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October 2015

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Poppytime Mon 12-Oct-15 20:00:35

I had DS on the 5th - couldn't see an October thread yet. This is dc2 for me, I already have a 2 yo DD. Feeling ok but knackered - DD been good with the baby although bedtimes haven't been easy, I think she is jealous of the baby being in our room/not going to bed. DH is back to work tomorrow, am dreading it a little...anyone else out there? How are you getting on?

bluey11 Thu 15-Oct-15 15:48:12

Hi poppy, I'll join you! DD was born yesterday, 12 days overdue so it was about time grin labour went well but I think I'm still a bit stunned. She's feeding well but very often so I'm feeling quite tired. How is DS getting on? Are you feeling ok after the labour? Hope you're managing to get some rest!

bluey11 Sun 18-Oct-15 05:52:22


Any other October babies out there?

Poppytime Sun 18-Oct-15 09:15:50

Hey bluey - thanks for bumping! Congratulations on your LO! Recovering fine here but didn't have a great night with DS, he was very grizzly from about 5-10pm, I think wind, crying, aching back, bringing up feeds - was exhausting! sad I really hope this isn't a sign of things to come...up a lot in the night too so I am officially a zombie this morning. DD tried to join the party too and had to send DH to deal with her. How have you been getting on?

bluey11 Sun 18-Oct-15 14:57:56

Congratulations to you too! thanks I hear you on the exhausted. DD cluster fed from midnight until 6am on Friday night and the same until 3am last night. I've been struggling to nap during the day but realising I'll have to force myself! How is your LO getting on during the day? Hope your DD is enjoying being a big sister!

SoontobeMommyof2 Thu 22-Oct-15 04:20:38

Hey had my little one 19th October you c-section.. recovering well and was let home the next day.

Nights seem to be his problem.

Poppytime Thu 22-Oct-15 11:31:21

Welcome soontobemummy and congratulations! We are also struggling with nights here - DS up and unsettled from 3-6am zzzzz then DD up at just after 6! Seems to be very windy and keeps arching his back - hoping it's not reflux and just his digestive system maturing etc - he also has nappy rash this morning - feel bad sad. Anyway trying to repeat the mantra of 'this too shall pass' laws arriving today as well - I haven't even showered or dressed yet...

How are we all this morning?!

SoontobeMommyof2 Thu 22-Oct-15 13:48:44

Congratulations to you too. Wind seems to be our problem too.. he will not settle at night. Thinking of keeping him downstairs as to not wake our 6 year old up.

I keep thinking the same it will get easier. I get up and showered to try and feel human.

Got the in laws staying?

JassyRadlett Thu 22-Oct-15 14:02:28

I'll join in! DS2 arrived late on Tuesday, weighing in at 10lb5oz.

So far he's a total dream.

bluey11 Thu 22-Oct-15 21:52:56

Congratulations soon and jassy!

Baby bluey is a complete night owl too soon, she seems to feed constantly. I keep telling myself it's just a phase though. Hope we all have restful nights tonight!

SoontobeMommyof2 Thu 22-Oct-15 22:29:50

Congratulations smile

Yes here's to some sleep this evening. Just a few hours would be good to feel human lol.

dotladotla Sun 25-Oct-15 07:58:09

Hi fellow October ladies, great to find this thread smile
My little girl (Lucy) was born on the 17th of October, a whole 11 days late, 43 hour labour and emergency c-section later. It's my first child-I say first so I can't be too scarred by it!
I'm b/f and it's going well most of the time but sometimes takes a while to latch due to my small nipples but massive boobs. We're getting there though.
She sleeps well during the day and generally feeds every three hours day or night but sometimes goes in a few short bursts instead of a big feed each time.
My problem at the moment is night time sleeping. Do you find that your little one sleeps in the crib? We have a bedside crib but she just wants to sleep on one of our chests or in between us in bed. The midwives keep saying that we can't have her in bed with us but when she's crying at 4am it doesn't feel like the wrong thing to do! We are very aware of her and sleep still with plenty of space. So far she'll only go in the crib if we've heated it with a hot water bottle beforehand and she's in a bit of a milk coma but she only lasts an hour or two before she's awake again wanting out. A friend got us Ewan the dream sheep but the noises seem to freak her out more than anythingshock Has anyone had a similar problem & how have you dealt with it?

bluey11 Mon 26-Oct-15 15:27:12

Hi dot, huge congratulations to you! thanks how are you doing after the c-section? It sounds like you're getting on well bfing, I'm on day 12 with DD now and am finding it much easier.

I've been in exactly the same position re: nighttime sleeping. For the first week or so DD would only sleep on me having fallen asleep on the boob. Any attempt to move her to Moses basket would result in a meltdown! I spent a few nights sat propped up in bed trying not to fall asleep but I probably did nod off for the odd half hour here and there. Felt really awful about it but cumulative sleep deprivation is rough! DD has now started to sleep for 2-3 hour stretches in her Moses basket but i was about to start co-sleeping. Have you looked up safe co-sleeping guidelines? As long as it's done safely and your comfortable with it then no reason why you shouldn't continue.

dotladotla Tue 27-Oct-15 06:22:32

Initially after the c-section I felt terrible but that's now 10 days past and I feel much better-hardly sore at all (although still taking ibuprofen/paracetamol) and I've got some energy back.

How's baby bluey sleeping now? I feel like I reply to all texts and things at 4am, surely a sign of having a new baby in the house?!
I know what you mean about being propped up in bed falling asleep. In hospital especially I was terrible for that, just anything to stop her crying during the 13 hours that partners had to go home.
We've been getting some lectures about co-sleeping from mums, grannies & aunties and I can see why because it does have risks but it's also keeping the baby happy. The last two nights have been more successful with the crib and she's slept in it once I've fed her enough to make her sleepy. Heating it up first def helps. I really want to persevere with it because I get a better sleep when she's in it because I'm not on high alert so much. My husband goes back to work on Monday so I'm trying to get it sorted before then so that I can remain as relaxed as possible.
Have everyone else's partners gone back to work yet? How have you coped? I think I'm going to really miss having him here!

Poppytime Tue 27-Oct-15 09:37:08

Congratulations dot! Glad you are feeling less sore smile

Bluey - good to hear baby bluey is doing some more crib stints! It really helps doesn't it - DS is getting better at sleeping in his crib but I find after 4/5am feed he sometimes doesn't want to go back in - I think because he is quite awake, so often end up trying not to doze while holding him or lying on me. I forgot about the nighttime nappy changes - DS hates having his nappy changed and it completely wakes him up! I do it before a feed now but he is extra grumpy as hungry and inevitably poos whilst feeding anyway! confused

Anyone have an irrational fear of 'colic'? DS is 3 weeks old now and it is supposed to start around now - I think because it's such an 'unknown', ie just crying etc with no known real cause or cure, it scares me! Silly really as not much I can do anyway if he does have colic, you just have to ride it out. Actually my DD cried the most around 4 months I seem to remember - it's all rather hazy!

In-laws have been staying and are off tomorrow (back in a week)...sister in law and her kids also staying nearby, it's been a bit chaotic to say the least!

peachy2410 Wed 28-Oct-15 18:45:01

Hi All

I am so glad to hear other people are having dilemmas with co- sleeping! Thought it was just us! The scenarios you've described exactly mirror ours! I had our baby girl on 5th Oct after 116hrs in labour and forceps delivery. It's taken me 3 weeks to get over it! Sooooo tired that we have resorted to co-sleeping with her raised up on a pillow on top of the bed between us. I don't like it but not sure what else to do! She's had a couple of nights where she'll sleep in the crib but that's it and she screams until she's purple so I end up putting her between us! I'm bfeeding but wondering whether she's not full enough and whether to add in a formula bottle cos u can't express enough sad I don't really want to but would allow my partner to share the load a bit! So confused! She's screamed all day today- think it's a growth spurt!xx

TheFabledSnake Fri 30-Oct-15 15:54:59

Hi everyone, my daughter was born on the first - 2 weeks early. V long labour, emergency section.

She loves being held, but now refusing her cot at night and sometimes during the day argh.

Dot, my partner went back to work a couple of weeks ago, and it's been ok. I'm just knackered when he comes home, and give him Dd to look after so I can just have a sit down!

tootsroots Fri 30-Oct-15 19:55:09

Am part of the November ante natal bus... But dates moved to due 31st oct then he came 10th October! Ds 8lb ... 4 hours end to end but managed 21
Mins in the pool to the end!

Soooo sleep poor and knackered it is unreal! Demand breast feeding topping up with formula and expressed milk due to poor latch / weight loss !

dotladotla Mon 02-Nov-15 08:23:37

Hi Tootsroots, that must have been a surprise with baba appearing so early, no rest for you at the start of your mat leave then hmm. I hope you are settling into it okay. Is it your first?
TheFabledSnake - it's nice to hear that you've coped okay, fingers crossed. This is my last day with him at home & suddenly I want to get everything sorted after 2 weeks of laid back getting used to it life. He's got a meeting tomorrow so will be away from 5.30am until 11pm because it's 4 hours away and I'm dreading it. It's not that I think I can't cope, it's just that I enjoy it with all three of us here & the stress ramps up when he's not here. My sister is coming over during the day with her lively 8 month old to keep me company.
The sleeping thing is just so difficult to do isn't it. It's nice that we're all in the same boat so you don't feel so rubbish about it, although I'd rather none of us had the problem! DD1 is now sleeping in the bedside crib most of the time for 2 hour stretches but only if I feed her lots & get her in a deep sleep before putting her down and we heat the crib up with a hot water bottle. During the day I put her in the pram carrycot in the living room once she's flat out asleep. I'm going to get the baby monitor set up today for the living room because I'm hard of hearing (I wear hearing aids) so worried I'll not hear her if I'm cleaning or doing washing.
Peachy2410 - my sister ended up topping up with formula because she was struggling to produce enough milk. Do you feel that you are getting enough milk? I find that she falls asleep on the boob before properly full so my mum has been trying to get me to wake her up by tickling her feet, rubbing her cheek etc so that she takes enough milk to get into a milk coma.
Poppytime - the thought of colic & how I'd cope with all of the crying terrifies me! Really hoping that it doesn't happen.
Not the nicest subject ever but is anyone finding pooing really painful? blush it's like contractions all over again! So sore x

Poppytime Mon 02-Nov-15 08:32:28

Morning! Yes the sleeping is so hard isn't it - DS was doing a lot of 'snacking' last night, feeding for a few minutes, falling asleep, put him back in crib and awake again an hour later hungry! Maybe I should have tried to keep him awake but am scared to at night in case he is then awake for hours!!

He doesn't scream for hours in the early evening (don't get me wrong, he has his moments!) and is 4 weeks today so am hoping we have escaped any bad colic but will never say never!

Have you been trying to sleep in the day dot, when DD sleeps? It does help although I can always find a million things to do once DS is napping, it's hard to just say to yourself no I won't do the housework and have a rest instead.

8 months is a really nice age, I really enjoyed it with my DD - I can't imagine the baby at that age at the moment!

Hope everyone isn't too zombified this morning - I've got myself a large cup of tea and watching bbc breakfast grin hoping DS may snooze in a bit so I can go back to bed (ignoring piles of washing to be put awayconfused)

Poppytime Mon 02-Nov-15 08:33:15

Ps welcome toots and congrats! What a great size baby was for being early smile

Stampynono Mon 02-Nov-15 09:47:58

I didn't join the ante natal thread but can I join this? grin

DD was born on 28th Oct, 13 days late after an induction. She is doing good.

Similar to others she has a tendency to nap after a short bf and then wake 10 mins later for another feed, so I am doing lots and lots of feeding!!

One of my nipples is seriously sore, I have cut down on that side because I just can't take the pain. DP is going to get me a pump today to drain my boob, I'm going to give her the milk in a bottle and see if she is more settled if she has more milk in one go.

Notapinkgirl Mon 02-Nov-15 10:11:57

So pleased to see this thread, bump was born at 37 weeks after my waters broke at 36 plus 4, we escaped the hospital 3 days after the birth and are much more relaxed at home. ( Addenbrooks were great but way too short staffed)

However she sleeps all day and wakes up at about 830 pm til 430 in the morning, my husband keeps her until 2 am and brings her up for feeds but won't be able to do that when he goes back to work tomorrow, she also won't sleep in the crib.

Any ideas on how to get her to wake up in the day more so she hopefully sleeps more at night.

SoontobeMommyof2 Mon 02-Nov-15 11:40:48

Hey Stampy my little one made one nipple sore and my Mom brought me nipple shields, it took the edge off the pain and allowed the cream to heal it up. Worth a try and boots own are pretty cheap.

TheFabledSnake Tue 03-Nov-15 09:18:49

Hey Dot, how was it yesterday? Hope you all had a good day. Were your little ones awake when your DH got home?

We had a bad day yesterday, hardly any naps but served for good sleep in the night.

How soon before they stop needing fed every 3 hours? Dd is nearly 5 weeks and get pattern hasn't really changed.

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