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July 2015 - the very beginning, what's going on!!

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MissTwister Mon 20-Jul-15 09:29:18

Hi all

I couldn't see a July 2015 thread so thought I'd start one. My daughter was born on the 6th and the last two weeks have been fun and tiring - with not much sleep!

Anyone else around?


Thepurplegiraffe Tue 21-Jul-15 22:06:38

Hi MissTwister my daughter was born on the 8th July. I am with you on not much sleep, just waiting for things to settle down a bit.

MissTwister Wed 22-Jul-15 09:45:09

Hi purple giraffe - indeed, but when does this happen. My little one woke every hour during from 3pm till 7am wanting to feed! Exhausting!

Thepurplegiraffe Wed 22-Jul-15 10:28:50

I don't know, this is number 2 but I can't remember when things improved last time. We had wakeups every hour last night as well from 10pm onwards. If she didn't need feeding (she usually did) she had to be settled. She really seems to be struggling with wind which isn't helping.

MrsFbabyNo1 Wed 22-Jul-15 17:01:59

Hello both,

We are a week into enjoying our first son and it's great to join in this postnatal club with you!

So things going well so far, no major dramas and feeding is getting easier by the day. My boobs and nipples were on fire end of last few daysshock shock

We had 2 hourly feeds the night before last and 3hours last night (but then hourly from 6:30am). But then I worry should he be sleeping too long between feeds. Although if he's not demanding it I assume he's not needing it and needs the sleep instead!! so much learning and playing it by ear wink

Naturegirl82 Wed 22-Jul-15 18:01:50

Checking in.

Josh is 11 days old now. He's feeding and sleeping really well, usually stints of 3-4 hours at a time during the night. He's managed to put on 11 ozs in the last 6 days! shock He is very chilled.

SparklyPenguin Wed 22-Jul-15 18:11:15

Hi ladies- thanks for the thread!
Day 13 with first son here and we're yet to establish much of a sleep/feed pattern! For now, his bedtime is the same as ours (11/12ish) we do a little bath/ change/ feed/ cuddle routine then he's put into the bednest for first sleep stint (best we've managed= 5hrs) then waking hourly for feeds til I'm ready to get up at about 9am. He's put on a good amount of weight since birth, on breastmilk only, and my clumsy attempts at discreet feeding whilst out in public are getting somewhat easier as my confidence builds. Plus Lansinoh nipple cream is the best thing ever!
DH goes back to work on Friday, he does long shifts often at unsocial hours and I'm a bit daunted about going it alone at first- None of my family or friends are nearby, and my moods and hormones have been a bit all over the place after a rather bad birth experience with some residual effects: I'm weak and anaemic from large blood loss, and I discovered to my horror a couple of days ago that my episiotomy stitches had completely come apart. I'm back and forth from hospital to see what can be done, but fortunately at least not in any great pain any more. And just looking at my son's little face makes everything a little better smile

MissTwister Wed 22-Jul-15 19:09:29

I'm jealous of these babies sleeping 4 or 5 hours! Last 2 nights have been feeding hourly - have just been googling a bit and I think I might have an overactive let down of milk as she coughs and splutters at breast and only feeds for short periods - this has only happened last few days. She also doesn't really settle at night without being held - am getting very tired!

Sparklypenguin some of my episiotomy stitches split and I got a slight infection for which I am on antibiotics - they told me they never restiched though and they would heal naturally. The antibiotics are annoying as have to take every 6 hours with no food for 2 hours before or 1 hour after - it's just one more thing to worry about with sleep timings as mucked up as they are.

SparklyPenguin Wed 22-Jul-15 20:04:26

Yes MissTwister I'm back on some preventative antibiotics too- mine are supposed to be every 8 hours but if I'm napping then the pattern will have to shift- sleep's a precious commodity at this point! wink I've read through some other threads with people's experiences of epi stitches coming apart and it sounds like it's possible to heal itself over time, though looking at the area now that seems so unfeasible!

Charliej86 Wed 22-Jul-15 22:59:04

Hi little Franky boy was born 18th so we're heading to say 5. He's feeding and sleeping well. Today we had a 5 hour sleep. But we seem to get 2 3 hour sleeps and 2 2 hour feeds in a day and in between feeds can be anything from 2-40 mins. Get a few good awake times too. In honesty I feel very luck with him.

I am making a rod for my own back tho as Im letting him sleep on or next to me constantly. I did swaddle today and he slept fab on his own so I'm going to make more use of that even to just get bits done in the house.

OH works 12 hours and had to go straight back to work which were both struggling with. Him coz he's missing his boy and me coz I feel abit lonely. My niece has been a great help tho, mainly looking after DD and DS1 but needed.

I got my appointment through to check on my stitches from 3rd degree tear and it's not for 11weeks. I was told 6-8 weeks. I'm not comfortable with it goin to mention it to midwife tomorrow.

Tilly73 Thu 23-Jul-15 12:20:47

Hi lo is 2 weeks old today, born on the 9th of July
She tends to wake more for feeds in the night blush our GP suggested we move to Australia..not very helpful lol
I feel very chilled with her (she's my third and I'm an older mum), jealous of the 5 hour sleep babies smilesmile

smallgreenbanana Fri 24-Jul-15 02:03:42

Hi folks, my little girl was born on 8th July by EMCS so learning the hard lessons about breastfeeding as well as trying to recover from the surgery.

Milk finally came in today. Been having fun with an electric pump so that one of the night feeds can be delegated.

Also I've got a numb patch on the top of my buttock and some pain/strange tingle type sensations in my legs. Anaesthetist said it was nothing to do with the epidural so I know that's OK. Having had L5 problems before being pregnant, I suspect that the lengthy lying on my back as part of the treatment I had in hospital has resulted in nerve impingement. I'm going to call my osteopath even though I can't go to see him so soon after the surgery. smile confused

smallgreenbanana Fri 24-Jul-15 04:31:42

I am relieved to read about all the different experiences of sleep/feed timings. We thought we are doing something wrong when she needs multiple feedings (5 x breast visits + some formula top up, at one point yesterday!) and would not go back to sleep for her normal 3-4 hour cycle. I've been struggling with painful nipples but yesterday they started to ease up so I'm much more comfortable with just sticking her on when she needs multiple feeds or just comfort (sometimes she just falls asleep still on the breast only to wake up and continue a couple of minutes later!) Now I can see that there's no set pattern at all and not to worry! Phew. Makes it easier to manage!

I had to ring the hospital this afternoon as she's been having diarrhoea the last day or so. They said it might be expected with breastfed babies at this point and not to worry!! Anyone else finding that different is the new normal?? Babies are really perplexing!

We are having her weighed etc. later today. Really hope that all our perseverance with breastfeeding is paying off. We could do with some good news.

DM was summons yesterday to help out - thank goodness. We are struggling to replicate the regular solid food and regular painkiller regime, and she has helped enormously.

Sorry for the long post. Really impressed by ladies who have made it out of the house!!!!

Sunshineandwaves Fri 24-Jul-15 05:52:02

Can I join?

Had DD on 18 July. I also have two DS age 3 and 5, it's been challenging looking after 3 so far. DD was delivered by EMCS which has left me pretty knocked. So far my DD won't let me put her down, just wants to constantly bfeed and sleep on me. It's exhausting!!

smallgreenbanana Fri 24-Jul-15 06:21:59

Oops missed off a digit - born 18th July!! 8th was my due date!

MissTwister Fri 24-Jul-15 08:13:22

Smallgreenbanana - I think runny poo is normal for BF and is not diarrhoea. Our nearly 3 week olds is mostly liquidy.

No pattern is definitely the way here so don't worry. Last night was a great night with 2.5-3 hrs between feeds and settling quickly after. But I know tonight may be a different story!

Im also suffering with bad pelvic pain - physio has said whole right side of my pelvis has slipped down. Ouch

MissTwister Fri 24-Jul-15 08:17:28

Hi Sunshineandwaves of course you can join!

Sorry to hear you're suffering after EMCS and, yes, it is all exhausting. We're promised it will get better though so hang in there!


captaincloud Fri 24-Jul-15 08:46:43

Hello, mine was born 4th July, 3 weeks old tomorrow- 3 weeks has never felt like such a long time before! I guess usually you aren't awake for so much of it.

I had episiotomy infection too and couldn't walk for the first ten days, luckily DH on paternity leave so could do nappy changes etc.

Breastfeeding is hard and tiring but I'm holding on to the idea it will get easier.. Lanisoh cream is the best thing ever.

She is gorgeous though and spending much more time awake and alert which is lovely!

smallgreenbanana Fri 24-Jul-15 14:30:07

Thanks MissTwister. That's also what the maternity assistant person said today while LO was being weighed and pricked. She's put on some weight! It's amazing! Fed from milk made by me. Awesome!

Being a mummy makes you become resourceful. I realised today that I can pick up a muslin on the other side of the bed using a biro. grin Lots of other things like that. Anyone else do this?

MissTwister Fri 24-Jul-15 15:05:52

Oh yes - hook and pull is a regular manoeuvre!

Thepurplegiraffe Fri 24-Jul-15 20:11:25

Evening all. Great to hear how everybody is doing. We have mostly been doing ok but dd has been having a number of symptoms that could point to silent reflux and which have been having us up almost every hour for a few nights as well as not being able to put her down during the day.
We mentioned our concerns to the HV yesterday who advised us to see the gp asap so we did. She could tell dd is in a bit of pain so gave us some infant gaviscon which seems to be helping though potentially making her constipated. The last time we tried to give it to her though she just gagged and spat most of it back out so any advice on how to get them to take it would be welcome.
Hope all the babies are doing well.

MissTwister Fri 24-Jul-15 20:37:48

Sorry to hear about the reflux - what are the signs of it?

smallgreenbanana Sat 25-Jul-15 12:14:01

We had such a lovely relaxed morning with our LO who is one week old today! No doubt it won't last but it feels amazing to have been on top of things for a few hours!!

Charliej86 Mon 27-Jul-15 13:57:55

Day 9 had another midwife visit today, getting a bit sick of them but little man lost a bit more weight than would have liked when he was weighed on day 5. Day 7 he had lost another 10g. This midwife suggested it could be a combination of him being a big baby and his jaundice Slight change in feeding habits and today he's put on 60g. It's a gain tho and I'm happy about that.
Was ready to change to formula today of had been another loss.

MissTwister Mon 27-Jul-15 20:03:37

I enjoyed the MW visits as I liked baby being checked on - I miss them now they're gone, can't believe the HV won't come until September!

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