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upset about photos

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Giraffe5 Mon 12-Oct-15 00:39:01

Is anyone else becoming a little obsessed with photos? I keep seeing lovely photos of newborns and wishing I'd captured the same pose with my baby. I had this feeling with dd1 and now dd2 is here, I feel guilty I didn't take more of her and then hate that I can't get the same with dd2. We had some professional ones done of dd2 last week and I feel guilty we don't have the same for dd1.

RitaConnors Sun 25-Oct-15 06:14:11

We didn't take any photos in the hospital with dd2 as she looked so like dd1 we didn't see the point...

We are moving at the moment and I just came across a whole album of photos of dd1 from birth to about 8 months. I thought 'what was I thinking!' When I found them! Life isn't about capturing moments for photos. I didn't take any photos when I screamed dd1's name as she ran the 1500 at district athletics and I didn't take a single one when dd2 was the main part in the play at school because I wanted to watch her and take it all in.

You shouldn't go feel guilty about what you do or don't do as there is so much more to happen! I felt guilty when I couldn't breast feed but I listened to her read every night and took the day off for cross country.

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