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June 2013 - the terrible twos aren't so terrible

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Biscuitswithtea Sat 24-Oct-15 15:54:19

Here goes with a new thread!

PeekABooPinky101 Sat 24-Oct-15 17:46:15

Jumping in before I forget and loose you all!

Thank you for the new thread smile

HungryHorace Sat 24-Oct-15 18:36:00

Helloooooo! Thank you :-)

Raeside Sat 24-Oct-15 18:53:04

New thread! It's like getting through a new developmental phase.

AlohaMama Sat 24-Oct-15 21:51:56

Hurrah thank you biscuits. Keep meaning to post to say we've tackled potty training! More at her insistence then ours. She kept taking her nappy off so we didn't have much choice. It's actually gone remarkably well though if I'm not around she doesn't necessarily think to run to the toilet, and we've only had one dry day at preschool so far. Just have to keep remembering all the spare clothes when we go out, and the potette. What is more annoying is that if she does wet herself it runs all down her legs and we end up with wet shoes...

SunnyL Sat 24-Oct-15 21:59:24

Also posting to avoid losing you. Aloha i think we're a few steps behind you. She takes her nappy off tonnes in the house but refuses to sit on the potty. Eventually she hops up and down holding her bits and asks for a potty. Today she demanded to go nappyless to the park but didn't need to pee until she got home.

Getting mixed advice tho. The health visitor said to just take her nappy off one weekend and brave it out. Nursery reckons if she doesn't want to sit on the potty to not push it for a while.
.I don't like seeing her distressed so I'm ignoring the HV for now

PeekABooPinky101 Sun 25-Oct-15 06:33:20

Aloha - I suddenly thought about the wet shoe issue yesterday as I was packing a the millions of spare clothes in a bag! Quickly stuck a spare pair in and wondered if I was being ott - glad you confirm I'm not!!

Yesterday went well - very successful morning at home - was very pleased with her. Even if she did say no wee wee everytime I asked her and then she would sit on the potty and wee hmm child logic is great!

We went out in the afternoon, and I put a pull up on over her knickers as I didn't want a massive issue if she was distracted and bless her she came up to me once and I asked if she needed a wee and she said yes so we went to the toilet and then coming home she suddenly said sorry mummy and she had done a wee!

Going just big girls knickers today! So fingers crossed.

Sunny I think you're right, just go with the flow. I'm pretty sure in saying there is a new theory that even just an hour a day focusing in using the potty is just as effective as 'pushing' it - I'm somewhere in the middle I think - encouraging trying even when she says no, and then like yesterday using the back up of a pull up to make sure.
Who knows what's right - what ever works is the best way in my mind!

Biscuitswithtea Sun 25-Oct-15 07:21:17

DS has waves of enthusiasm for pant wearing and potty training. I'm not in a hurry. He will figure it out. We tried for a while last week and set the alarm on my phone to go off at regular intervals. Alarm = sit on potty. He got that and was happy with that. Then did a big wee all over the kitchen floor, announcing 'wee' as he went. Poos he recognises the urge, weeing not so much. I know a lot of friends with slightly older children have said to me that they tried around 2-2.5, but in reality it was closer to 3 before it happened.

Thank goodness for 24hr Tesco when the clocks go back. DH has taken DS & scooter to get a few bits and bobs! DS slept until 6.20 old time. Which is good for him. It's just a shame that is 5.20 new time!

We are on a mission to find a balance bike for ds xmas. But he has short arse legs (c27cm). Do any of you have balance bikes for your little ones? How low does the seat go? I think I found one, maybe, but it is ££. On the other hand, he clearly isn't going to fit a pedal bike for AGES so maybe it is worth it??

SunnyL Sun 25-Oct-15 08:45:26

I'd like to share my smugness. I was clever and changed the clock in my room before I went to bed. So when Lily came through she thought it was super duper early and proceeded to snuggle up to me and go back to sleep. We woke up at 7.50 - or 8.50 in old money. Yay!

Biscuits we've got a balance bike from Halfords but even though she's tall its still a bit beyond her how to do it. She gets most pleasure pushing it round the garden grin

Raeside Mon 26-Oct-15 11:05:39

How did everyone survive the clock change? We got Joe up at 730am on Sunday, so 830am normal time, and he seemed fine for rest of day. Annoyingly his bloody nursery school has half term - what the hell for I do not know! - so this week he's with his childminder whilst I'm in Bristol and that requires a 7am rise for him and his father. Here's hoping my 8am gold-star child remains afterwards.

Joe has a balance bike, has had for a while, they are actually a really good idea as they help with a lot of different motor skill development and once you move onto a pedal bike if they've got the hang of a balance bike you learn to ride properly much more quickly. Apparently....anyway he's ignored it for about 3 months but has recently begun to ride it around and around the kitchen table a lot more. He still prefers his scooter, although has only just begun to ride that properly as previously preferred to push it around like a zimmer frame. He's maybe not that advanced on the wheeled-vehicle front...!

Loo training? What loo training? I'm starting to despair and may well just beg the nursery to get it going once he's there a couple of full days a week as of January.

SunnyL Mon 26-Oct-15 13:30:29

On the wheeled toy thing - Lil has a scuttlebug which i have to say she is pretty shit hot at. I use it for going to the shop, playgroup etc as its quicker than her walking. Her legs are getting a bit long for it though its not stopping her enjoying it.

Raeside Mon 26-Oct-15 14:45:01

J is the same - he's got a little ferrari thing on 4 wheels. Prefers it above all else but his knees come up to his ears when he's on it now, it prob needs to be retired.

PeekABooPinky101 Mon 26-Oct-15 19:18:21

Dd did very well with the time change, I kept her up a bit later on Saturday and amazingly she actually slept later too - so she still got up at 7! And today was 6.20 which was perfect for me going to work. I think this was more fluke than anything but it's all good.

Her playhouse is finished and she loves it! She has colour changing lights in it and tonight she said night night to it and told it she loved it - that girl melts my heart.

We have a scuttlebug here too, she is just getting to grips with it, and quite enjoys it. She tries the bikes at nursery using her feet but isn't so keen - think balance bikes are a good place to start if you can. And they seem to hold their value if resale comes into it!!

BeanCalledPickle Tue 27-Oct-15 07:34:56

Hey hey, thanks for new threadsmile

The baby is six months old this week and seems to be tentatively edging towards slightly better sleep. I'm still shattered though! The big one has been filling the house with lurgy making everyone sick. Still no potty training here. I sense we may edge towards three for that!

AlohaMama Tue 27-Oct-15 08:55:17

Clock changing, we are getting closer to 6 am, but still in the 5s right now. By bedtime she is beside herself with exhaustion so it's hard to push it later. Saturday night we tried to put her to bed a bit later, by letting her sleep for an hour in the car in the afternoon on our way back from somewhere. Massively backfired as she didnt get to sleep till 9 pm.

AlohaMama Tue 27-Oct-15 08:55:51

Lovely pic by the way bean.

Biscuitswithtea Tue 27-Oct-15 14:46:34

Grrr. I tried twice yesterday to post and they both fell into space.

So anyway. That's a lovely photo Bean! But oh god, the nursery lurgies are a pain. We seem to be all fighting off nursery snot at the moment.

DS loves his scooter and figured it out within minutes. Sometimes he gets overwhelmed by the wonder of having it and just stands and stares at it for ages frustrating when you're trying to get somewhere His other favourite thing is to make me ride it and he runs alongside me. I'm too tall and too heavy to do My First Scooter any favours!

Biscuitswithtea Wed 28-Oct-15 18:02:27

So I do all the nursery pick ups as DH works too late and finally DS and I have found the solution to the fact we've both been out for 10+hrs and both are tired. An episode of Sarah & Duck and a slice of toast & marmalade each grin I might even stretch to a cup of tea. Deep joy!!

PeekABooPinky101 Thu 29-Oct-15 19:42:21

Good old Sarah and Duck!!

I think potty training is going very well - although we have gone straight to toilet. Started really properly Sunday and had a few accidents of not quite making it in time and since then been pretty good! Yesterday and today no almost made it accidents - in fact yesterday we had a train journey and bus journey and a big walk and didn't have any problems! I'm very impressed with her.
I was slightly unpopular when I brought her some minion knickers, thought she might like them - but the first reaction was 'no like' as she threw then off the bed hmm they have since been worn tho!

She has also been really loving singing the last few days. Not sure the bus full of people loved the rendition of wheels on the bus today but dd loved it!

SunnyL Thu 29-Oct-15 20:09:08

So my attempt to avoid telling my client I'm pregnant didn't go very well.

During my presentation today she leaned over to my colleague and asked her if I was pregnant. My colleague couldn't exactly lie.

Honestly the more I think about it the more angry I get. Its such an invasion of my privacy. How fucking dare she ask if I was pregnant. Surely my reproductive status is none of her fucking business until I decide to tell her myself. Obviously now I have to force my boss to have a serious discussion about resourcing and how we tell the client.

I'm so angry and upset. They seriously better not fucking discriminate against our bid because I'm having a baby.

SunnyL Thu 29-Oct-15 20:09:35

Sorry - I realise that was a major rant. Hopefully you lot will forgive me.

Biscuitswithtea Thu 29-Oct-15 20:58:15

Forgiven Sunny brew But ffs at yr client. You're absolutely right that you can't be discriminated against for being pregnant. There are laws against this sort of thing these days. She can have personal weird & dated views but she needs to separate that from her professional interactions. I hope you have a supportive boss? If it all starts to go horribly wrong, ACAS might be worth getting in touch with.

Sympathy though. It's a crap thing to deal with x

BeanCalledPickle Thu 29-Oct-15 21:22:03

Argh, and after all the efforts with floaty scarves! Firstly; actually during your presentation? Could she be any more rude? Secondly; presumably you've thought about how you are going to deliver despite being on maternity leave? Aren't they actually contracting your company not specifically with you? I don't really see how your absence is a factor. You boss could be hit by a bus and the company will still be obliged to deliver yes? Also in these days of shared parental leave the client shouldn't assume you will necessarily be away for much time at all. If they are that short sighted then they are stupid.

SunnyL Thu 29-Oct-15 21:30:03

She's never had any children - but do I lean over and ask her why she hasn't got children. No.

a) its none of my fucking business and
b) its insensitive and potentially cruel.

Yes its the company not me directly that's contracted but I'm considered the key expert. But yes a bus could hit me tomorrow and we'd still have to deliver. I do have a (mostly) supportive boss. Will talk it out with him next week but tonight I want to stew and get really angry before the rational me comes back.

BeanCalledPickle Thu 29-Oct-15 21:38:30

There is still so far to go before this sort of thing doesn't happen. I'm pissed off on your behalf. Kind of wish your colleague had just said 'no she just really likes cake'. That would really have embarrassed her! Or maybe not from the picture you paint. Almost everyone seems to have some pregnancy work story. I was in the ridiculous position of having to apply for my own job when pregnant only to not get it and be told it was because I didn't have the relevant experience. I was doing the bloody job! They gave it to a new person who had bugger all experience instead. Actually worked in my favour as I moved to something better but still! And I'm a bloody lawyer!

Are you finding out if it is a sunny girl or a sunny boy?

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