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August 2015 - Jaffa cake wars and many Mugabe greetings to you!

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mzzzf Tue 13-Oct-15 22:38:40

New thread ladies - praying for a decent sleep tonight!!

Lilydreams Tue 13-Oct-15 22:41:12

Mugabe!!! Love the thread title!

Fingers crossed for a new thread and new lead baby sleep wise! grin

Lilydreams Tue 13-Oct-15 22:41:28

Leaf even!!!

nolongerwaitingfornumber2 Tue 13-Oct-15 23:06:08

Mugabe to you all!! Love it grin

My word can you ladies chat! Still on rubbish wifi at in laws so apologies in advance.

Had a day at the beach today and it seems to have worn the kids out thank goodness. DS actually self settled after his feed at 8 and is still asleep in the travel cot now. Yay! He always seems to sleep better when we come here. Must be the sea air.

Quick question for those of you with more than one child. Can you take two kids swimming with just one adult? I really want to take DS but obviously have DD too. She's ok in the water but only 2.

When did your LOs start giggling btw? DS is 10 weeks tomorrow and we get lovely smiles but definitely no giggles? I am worried I'm not giving him enough attention because DD is so all consuming and so I put him in the sling but then he falls asleep. Also DD won't tolerate me giving him playtime too much as she gets bored with the "baby" games. Argh juggling two is much harder than I expected and I feel like I'm failing both of them! sad

So sorry for the me post. Think mil (the super mum of her generation) has made me feel crap!

nolongerwaitingfornumber2 Tue 13-Oct-15 23:08:10

P.s. Thanks for the new thread Mzzzf. Hope you get some sleep.

P.p.s. Does anyone have a coil? Can you feel the threads? Just had one put in and I'm really aware of it and it sort of pinches...

Fanby Tue 13-Oct-15 23:42:35

Just marking a place, thanks for new thread, bloody love the title...back to winding the beast I go x

Joskar Tue 13-Oct-15 23:44:13

The pool will have different rules. Ours says if the can't swim then one adult per child but other say child with arm bands is fine and you can have two per adult.

I've just got the Laura Markham book Calm Parents, Happy Siblings. Dd1 isn't awful but she's dealing with some pretty major emotions and it's tough for her. Getting a fair few wakes in the night and she's v v clingy. The book is supposed to be good but I've only read a bit so when I've got more through it I'll let you know.

Frolicacid Wed 14-Oct-15 00:09:50

Mugabe one and all!

I have a very fussy baby tonight. Lots of crying, unsettledness and sleep fighting. I've just lay next to him for almost an hour where he started punching the air every time he dropped off. Poor, exhausted chap us back on the boob now. Hopefully we're nearing the sleep zone.
We bathed him this evening. I think it might over stimulate as there seems to be a connection between bath night and grumpy night. He loves it in the water, but always seems to get a bit worked up when we get him out. I thought a bath was meant to be included in the evening routine to promote sleep confused

Thanks for the new thread mzzf.

I had a coil nolonger and never felt the strings.

I hope everyone with colds and uti's are all feeling better. And I really hope we all get some sleep!

sianihedgehog Wed 14-Oct-15 00:42:04

Mugabe everyone! Today we are testing the idea that sleep begets sleep and finding it wanting.
Walked into town yesterday with a goal of buying several baby related things and Fergus wound up sleeping for nearly 4 hours straight in the pram. So obviously tonight we're back to waking every 45 minutes. I want SO BADLY to just sleep for 2 hours or so, these half hour naps are not the one. He's currently wide awake in his cot, gurgling and waving at the bedside light after refusing the boob.
On the plus side, I got those little bird dungarees, so hopefully tomorrow he'll look cute enough in them that I won't hate him for not sleeping.

mzzzf Wed 14-Oct-15 01:07:18

Grrrr to fussy babies. That's one serious design flaw that Mother Nature dropped the ball on, if you're tired just sodding well sleep "err, no I'm a baby and will fight this nourishing restful sleep with every fibre of my being" Ridiculous!!

Mini mzzzf has hardly eaten at all today, before sleep she'd only totted up about 400ml confused After much fighting fell asleep at 9pm ish and has just woken now for a bottle. Hopefully she's drift right off again.. hmm

Re baths. Yep to the screaming when getting out. Mini mzzzf lives being in there but goes nuts on exciting. I think it's partly a massive sensation change (floaty warm to cold and heavy again) and an orientation one from flat in water to flying through air in towel. So now I pull the plug whilst she's still in so gravity starts to work on her and then hold her so she's 'standing' in the bath just before whipping her out to the towel etc. quick rub down, quick lotion and quick clothes on. She still cries through some or all of it , mood dependent, but it's getting better with each bath!

Fanby Wed 14-Oct-15 03:05:45

Us too = baaaaad night. Want sleep so badly. It's the last night we're at my parents and must say it's been difficult sticking to her routine so semi looking fwd to going home. Not that the 'routine ' works but she's a hell of a lot easier to put down at ours!

Can't help with the baths, I tend to have one d

Fanby Wed 14-Oct-15 03:07:05

Oops with her and DH takes her out to oil her up and get her ready for bed and I stay in the bath and tot up extra hot water wink

Tindel Wed 14-Oct-15 03:26:51

Wondering if I can join this thread? My little boy was born on August 29 at 35 weeks by emcs. It was all a bit of a shock as I went in on the Friday for a clinic appointment to check my blood pressure and came out of hospital almost a week later with a baby! We weren't really prepared for his arrival, but delighted he arrived safe and well.

The only thing with being so early is that I don't really know anyone else IRL in our position - our NCT class are only just starting to have their babies. So, a chance to chat with others in our position would be fab.

DS is doing well - from 5lb 15oz at birth, he is now well over 9lbs. We've had quite a stressful day and night as he's been feeding every hour to 90 minutes, which is exhausting. DH gave him an expressed bottle so I could get some sleep and we've just had 2.5 hours, so hoping this is the end of it. Although I'm sure he smiled round my boob, which seemed to cancel out my day of sobbing, cheeky monkey!

Are others getting more than regular feeds and naps yet? Am bf on demand and would love to know when it gets a bit more predictable.

Joskar Wed 14-Oct-15 04:17:28

Baths stimulate dd1. As usual the advice in books doesn't work for her! She fed every 60-90 minutes for months as a baby. We co-slept so that was how we got through it. When we were doing ff at the beginning it was murder though because you actually have to wake up for that. Co-sleeping and bf meant I just lifted my vest and she helped herself while I carried on sleeping. Obviously you have to do what suits you though. Thanks be dd2 likes cosleeping too. I would be asleep just now if it wasn't for dd1!

Happy sleeping everyone.

Clstow Wed 14-Oct-15 05:08:30

Woohoo shiny new thread with an ace name, Mugabe to you all my friends.

Welcome Tindel, good to have you on board and congrats on your DS. You will find we are extremely chatty and talk a lot about cake and biscuits. (Btw the Mugabe thing comes from a bizarre auto correct on a previous thread).

My DS is 9.5 weeks and I've found feeds have settled down to one roughly every 2-3 hours during the day, and one big feed overnight. Although that's only been the last few days so very subject to change! He only reliably naps in the sling but I try to get him down about 90 mins after he last woke or he gets overtired and fussy.

Yep DS also not a fan of leaving the bath. He always seems very perky in the evenings, not sure if it's because DP comes home and plays with him and gets him all excited. Don't have the heart to suggest he chills out a bit though may have to if we ever want DS to go to bed earlier than 9:30.

Don't feel crap Nolonger, you sound like an ace mum to me - I still can't get my head round how people have more than one so hats off to you and all the other ladies with toddlers. Also DS only v occasionally giggles despite me putting lots of time and effort in to trying to get him to laugh so don't beat yourself up about that. DS is all about big gummy smiles which is ace.

Sorry to hear about the latest uti Joskar, hope it went ok with the in laws.

Love it was me asking about the Quinny Buzz. Was wondering when I can use the seat bit as DS hates the pram. Googled the manual and it says 6 months but wondering if I really have to leave it that long.

We are up for our first feed of the night (amazing) and DS wants to play and smile rather than go back to sleep. Zzzz. I don't get babies at all... If I could sleep I totally would, but they just dont seem to be bothered.

Fanby Wed 14-Oct-15 06:07:03

Tindel - welcome to the madhouse!! You sound like you're doing a terrific job and the weight gain is excellent! Give yourself a massive pat on the back. Molly is 8.5wks and would love to feed every hour during the day but in the last week I've been managing to push her to every 2. At night she's better, except for tonight, she's being a greedy minx. I hope you're doing ok, finding this group at silly o'clock in the morning must mean you need some company so welcome welcome welcome! Do share what brand of Jaffa cake is your favourite!!

Clstow - I have an uppababy system, so different, but ours also says 6 months for the seat HOWEVER your bassinet should have a guide for max measurements (ie weight/height) so may be that your LO is getting too big for it? I think they're supposed be able to support their own head for using the seat attachment, could be teaching you to suck eggs with that 'advice' so feel free to tell me to F off x

sianihedgehog Wed 14-Oct-15 06:41:03

Welcome Tindel! My DS is 9 weeks and still feeds around once per hour. We were getting a few stretches of 2-3 hours overnight, and occasionally in the pram while walking we get a few hours break. But for the last few days he's been waking every hour all night. sad

Dozygirl Wed 14-Oct-15 07:22:24

Thanks for the new thread mzzf. Hilarious. Mugabe to one and all.

Welcome tindel to the madhouse. Congrats on your ds.

Nolonger you are definitely not failing your children. I'm quite sure you're doing a fantastic job. As this is my first I can only imagine what it's like to still have another child to look after as well as a newborn and quite frankly it terrifies me because one child is hard enough. So don't beat yourself up. It's hard work I'm sure and you'll be doing the best tat u can do for them both.

I'm so sorry some of u are having such horrendous nights with no end in sight. Sending hugs to you all.

Not sure what I'm doing but dd has done another full nights sleep. Not expecting it to last because she managed 3 nights last week but then reverted to waking up again. I don't have a bath and bedtime routine yet as she still cluster feeds in the evening and has little short naps so not enough time to put her down. She has a 6oz bottle around 10.30 and then I just put her into her crib awake, and we all go to sleep. I don't rock her or talk to her after I've put her down. She won't do this in the daytime but this nightime one seems to work.

Tindel Wed 14-Oct-15 07:48:44

Thanks everyone - always happy to chat about cake and biscuits! I was up at 3am for a feed and nappy change, but DS then slept through to 7:15! Extremely happy about that and feeling a lot more human as a result, despite having the beginnings of a cold sad

Different brands of Jaffa cakes? I never knew of such wonders shock. We tend not to keep a lot of sweet stuff in the house because DH and I tend to scoff the lot in one go. Any recommendations? I am trying to go out once a day and it usually involves buying food, so happy to broaden my Jaffa cake horizons

mzzzf Wed 14-Oct-15 08:04:29

Apparently Lidl and M&S rock Tindel!

Mother Nature is kicking my arse, a cold and a fussy baby and TA DAH - hello period!!!

Post more later have 3 babies needing attention, 2 of which are furry so it's ok!

mzzzf Wed 14-Oct-15 08:07:30

Btw I assume using tampons is ok now, as I've just whacked one up there without thinking about it!

Arrrghhhh what is my life about now if this is the quandary of my day!!!

loveandsmiles Wed 14-Oct-15 08:16:59

Mugabe to allsmile!

Thanks lily. Lovely your DS so happy to see DH - my DCs always give my DH a massive welcome every night when he gets home from work and it stupidly makes me a bit cross as I've dealt with all the crying/rows/homework etc and DH just does the nice stuff - where are my smiles?!

clstow I have used seat before 6 months blush - you can get a cosy toes with head support, or take head support from car seat (if you have one) - I have found that previous DCs preferred to sit up more rather than lying flat in a pram - like to look around.

Hi tindel congratulations

nolonger at our local swimming pool and several others I've been too you are not allowed to take a baby in with an under 8 that can't swim. I think because you are totally focused on the baby so can't realistically keep an eye on another child too especially if they got into difficulties. I am ultra cautious at the pool because a couple of years ago a friends son (age 3) drowned on holiday whilst she was looking after the baby - an extreme example I know but it only takes a few seconds - sorry to post something so sad.

Not sure what we are up to today - hard entertaining 5DCs when I am sat on the sofa feeding baby all day - feel bad for them but at least they've got each other to play with - will need to do something with them before end of hols so they don't go back to school and say they did nothing!!

Fanby Wed 14-Oct-15 08:28:46

Periods so soon??! I am NOT looking forward to that!

Every time someone posts good Mugabe or Mugabe to one and all etc I pee myself laughing, no good when you're trying to breastfeed and she delatches, also reminds me to do my pelvic floors so there's a bonus x

FattyNinjaOwl Wed 14-Oct-15 08:41:45

Mugabe all! Welcome tindel.

UTIs suck
Colds suck too.
Babies sleep when they feel like it
No one is a shit mum, we are all doing the best we can.
To get giggles I tickle Nathan. He is really ticklish.
I have a stomach bug. well either that or morning sickness, but for that the pill and condoms would have to have failed, so my bets on stomach bug. Yay. envy <-- vom face.

FattyNinjaOwl Wed 14-Oct-15 08:44:44

Periods- I had one at 6 weeks. I'm due again in the next day or two (although that's not a real period with being on the pill) but yes tampons perfectly fine.

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