March '13 - packing up our troubles and getting excited about the new babies

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ecofreckle Fri 08-May-15 20:39:37

It's that time again. This thread is going to explode with squishy babies. Which is nice.

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StormyBrid Fri 08-May-15 22:13:25

Ta for the new thread. The old one ended on a bit of a downer. Shall we make this one a bit better? I'll start with an attempt at some optimism.

Stuff Wot Is Good:
No more Farage
I got the lawn mowed by my brother minutes before the rain started
There's apparently a duck shop behind my bath taps that sells ice cream
No zombie apocalypse yet.

Anyone got anything to add to my list?

ecofreckle Fri 08-May-15 22:28:03

I found a single piece of cake left over that I'd overlooked.
I managed to get through the election coverage today/yesterday without seeing George O's face.
Ecotod today said 'mummy is beautiful' (having spent an afternoon with her father).
We live in a democracy.
There are some babies what will borned soon.
My husband may become a parish councillor on Monday.
It's over familiar fecking Friday you Sexy Bastards.
Wotta's got a new car.
Worse can breathe.
Yummy is presently looking ahead not just to a weekend but a whole week of work free time.
Something is to be married to what Facebook suggests is a romantic softy :-)
Rainbow is ............ (fill in the blank often chip in with words of advice but don't share much of your bigger picture.....what great thing is going down for you presently?)
I'm having a bath toddle free (because of the election we were home alone last night so Ecotod and I shared the bath and it was lovely and sweet and fun but stretching out and not being washed is nice too).
Anyone else?

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worserevived Fri 08-May-15 22:49:11

Regardless of political affiliations the end of the election process finally brings some certainty into the market place, which will have a positive affect on the economy. There has been an awful lot of holding back and waiting to see what happens.

Someone told me today that I no longer look like death grin

Babax will soon have a virtual playmate in the form of Baby-Shattered

The Toddle slept through without any nightmares last night

My SIL is 12 weeks pregnant and her scan went well. This is the SIL who due to fertility problems has not been able to look at or speak to me for 2 years, or my other SIL for 6 months, or in other words since we both had babies. I'm so happy it has finally happened for her.

DH has been very supportive and very hands on with the dcs while I have been unwell. I'm relieved and grateful as for a moment I thought the sh*tty version of himself might be coming back.

It's Friday. Who doesn't love a Friday?

worserevived Fri 08-May-15 23:00:46

Affect? Affect???? Did I really write that? Getting that one wrong is one of my biggest pet hates! Can I blame sleep deprivation confused

WottaMess Fri 08-May-15 23:42:11

Ha, for years I had affect and effect pinned to my desk calendar!

I do have s new car. Well dh does. I aim to have one for me this summer. Fx that goes well.

And fm has a viewing tomorrow on her house, so worse it didn't take long for that certainty to have some affect effect. ��

Plonkysaurus Sat 09-May-15 07:20:13

Ooh me too! Lovely to read everyone's positive tales.

Ds was not offered a nap yesterday and as a result slept the clock round.
I have had the 10 hours sleep I definitely needed, and have woken up feeling well and happy.
I know it's early but I think I have felt the baby moving a couple of times in the last day or two.
I have put my money where my mouth is and joined a party.

Stormy tell us about this duck come ice cream shop. Sounds like my kinda joint. also apparently Farage feels his party is vair popular with women under thirty. That includes you! grin he always was good value for a giggle.

Eco excellent news on the bath and the councillor husband.

Worse Yay for feeling better and for your SIL. I hope she is able to share her happiness with you in time.

SomethingBeginningWith Sat 09-May-15 08:05:50

Ooh I love this. And I love reading all the lovely things.

Mine and the romantic softy's wedding rings arrived today (plus a little present each for the bridesmaids and best man) and they're beautiful and I want to wear it always.
Being off sick from work meant a few hours to myself yesterday where I got to watch a soppy film.
There are ciders and prosecco in the fridge.
You're all definitely sexy bastards.

I'm glad lots of nice things are happening to everyone grin

We went for dinner at mil's last night with sil and the niece and nephew. Niece, who is 2 in August, is just astounding - "niece is sitting in her chair and eating her dinner with her fork and spoon". DS was just next to her showing us all how he could put food in his mouth and, after a quick bit of chewy magic, it disappears! shock

StormyBrid Sat 09-May-15 09:02:10

Sun's shining
Fartypants got her changing mat out and parked herself on it when we got up this morning, no fuss
It's my birthday very soon
Three weeks tomorrow FP is off to the Land of SomePlonk again and I get to sleep
Four weeks yesterday my sister will be here (for one night only)
Still no zombie apocalypse.

yummychocolate Sat 09-May-15 11:48:19

Awww what a lovely happy new thread!

Ds now says "I love you mummy" immediately followed by "I love daddy". He is just adorable. He kisses the phone when we speak to grandparents and his uncle on the phone.

I have 4 days left at work. 3 in the office and 1 in court. I am glossing over the fact I will be unemployed for a bit.

Also, because ds woke at 6 I got lots of chores done by 10am smile

StormyBrid Sat 09-May-15 12:29:55

Fartypants would say I love you too a couple of months back, but she's stopped saying it at the moment. Although she did say she loves the cat yesterday. We've had the littlest niece round this morning, and watching them play together is adorable. As are the cuddles.

Shatteredmamma1 Sat 09-May-15 13:12:57

Thanks for the new thread eco grin
Ok, positives. i no longer look like death smile that's a great compliment worse !!
I have made a decision on naps which I'm happy with so that is no longer stressing me out. Due to this I am currently lying down in bed grin
It was unexpectedly hot on our trip out this am (so I now have thousands more freckles - this was not necessarily the positive bit!)
I do not have to do any paid work for the rest of 2015 grin
I will hopefully soon have a squishy newborn for babax to look huge against. ignoring the labour first!
DS has slept thorough the night again recently. He is also happier and having marginally fewer tantrums..
It's Saturday wink
UKIP aren't in power. !!

That'll do me. plonk I was hoping the baby might have arrived on the last thread so I could have lived up to expectation but never mind!!

Shatteredmamma1 Sat 09-May-15 13:13:45

Oh and wotta 11.5 is normal here so I would call that normal. Is a micro mini a normal mini? Hope it's lush smile

yummychocolate Sat 09-May-15 15:34:56

Ah wotta I forgot 11.5 is in the normal range but on the low side of normal. Anaemia sucks. I feel for you.

worserevived Sat 09-May-15 16:08:02

Shattered Babax will definitely look huge. He's out grown 3-6 month sleep suits already. He's 12 weeks confused. I'm going to be one of those mothers with a towering son looking down at them aren't I. Ah well...

StormyBrid Sat 09-May-15 18:30:46

More positives:

Fartypants has been in a good mood all day despite not having a nap. Makes everything feel marginally less bleak.

ecofreckle Sat 09-May-15 19:52:34

I realise that this is not S and B but can I ask what you think about this ensemble please? I am going to a wedding on Friday. Will I do? Been a long time since I've had to try and look nice. Ignore purple legs!

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worserevived Sat 09-May-15 20:01:38

Gorgeous. You'll do! I wish I had green shoes. I want green shoes now!

ecofreckle Sat 09-May-15 20:05:23

Just imagine the compliments if you had green shoes on top of no cough and some sleep! You should have some red shoes too (red shoes no knickers!). Thanks worse. Thought I might look like a three year old so it was good to check!

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worserevived Sat 09-May-15 20:12:10

I'd be fighting them off Eco... sure I would wink

worserevived Sat 09-May-15 20:23:24

Before I forget, not a positive as such, but might raise a smile...

It's a hotel one. We're putting skylights in to brighten up some of the top floor rooms. This obviously means cutting through the roof. It even more obviously means not doing so if there are guests in the rooms below. Hardly rocket science... or so you'd think.

Yesterday we got a call, from the manager, Apparently one couple were very upset as when the wife was in the bath the builders had started to cut through the ceiling above her head shockconfusedgrin. Apparently he'd offered them a discount... so that made it ok. Yes? Well no, not in my book it didn't. Can you imagine. Relaxing in the bath. Bubbles. Glass of wine. Book. Big saw above your head... Would kind of spoil the mood.

All's well that ends well though, as DH told the manager to take them up to the newly refurbed room, and offer them a free night on a day of their choosing if they liked it. They liked it so much they decided to book a further two at the full rate. Disaster averted and all, but still gringrinshock

Plonkysaurus Sat 09-May-15 20:27:35

Lovely eco. Awesome shoes! Please take a cardi in case it's a bit parky.

Worse shock that makes me think of the time I was at Brownie Camp, on the loo just before bed, when the bloody fire alarm went off. I was so panicked I ran out of my own trousers.

WottaMess Sat 09-May-15 21:20:56

Very nice Eco grin.

Im struggling with positives today, done a lot of crying, just can't cope with any more financial stress. I keep trying to find ways forward and look on the bright side but right now I'm struggling. It'll probably seem better in the morning but I am just so sick of every bloody thing going wrong.

But it feels very self indulgent to feel so self absorbed and miserable when so many people have it worse and actually even Worse has had it worse recently and i do get that. Just very very very tired I think.

Sorry. (Pulls self together).

They are Great shoes Eco. That is positive! grin

ecofreckle Sat 09-May-15 21:25:54

Thanks plonk and Wotta.

Wotta love we've gone from one decent salary and one bad one to one decent one and a very sporadic one. Our life is different but we pay the bills. Don't do much on top of that that costs money but it's ok for now. Could you cope with a few changes? Tell us more love. I think you're looking at housing your mum too aren't you? Could it be time for a radical shake up where everything goes into the pot of possible? Big love your way. If you're feeling so poo right now maybe it's best to have some wine and think about possibilities in the morning x

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WottaMess Sat 09-May-15 21:36:34

Up for changes Eco but no good ones are happening! Don't want to reorganise finances too much as likely to fuck up mortgage stuff if when we finally can sort out moving. But no sign of movement on the house front. It doesn't seem to be just us, nothing's doing locally, but soooo frustrating.

And while new car is good I am unspeakably pissed off over other car stuff - just don't ask. It's impossible to believe how shit our luck with cars can be. But all the money in the world has now been spent on cars!!! Argh! Sorry, just pissed off and needing to vent and run out of cope.

Will take my pity party away now and go and load the dishwasher as that will at least give me clear countertops - a positive.

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