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Any November babies out there?

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Benjaminsmummy Wed 05-May-04 11:41:10

Just wondering if there are any other November babies lurking out there?

DS is 5 and a half months old (nearly!) and is a very important part of our family. He's been eating other food for 3 weeks now and current favourites are sweet postato and banana (although not at the same time).

Often feel he should have some sort of routine - was looking at the 6 month routine thread - but apart from the new routine of 6:30 pm bath and then mummy milk and bed, that seems to be about it. Food happens somewhere around lunchtime and there's a sleep about 2 hours after he wakes up.

Will probably discover there are no other November babies and I am talking to myself but I'm sure there must be some!

elliott Wed 05-May-04 13:12:09

Hi there, ds2 is a beginning Dec baby, don't know if that counts? We did have a Nov/Dec babies thread but we seem to have been particularly useless at keeping up
your routine sounds perfectly adequate to me if your baby is happy with it!
I'm a bit more keen on structure but ds2 has to fit in around ds1, fortunately he's pretty flexible! The main thing I do is try to get him down for a nap about 2 hours after getting up, but the length of the naps can vary a lot. Usuallly he has a shortish one am, then a longer one at lunchtime and a variable late afternoon nap depending on how tired he seems. Bed at 7pm sharp though with big brother! Solids late morning and teatime so far.

Grommit Wed 05-May-04 14:36:51

Yes I am still here. Ds is 5 months now (27/11)and doing fine - still sleeping alot - 45mins am, 2.5 hrs lunchtime and 45 mins pm then 7pm-7am! He is on 3 meals a day but strangely not gaining weight very fast. He has been suffering from coughs and colds so now has an inhaler (hoping it is just baby asthma as dd had this.
I went back to work yesterday
Hi Elliott - where is everyone else?!

Decmum Wed 05-May-04 14:53:34

My lo was born on 1st Dec so I'm with you on the stage of development.

Our routine seems similar to the others mentioned.....
7am lo wakes up
9am nap (45 mins to 1 hour)
12noon nap (45 mins to 2 hours)
pm 30 min nap if necessary

7am milk
11am milk & fruit/veg
2.30pm milk
5.30pm milk & fruit/veg
6.30pm post bath comfort milk

Having varying success with the solids...some days he seems to think it's all a great laugh and other days he resolutely refuses any attempt to eat anything other than the spoon. Must admit I'm slightly dreading adding proteins to the mix...pureed chicken and cheese etc. Yuk! Anyone mastered the aproning bit...I've tried draping in muslins, the plastic backed bib and the dad holding on to your hands whilst mum scoops it in (he loves this because he's getting such undivided attention). The classic is when he manages to grab the spoon on the way in....thank goodness we were planning to get rid of the kitchen carpet anyway.

geekgrrl Fri 07-May-04 10:30:19

also here with ds born 25/11... very envious to see all the good sleepers here - ds has a habit of getting totally wedged in his cot several times a night and then panicking, he takes forever to settle down again only to do a repeat performance a few hours later. Bloody nuisance!!
Other than that he's a very cute baby, they're so sweet at this age
He doesn't have much of a routine as he's got two sisters and we're always out and about, and he's still fully breastfed. Generally he goes to bed at 7pm and them does his first wedge-panic at 2am...

Benjaminsmummy Fri 07-May-04 11:22:38

DS just rolled over fron his tummy to his back! I am very excited!

I think he was doing it to celebrate being 5 and a half months old today (born 22/11/03)

Ixel Fri 07-May-04 11:56:34

thats bizarre...ds has just done the roll today, for the first time, about an hour ago!!! He was born 18/11

sar7 Sat 08-May-04 07:57:21

Hi everyone, I have a Nov babe, 4/11. She's lovely! I've been trying to get her on to solids for a few weeks, it's a bit slow going but I think we're making progress now. She's a great little sleeper and lately when I've been visiting friends I've been putting her in to their childrens' cots and she will sleep quite happily. We don't really have a routine, I prefer to think of it as a pattern. She has a nap every 2 hours and eats around every 2.5 hours. Seems to like everything to be little and often! I also have a DS who is nearly 3. Also lovely.

mumbojumbo Sat 08-May-04 08:45:28


DS2 w as born on 9th November andis 6 months old tomorrow (where did the time go!)

He is developing a lovely personality - very mellow and putting on weight very well. He is on 3 meals a day and still breastfed. Doing OK! Not sure whether we have a routine as such - couldn't write it down anyway. We seem to muddle through and even get out of the house on a regular basis so hopefully doing something right.

DS1 (2 and a quarter) loves him to bits and we've only seen a few moments where the green eyed monster has appeared.

Managing to juggle two little ones, although it does get stressful at times. Last night, it took over 2 hours to get ds1 to settle down in bed whilst trying to b/feed ds2. Where was dp when I needed him?!

DP is off to the states for a week or so at the beginning of June (I'm getting worried all ready!). And we are getting married on 19th June - it's going to be a busy month!

Good to read all the other posts about November babes!

susanmt Mon 10-May-04 14:14:13

Hi, I have a November baby too, she'll be 6 months on the 28th May.

We have a loosish routine, but I never got on well with routines anyway She wakes up about 8, has milk and a bath (I always bath the others in the morning too as baths seem to perk my kids up rather than making them settle for bed!), and then the rest of the day is pretty flexible. She's had a few tates of solids but isn't really very keen and has been back on only Mummy milk this week as she's had a nasty cold (brought home form nursery by dd1).

She sleeps in the morning for a bit and the afternoon for a bit and feeds as she feels like it, abotu 2ce in the morning and again in the afternoon. We might try some veggies at teatime if she's hungry, but I've pretty much stopped for now as last week she was spitting them all over the place, and taking nothing in at all. She goes to bed at about 7.30, depending on when I get a chance to feed her in amongst putting a 4yo and a 2yo to bed and whether dh is here or not to help.

She's awake once or twice in the night, depending on goodness knows what. Mostly I do the night feeds but sometimes dh gives her a bottle of ebm, but as he is often up in the night with work he tends to do the feeds when he is up anyway.

I had an awful time with pnd after she was born (she was unplanned and I had a very very bad pregnancy) but as I have got better I have enjoyed her more and more and she's noe really part of the family. The other 2 have never shown any signs of jealousy, they just adore her, and so do we.

Jennisaurus Mon 10-May-04 21:34:05

I have a November baby 6mths on Wednesday.

She eats most things but has a sweet tooth already! and her routine depends on whether I am working or not that day!

Usual night time routine is some food at 6, then a bottle afterwards and she falls asleep on the bottle. Refuses to drink anything later, and wakes up between 1 and 2 and then wakes up again at 6. Desparetly want to get her sleeping through the night.

She has an afternoon nap usually at around 1ish, but depends on the day.

Lisa has a november baby as well, and I am sure she is round somwehere

Greengage Mon 10-May-04 21:55:38

I have an 18 month old - does that count?

geekgrrl - you might find that putting DS into a grobag will help. I did, this time last year when DD decided she preferred sleeping on her tummy.

I've stuckly very rigidly to a routine of 7am to 7pm, which works well for us. When DD was about 6 months I gave up the afternoon nap as the lunchtime nap got shorter and shorter. This worked pretty well for a time, and then I had to shorten her morning nap so she would have a good 1.5 to 2 hrs nap at lunchtime. DD still regularly has a nap of 2-3 hrs (3 is rare). I recommend doing all you can to make sure they continue to have a good nap at lunchtime.

But in the end you have do whatever works for you and fits in with the rest of your family.

meandthomas Tue 11-May-04 11:03:01

hi, my ds was born on 17th. its good to know that there are others out there. hes grouchy so had better go...

susanmt Fri 14-May-04 14:44:56

My dd2, borh 28.11.03, has just SAT UP ON HER OWN for the first time!!!
THe other 2 were well past 6 months before they did this and she's only 5.5 months! SHe's not terrible steady but she's sitting here on the floor with the v-shaped nursing pillow round her and she's grinning all over her little face!!

I'm a weepy old proud Mummy!

Benjaminsmummy Tue 18-May-04 21:11:53

We all seem to be fairly quiet on here - are our babies wearing us out?

DS was definitely trying it on before - he went to bed (cot?) OK then starting whimpering progressing into wails. I went up and offered him more mummy milk. He then blew raspberries on my nipple. Strange sensation.

I found this funny and started to snigger - had to close my eyes and look away as he smiled happily at me. Finally put him in bed wide awake, gave him a kiss and have been waiting for the past 90 minutes for him to wake up (being the pessimistic home alone mummy that I am).

Last Friday's rolling was a one off - congratulations susanmt's DD for doing sitting up. DS manages for a few seconds and then sinks slowly!

PicadillyCircus Wed 22-Sep-04 19:58:31

Thought I would try bringing this one up again - have changed my name from Benjaminsmummy since May, although he is very much still my baby!

He's 10 months old today, crawling everywhere, is developing a lovely sense of humour (well he laughs at me anyway) and seems to be enjoying nursery now that I've gone back to work

Any November and December babies out there still?

Oooggs Wed 22-Sep-04 20:09:25

DS is crawling very fast and has just managed to start pulling himself up onto his feet. Aghhhhh. Bless. Teeth - I think are a problem at the moment not alot of sleep for either of us

PicadillyCircus Wed 22-Sep-04 20:11:39

Sorry about the lack of sleep

I manage to have a baby who loves sleep which is good as both DH and I do too.

Thank you for coming to this thread

clairabelle Wed 22-Sep-04 20:49:55

dsis a november baby and v lovely he is too.

PicadillyCircus Wed 22-Sep-04 21:17:09

When was your DS born Clairabelle? Mine was 22nd November (not surprising as he's 10 months today)

clairabelle Wed 22-Sep-04 21:18:37

You've caught me! I was only sneaking in for a quick look.Ironing didn't get you then?

clairabelle Wed 22-Sep-04 21:19:02

Ds 14th nov. Yummy yummy boy

PicadillyCircus Wed 22-Sep-04 21:19:39

Mine is very yummy too

clairabelle Wed 22-Sep-04 21:20:41

Is he your first? I've gota very yummy dd too 4 (but I'm nearly 5 now mummy)

Oooggs Thu 23-Sep-04 10:36:06

Last night was a huge sleep improvement. 7pm - 4am (6oz bottle) then 4.10am - 7.45am. Hurrah. I feel slightly more normal today. (Only slightly )

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