Nov '05 Toddlers!

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Rodeo Tue 21-Nov-06 20:50:02

W3ll 1'm sur3 m0s7 0f 7h3m w1ll b3 dur1n9 7h1s 7hr3ad!

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browniechick Tue 21-Nov-06 21:05:18

Bugger - just posted and then you added a new thread! Well done you though - was only thinking about doing the same the other day, but as usual never got round to it!!!

Hey All - quickie from me (just before CSI Miami! and before I flake out, as am shattered, feel a bit pants, sore throat and so on, and have not long been in from Brownies etc!) Anyway,
We have had notice about Thomas's Hib & MenC booster - so have booked it for next week - will enquire what happens next as am now totally lost! so will let you know what I find out Chacha.
As for DS's party on Saturday - we are having an open house! This could involve as many as 30+ guests (and believe it or not, this is being kept small, as have only invited close family and friends!) Am going to attempt to make a cake! and have bought some fab ballons and a banner from tescos - less than £2 for the lot!!! so not sure how much help this is!? Have got lots of family up Diege's way, so 2 car loads are heading down, some staying over night, some going back after refreshments. Am keeping it simple, and just letting people drop in and out as they please, will make sure lots of coffee, soft drinks and a few nibbles are available, pizzas and so on!
Anyway, dashing off now as CSI Miami has just started!


Rodeo Tue 21-Nov-06 21:17:33

3v3n1n9! H0p3fully 1'll 937 a n3w lap70p dur1n9 7h1s 0n3 700! L&S Yay! A m0rn1n9 m337-up w0uld b3 l0v3ly, 900d j0b w17h 7h3 jabs - J03 lau9h3d dur1n9 h1s wh1ch was a l177l3 d1s7urb1n9 . Chacha H0p3 Z d03sn'7 s7ay up 70 la73 af73r h1s 5pm nap! Y0u nu773r ! S0 baby flav0ur, hmmm? W3ll 1'll s7and by my pr3d1710n 0f p1nk, bu7 y0ur 'Y1pp33!' 3xclama710n mak3s m3 7h1nk 17's blu3 (my r3as0n1n9 1s 7ha7 y0u l0v3 wha7 y0u hav3 alr3ady, 7h3r3f0r3 pr3f31n9 sam3 s3x s1bl1n9s 1YSW1M!) HMMMMMM?!?! N0va, awww, h0p3 y0u f33l br19h73r s00n, s33m 70 r3m3mb3r y0u f33l1n9 d0wn 3xp3c71n9 N00? H0rm0n3s hav3 a l07 70 answ3r f0r! 7ha7 1s sad ab0u7 D3c3mb3r Hav3 70 say y0ur 'L37 7ha7 n07 happ3n 70 us' mad3 m3 f33l 3m0710nal and 1'm n07 3v3n pr39nan7! D1393 H0w's y0ur p9 s1s73r? 99 9lad 7h3 b00k 7h1n9s 901n9 w3ll. W3 hav3 0ur Sch00l P7A Xmas Fayr3 7h1s Sa7urday, bu7 w3 d0n'7 hav3 a Usb0urn3 s7all - mayb3 y0u can f1ll 17?! Anyway, b3773r 90 and sp3nd s0m3 71m3 w17h dp! By3!

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Rodeo Tue 21-Nov-06 21:19:39

H1 Br0wn13! Hav3 a l0v3ly 71m3 7h1s w33k3nd! 7ry 70 r3m3mb3r 70 3nj0y 17!

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Beksmum Tue 21-Nov-06 22:16:13

Hi girls

Sorry to have been a bit absent, things here are rather stressful as my folks are having serious grief with their solicitor over selling their flat - not pretty but got to say on a selfish not am loving having them around!

Nova {{hugs}} to you hun, those flaming hormones, maybe Nat realises that she's yanking your chain on her naps which is why she settles so easy for her daddy, they really are manipulative little buggers at this age - Tom is attached to me like a limpet at the moment and won't be settled by anyone else. Just a thought is your buggy big enough that Nat could have her day time sleep in that once she's gone off on you, this is what I do with Tom most days and it works well for us - might be an idea.

Brownie hope Thomas has a great b'day the party sounds fab.

Chacha have you posted your address yet? Your right I think I have guessed but we'll just have to wait and see.

Nice news today one of my friends has gone into hospital to have her baby, so will have a new little boy in the fold in the next day or so - can't wait as her dh just adores Tom and they are going to make great parents.

Hi to L&S, GG Diege and everyone else I've missed

Right best go and let dh have his pc back, will try to catch up properly tomorrow. Beks

Diege Tue 21-Nov-06 22:41:27

Hi! Just a quickie from me as not long in from teaching (boo!!). Thanks for the new thread RODEO! Pregnant sister is doing really well (if that's what you were asking! )and she hasn't suffered with sickness this time either (with other two it lasted from 5 weeks till labour, with her throwing up into bowl on the labour ward .
Libby is much better now, thankfully, and has just finished her last dose of antibiotics tonight.I am so rubbish with sick children I must say, so pleased all round! BEKS: must be nice having the place to yourtself , and a little baby to hug and fuss over too, awww! BROWNIE: wow, sounds a busy weekend planned, but good fun too. Meant to say we might have bumped into you at Fun2be, as we were invited to a party there last sunday, 4.30 to 6.30, only we didn't go... too late, and L too grumpy!
Hi to everyone else! Felt really sad about the DEC thread NOVA're right,we will out-last them all!! .
Hope you're OK Londoner? Oh and TWINKLE, still up for meeting up next week? (28th)

GarfieldsGirl Wed 22-Nov-06 09:50:03

Well done Rodeo on the new thread. I'd love to come to your Christmas Fayre unfortunately it would cost me more in petrol than I'd get in commission .

Good to hear Libby is better Diege.

We'll all still be here when they're starting uni! There'll be no getting rid of us.

ChaCha Wed 22-Nov-06 15:40:12

Will catch up later but in the meantime question for Londoner please:

Am going with your party bag idea - how do you do the handprints? I thought a coloured piece of card folded into A5 with handprint inside but what do i use? Sorry for being so 'amateur' but I am!!!
Balloons - just normal balloons on string? We have a local shop that i usually get helium ballons from and they write names on them etc..but a bit pricey for all of them I think, won't bother, what can i use to write their names on balloons? Pls don't say a pen LOL, I think i'm losing the plot today.

My head is gone!!! Log on again later x

Londoner Thu 23-Nov-06 10:02:57


ChaCha, I would use a bottle of water-based paint like Reeves brand or similar from ELC they come ready mixed in a bottle. I would use a chubby paintbrush to paint his hand, he will prob giggle as it tickles and hopefully you can press his hand onto card/paper - your idea sounds good. If this is impossible perhaps get a big piece of card and let Zayn wipe paint all over it with the brush or just get his hand in paint and swipe it all over the card or do it in the garden and let him crawl on it with wellies on so you get his footprints, anything really. Once the big card is dry you can cut it into the card size you want and it is ready to use, if you follow? As for balloons I think helium sounds great but what i meant was just normal 'floppy' balloons, you can write on them before you blow them up or if you want something fancy I reckon you could do nice designs/writing on them with glitter glue pens once they're up, esp if they were helium, or maybe stickers?

Nova, I hope you're hanging in there, as Beks said I reckon the pushchair is invaluable for naps sometimes too. I think that if you need a sleep in the day and you enjoy the time and closeness with Noo, why not nestle down with her and nap too? Or if not how about tucking her into the pushchair at the nap time and going out for some retail therapy/fresh air and a bit of head space while she sleeps? I understand you might want to stick her to a bed routine though in which case I don't know, sorry.

Thanks for new thread Rodeo.

Diege, so glad L is better.

Right, got to go. Have been grappling with stinking coughs/colds here but onwards and upwards.

ChaCha Thu 23-Nov-06 12:41:30

Head Space - Yes, I could do with some of that today. Head Space - great terminology. I need that too but being the unorganised woman that I am this morning (consequence of early night) shower, ironing clothes, bottles, getting pram out of car etc..are all too much for me - do i sound sad?! I feel it!
DS will not leave my side, currently trying to pull safety gate down and shrieking, it has been like this since this morning and he will not sleep or play. When i sit on the rug with him to play with the toys he just wants to stand on my lap and cuddle/bite/pull hair/or listen to my awful voice singing until he gets bored and grizzles again. He has no temperature and doesn't seem to be teething, what could be wrong?
Londoner - thank you so much, what great ideas, as today seems to be going down the toilet i will try and get that all going tomorrow - what a day and it's not yet lunchtime! Sorry for moaning...right think the gate is about to come down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How's Nova?

Diege Thu 23-Nov-06 15:29:59

Hi everyone . CHACHA; sounds like Z is cruising into...'toddlerdom!!'...very tiring, frustrating at times...soemtimes I've found the bext thing is just to get yourself outsdie into a park,. or anywhere!! Easier said thah done though, as you've found out. Think you should congratulate yourself on how well you're doing though, as it must be shattering. I suppose a 'handover' to a willing relative is difficult?
LONDONER: love the balloon ideas - you know I never though about writing on balloons BEFORE inflating them - simple!!! Hope the coughs and cold aren't getting you donw, and you only just getting over the whooping cough!
Nothong much to report here, just pleased that we have good health for once! Hi to everyone!

Diege Thu 23-Nov-06 15:30:47

Oh rubbish, rubbish typing! I MUST start pressing the 'preview' button!!

Diege Thu 23-Nov-06 15:31:50

Oh rubbish, rubbish typing! I MUST start pressing the 'preview' button!!

novadandypowder Thu 23-Nov-06 15:34:44

Chacha - you have descibed noo to a T, she does exactly the same and it's driving me crazy. as BEKS says, 'clinging' and 'limpet' are two words that best sums up our relationship at the mo, she won't even go to DH or let me do anything that means my attention isn't 100% focused on her. She does sometimes play by herself but will quite often start crying just to make sure I'm watching. It's very tiring.

Still being ravaged by hormones, and you're right Rodeo I was feeling the same way last time. My bump is becoming noticable now and I feel like a freak - I don't like the way pg women look - and I feel very ugly and uncomfortable.

But enough moaning! Don't want to drag down the lovely new thread. I keep clicking on the Nov 06 by mistake, although I was able to offer some advice about nappies to a nervous mum to be yesterday.

Beksmum Thu 23-Nov-06 16:07:52

Hi quick one from me as the human limpet is attached, sympathy please had took ache yesterday went to dentist today and she took out my wisdom tooth - ouch, ouch, ouch.

Got to go the limpet has gone into meltdown

Hi to all Beks

novadandypowder Thu 23-Nov-06 16:15:11

I'm sure I've read somewhere that you should only eat ice cream after a tooth extraction , and it renders you completely unable to do any housework or cooking for at least 24 hours

LaylaandSethsmum Thu 23-Nov-06 17:22:46

Secret Santa
JenJam & Finn
Beks & Tom
Diege & Libby
Nova & Noo
L&Smum & Seth
GG & Sean
Rodeo & Jess
ChaCha & Zayn
Brownie & Thomas
Tessasmum and Ash

Have c& p from previous thread , the secret snata list, is there anyone not on there who ought to be?
Was wondering how we are going to divide it all up though and who sends to who? If we send messages on yahoo then everyone gets the message don't they! How about a txt to mobiles? Thats if peeps are happy to do that, we could put numbers onto yahoo and then ,me or whoever wants to do it , can send texts to everyone telling them who to send their pressie to!!Or does this sound just too complicated.?

Beks- hope the tooth/ gum is feeling a bit better, salt water works a treat, DH has a molar out on weds, is still milking it , although he does resemble a hamster now in some ways

Londoner- thats a good idea on how to get hand/footprints never thought of doing it on a bit card then chopping it up!!

Nova - Sorry you're feeling so down, being pg the second time is much harder than the first as you just don't get any rest really!!Maybe this 'limpet' stage will pass soon xx

Hi to everyone else!!!

ChaCha Thu 23-Nov-06 21:38:19

Hi girls,

I had to LOL at 'limpet' -
Nova - Well i'm glad someone else is in the same boat, feel better that i'm not going through it alone. After pinning him to the sofa next to me with some warm milk and whatever was on Cbeebies he finally gave in and went to sleep!! And he slept for 2.5 hours - snoring and all...woke up in a great little mood and played happily for ages. It was a tiring day, and i have to say a day as being up from 8am with him until he had this long nap was a 7 hour day as it was..he has only just started rubbing eyes again and is now in bath with DH - thank God! I'm just hoping this 'limpet' business is not an everyday 8-3pm thing because by the time he comes round to his normal little self I am absolutely cream crackered!

Beks - My sympathies!!! Ouch! You brave woman, the thought is making me weep! Haven't ignored your request to post address on Y group btw just don't want anyone sending anything when I haven't bothered getting off my backside to do so for anyone else!

On the Santa front, our names were added and that's fine but TBH as i don't do Christmas would it be okay if i participated but point out that we have an EID celebration that falls on New Years Eve and could we sort of combine the two for us? Does that make sense...? I will not feel at all offended if this is not okay, I just don't do Santa but am happy to do it for your kids if mine gets 'Eid' instead...

Sorry if this turned into monster post, long day, shattered and have no one to moan to. DH already had the waterworks on return home - must give poor guy a break. Thanks for listening x

novadandypowder Thu 23-Nov-06 21:45:41

ooo chacha we are definitly going through the same things at the moment. I am thankful every morning that noo goes to nursery as I find a whole day really draining.

a gift for Eid sounds like a fab idea, I'm sure everyone's happy to respect each others faiths .

LaylaandSethsmum Thu 23-Nov-06 21:52:23

ChaCha - of course Eid gift is absolutey fine! Do you buy the same sorts of presents that we would get for christmas or is there particular things that you buy? Eid mubarak!!!Just an incredibly nosey question but does your DH celebrate christmas? was wondering how you manage to combine the 2 celebrations if you do.
Am I right though that you are exempt from fasting at ramadan if you're pg? Am interested!

tessasmum Thu 23-Nov-06 22:37:54

Hello everyone!

This is turning into a weekly event - I get to post as DH has gone out and I have the laptop
I do get to read most of the time so am sort of keeping up.

ChaCha - think the EID idea is lovely.
Sounds like you have one active little boy there tho I seem to remember he didn't stop moving when we met up
Don't wear yourself out too much with all this mad birthday celebrations. I think Rodeo already said it, make sure YOU enjoy it too.

L&Smum - doing it by mobile might be good idea, can't think of another way without everyone knowing.

Nova - sorry you are feeling rotten, as L&Smum says its much harder 2nd time round tho at least we each had an older one who understood a bit when we told them we were tired/grumpy/weepy/etc It must be SO hard with such a little one.
We are just coming out of the limpet stage and its bl**dy hard work without being pg. He has got less limpet-like as he has got more mobile and will now entertain himself for quite a while. However it still keeps me busy as he is able to get into SO much - favourite things at the moment include nicking socks and spreading them liberally around the house, stashing things in his very own hidey-hole (which I now know exists as I followed him to it yesterday and was amazed at what was in there!) and posting things down the various holes in the exposed floorboards in the hall/kitchen that are waiting for the insurance people to get their act together and recover after our washing machine disaster of several months ago.
Don't know if it helps but I'd re-start the 'sleep when the baby sleeps' thing as much as you can. Most afternoons in later pg with Ash I would plonk Tessa at one end of the sofa and I'd flake out at the other end. We'd watch CBeebies or a video and I would invariably fall asleep Carried it on for a few months after Ash arrived, he just fell asleep on me too!

Londoner - how are the coughs after whooping cough? I can still get a really horrible cough with a cold sometimes, a possible legacy of whooping cough.
Did you ever get any further with the mad lift woman? I hope she realised she was out of order and apologised profusely.
Was quite surprised that 11+ still happens in England though its always been around in N. Ireland and I remember mine quite fondly (strange child!!) What does it involve now and what are the options if you pass/fail?

Brownie - you sound as busy as usual!

BEKS - OUCH!!! Poor you. Definately agree with Nova - ice-cream cures toothache, especially if laced with whiskey (or a tipple of your choice)

GG - sounds like a good start to the books. Just make sure you have as many things booked for Jan/Feb as possible as party stuff all goes REALLY quiet then. I had a bit of a nose at the local lady's stall at the w/e and there are a few books I'd quite like for Tessa. Her birthday is in February so that will be one sale for after Christmas for you!

It is sad about the December lot, don't think it will happen here tho. Did think that we might still be posting as pensioners (Gransnet anyone?) but then realised I will be the first one to make it and it will be....................when Tessa starts at Uni

Having shocked myself beyond belief (I am still 25 in my head!!)I am going to grab my slippers, make my cocoa and shuffle off to bed.
Night night all

tessasmum Thu 23-Nov-06 22:38:55

Sorry, that was a major epic

Diege Fri 24-Nov-06 12:25:02

Hi everyone! LOL at 'gransnet' TESSA...can you imagine us all fussing and fretting over our grandchildren, tutting about the new-fangled ideas about parenting . Good to hear all your news, and making the most of the PC too when you get the chance!
CHACHA, Eid present idea sounds fab. Re: secret santa, I'm happy to get a text, though as some of you know I am a complete ignoramous when it comes to texts and the like, so as long as I don't have to send one, that's fine . Just tell me what I'm doing!!
Right, better get some work done, the day is disappearing!

ChaCha Fri 24-Nov-06 16:08:08

Hi everyone,

I'm so pleased that we can combine the 'Eid' & 'Christmas' gifts, that's great news - thanks!
L&S - thank you for the Eid Mubarak That's lovely!! DH converted to Islam at the age of 20 so he's celebrated Eid instead ever since. I wasn't brought up a Muslim either so have experienced both - Christmas as a child and Eid when much older. Only my dad's side of the family celebrate the latter. Yes, we are exempt when PG although many women still do as they feel healthy enough - I am not one of those women and have missed 2 Ramadans in a row, just couldn't do it although i'd have liked to.
How's work btw?

Tessasmum - Really enjoyed reading your post and i found myself giggling at Ash's secret stash!! How hilarious is that?! DS has something similar in the space between the two armchairs but the socks scenario and floorboards is a classic!!! LOL.
Good advice to Nova, hope she takes it (are you listening Nova ) as lie down on the sofa with the Cbeebies is my only bit of rest...'my kids won't watch TV ...cough, splutter....'

Diege - Will also pop my mob no. on Y group later, it's a good idea.

Can i just say that this morning en route home from shopping centre I took Z to drop in centre for some playtime and watched him get pushed down by older child who then went to hit him too!!! It wasn't the boy's fault, he has disabilities and I think he was just trying to be affectionate in his own way - what i mean is, i don't think he meant harm as such but his carer was too slow in getting to him and I have never felt a feeling in my life like i felt when i saw my baby be pushed to the floor, his little face...he didn't know what the heck was going on. Well, i lifted him up and took him to another play area and talked to him (of course he'd forgotten all about it) and off we set for friend's house on way home. I called DH and burst into tears Feel really silly now but at the time i was distraught, is it always going to be like this? God help us when he starts school...

Seeing as he's asleep in pushchair should get on and do some tidying. Have decided not to go overboard on party (read a bit about it yesterday and how it can be traumatic for the child if there is too much going on etc..) so we are having 5 mums and partners and 7 babies between us with a table of fairy/queen cakes, fridge cake, pizzas, nibbles etc.. A few ballons and a banner. Thanks for all the tips and telling me to take it easy - think we'll leave the stress until the 18th when hopefully like me he'll just want to go out with his friends!

Sorry again if massive post. And Nova - nursery - sounds bliss!!!!! But the way i was today, can see me peering through nursery windows all morning... x

Beksmum Fri 24-Nov-06 21:39:01

Evening girls

Chacha of course celebrating Eid rather than Christmas is alright. Can't believe you haven't posted your address, get on with it woman i want to send Zayn a card and little pressie like the others, I don't care a jot if you haven't sent a card - you are pregnant you know which gets you out of everything Zayn's party sounds lovely by the way. By the way yep the protective tiger impulse will always be there no matter how old your kids get!

Brownie hope Thomas has a fab birthday tomorrow just in case I don't get online.

Feeling all broody tonight as went to the hospital to see my friend and her brand new baby boy, who is just gorgeous. the little monkey put his mum & dad through hell getting here eventually arriving via crash c-section but thankfully they are both fine and the new parents are grinning from ear to ear.

Thanks for the sympathy on the tooth front - Nova nothing gets me out of housework, no that's a lie having my mum here gets me out of a lot of it Hope you're feeling ok today.

Tessa fantastic update, Ash sounds just adorable and I had to laugh at the posting things down the floorboards, 'cos as I was reading it I turned round and Tom was doing just the same

Proud mummy emoticon please Tom has taken his first steps unaided, still prefers to walk on his knees but he's trying. not sure I want him to walk though 'cos then he won't be a baby anymore

Right off to watch Jam and Jerusalem, love to all Beks

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