you though. I like to hear him breath blush We actually have the opposite problem in that DS room currently has a bed in it so when people come to stay they have somewhere to sleep but when the cot goes up it will have to mean getting rid of spare bed. With my family being so far away I want to keep the spare room for as long as possible. Would a travel cot work in your room? Think you can get ones they can sleep on long term now to save you being on the mattress?

Frolic that sounds so cute about the matching hats idea. Love it. DH is not a hat wearer but wonder if there is something similar I could do.

Right DS and I are still lazing in pjs so going to shake a leg. Here's to a week of sleep!

FattyNinjaOwl Mon 07-Dec-15 11:02:25

giraffes its lonely at times. And when dhs/DPs are still thinking of what they want it makes it worse.

I was right DD has a chest infection but won't take the amoxycilin.

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Frolicacid Mon 07-Dec-15 11:28:58

Oh god! Someone has taken my lovely, sleepy little chap and swapped him for a baby that wakes every 2 hours! What the actual fuck?

Those shots look yummy fanby! Exactly a year ago I was bottling up my sloe gin and blackberry brandy. It was the last time I had an alcoholic drink!

tindel, ther is nothing worse than trying to settle an overtired baby. It's so frustrating when they're clearly exhausted but won't give in.
Good luck on your shopping mission today. Make sure you stop for plenty of cake and coffee. I've done most of mine online while Ds is feeding.

Glad you had a good time mzzf.

💐 giraffes, sorry you are feeling down. Definitely try and talk to your hv and your dh about how you feel. No one warns you about the sheer banality of being at home with little ones. It can be so lonely and isolating, especially if you don't have friends near by.

We're still in pj's as well kbro.

Poor dd fatty. I hope she gets better soon.

Right, better get a move on. I'm meeting a friend at a soft play place later. I hope it's not too busy for my poor, sleep deprived brain!

Grok Mon 07-Dec-15 11:53:03

Morning all,

Buenos to those with sick little ones. Giraffe, sounds like things are tough. I think the boredom and loneliness aren't talked about enough! Read a "parenting" article that talked about the euphoria of having your baby! I laughed and replied that euphoria is buried under feelings of exhaustion, pain, being overwhelmed, confusion etc smile

DD first started her sleep regression the night before her 3rd month, adding back in a 2am feed. She's 18 weeks now ad only starting to improve. She goes down much easier now, like it was before, and has started not getting up around midnight anymore. Our 2am feed was at 3 last night, and the 5.30 feed was at 6.30 so there is improvement!! She also rolled over from her back to tummy yesterday! Way to go little baby!!

Since we'll be visiting family over Xmas, I'm going to wait until Jan to put DD in her nursery to sleep. I'm looking forward to having my room back. Been too exhausted for sex but am hoping with the room to ourselves, it will be easier to try!!

Ok, might try having a productive day today. Hugs to all, thank good for this thread! <3

mzzzf Mon 07-Dec-15 13:02:38

Ahhhh ladies I've been offered a job to start after Christmas! It's 3 days a week, mini mzzzf will be 5 months but il already feeling 'the guilt' at even THINKING of nurseries! Arrrgghh!
It's ridiculous because as soon as I thought I'll have to leave her I donned some rose tinted specs and wondered how she and k would cope without all the wonderful hugs, plays etc. when in reality there's plenty of cries, boredom and loneliness too... The brain is a funny old thing isn't it!!
It's only a short term contract so of its crap or makes me feel crap, then I'm not 'stuck' but my goodness I feel torn!

Frolicacid Mon 07-Dec-15 13:56:38

Go for it mzzf. She will be fine at 5 months, and 3 days a week is a nice balance. If it's only a short term thing you can fuch it off if It doesn't work. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that.
I'm going to look at doing a few kit days each month from January until May - to get Ds used to nursery, but mainly to engage my brain a bit!

The little sleep fighter has finally given in to a nap and has been asleep in the pram for an hour. phew! I'm gutted that we could have another 4+ weeks of this!

Frolicacid Mon 07-Dec-15 13:57:32

Fuch it off? You could also fuck it off 😃

Lilydreams Mon 07-Dec-15 14:00:51

Hehe glad it's not just me listening to him breathing Kbro! We discussed a travel for but decided it was a waste of money in the end as it would be used for such a little time. The mattress went well last night I was nice and comfy and the Cotbed went very well- after fighting DS for hours to go to sleep he did 11pm till 0820 with just a little murmur and me putting dummy back at 0645 shock He slept with his arms stretched out to his sides which he obviously couldn't do in the Moses so must have enjoyed the extra space! He has never slept so well! I'm hoping it's not just a one off! If only we could bow get him back to going down easily! I sadly wasted the good sleep by having salty takeaway pizza last night and waking up loads for a drink mega thirsty!!

Giraffes- I agree with the loneliness it can be really upsetting can't it. Definately speak to the HV if you think it is more than just that.

Mzzf- I'd go for he job! As hard as it would be leaving DD like you say if it's not right you can change your mind. Plus I think the older they get the harder it will be to leave!

Grok- it was nice having our room back last night- I didn't sleep in there but went to say goodnight to DH and have a 'cuddle' before bed! We got a new mattress when we moved in when DS was 5 days old and I think that's the first time it's been officially 'christened' wink

Frolic- hope you stay awake and don't face plant on the soft mats!

Fatty- sorry your DD is poorly and refusing mess that must be a right battle!

Mmm what are those shots Fanby? I feel like I missed out by bejngg at the bar last night!

Tindel Mon 07-Dec-15 15:29:45

kbro if I brought J downstairs again, he'd be overstimulated and scream and wouldn't settle. When we tried keeping him up later, we ended up with the lights down and the TV off (we were trying to watch The Returned, so not great parenting!). We might as well persevere with putting him upstairs so at least one of us gets an evening back. Usually we get a few hours together just the two of us, last night was (hopefully) a rare occurrence.

About them going into their own room, some of my NCT class have already done it with their babies at 6ish weeks! While we seem to have dropped the night feeds for now, J does sleep better with us in the room, although he is a noisy fidgety fecker! I occasionally have him and DH snoring either side of me!

Xmas shopping done apart from a few online bits, so heading back home now!

loveandsmiles Mon 07-Dec-15 16:35:52

Sympathising with everyone who isn't getting much sleep - DD been waking up every hour from about 1am onwards - don't know what's up, but getting ever so tired . Toddler in with me too and she has an awful cough - joy.

Giraffes - it is tough when you have a DH that isn't around much - my DH is self-employed whilst I am a SAHM. However he works constantly and when he is around he tends to just do the fun things. I have no family to help out or visit either. Hope things get better for you X

mzzzf glad you had a good night away and minimzzf behaved so well!! I think 3 days a week is a good compromise - lets you be 'you' for a little while but still get to be with mini a lot too - go for it!

Sorry, can't remember who made the dinosaur cake but it is absolutely AMAZING - big wow!!!

DH stepped up to the mark yesterday - took DS and 4 friends to the leisure pool in Dundee for his party since too difficult to get to Edinburgh. He then brought them home and looked after other DC, including baby, whilst I took them to Frankie and Benny's - a 3 course meal - no interruptions - bliss - even thou I was with a bunch of 11 year olds talking nonsensefgrin

Just been at Christmas carol concert for the primary 4s to primary 7s - toddler wouldn't sit still and then insisted on singing along too loudly and baby was being very vocal at all the quiet bits. It wasn't very good - too much really bad violin, piano and trumpet playing - didn't even know what the songs were supposed to befconfused

Have the Nativity tomorrow for the younger primaries - DD3 is Mary [proud face emoticon!]. The little ones are always hysterical - cute, funny etc without meaning to be - really looking forward to it. All my girls have played Mary so far (other parents must secretly hate me!) - DH doesn't know what to make of it - he is not from the UK and doesn't believe in the Christmas story and says schools brainwash them!!! I converted to his religion when we married but LOVE Xmas and throw myself into the whole thing so he has no choice but to join in - and because we live in the UK and the DC are schooled here I believe they should be part of eveything in school and not pulled out of celebrations because we are a different religion - it's a good excuse to celebrate EVERYTHINGfsmile

Joskar Mon 07-Dec-15 17:03:09

My friend has just been on the telly talking about PND. This is worth reading I think. Really sorry to hear you're suffering a bit, Giraffe. Talk to your Dh. He'll surely see how he could help.

I'm fully expecting dd2 to be in with us til she's near a year. I'm not risking messing with dd1's sleep and they'll be sharing a room. Cosleeping saves my sanity anyway so I'm in no rush whatsoever. Ditto bedtimes. When she starts wanting to sleep in the evening I'll put her down but I'm absolutely not getting my knickers in a twist about it just now. Been there, done that.

Go for the job, mzzf. If it doesn't suit you then you can always quit. 3 days is nice.

I'm feeling slightly better after some sleep. God love Dh! He's been lovely and made me scrambled eggs and taken both girls as often as he can. Just brings the baby up to me for feeding. I have never been so ill. Totally floored. All of me just hurts. Dd1 (aged 2) said "You feeling so bad, mummy? You need big cuddle? You need frog?" Love that girl!

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