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We've no time for JSing. We're battling green nappies, sleepless nights, x-box playing men and trying to hide our sling addictions. Fuck it, let's do a runner on a golf cart.

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TheBooMonster Wed 15-Apr-15 12:08:37

A lovely thread for all the JS Grad Grads to chat feeding, sleep and post-birth STUFF.

Just Shagging 43

Just Shagging Grads 25

Roll call please ladies and perhaps add the number of slings and buggies you have acquired at the time of posting... wink

TheBooMonster Wed 15-Apr-15 12:13:51

Name: Boo
Age: 25
DC: 2DD, 29 months and 3 weeks plus one 33 going on 13 DH
Buggies: 1 (The Tank)
Slings: 5... And one that's on holiday here...

ZylaB Wed 15-Apr-15 12:33:37

Name: Zyla
Age: 37 (which is good as I spent about a month thinking I was 38 a few weeks ago!)
DC: one little girl who's 9 and a half weeks now!
Buggies: one, uppababy vista which is ace
Slings: caboo and I've just ordered this connecta because I have no will power!. The new sling also meant I had to order a pachpack style changing bag in case I'm by myself and want to sling her, so I now have 2 ace changing bags as well, which could be the start of another new addiction/obsession! grin

WilHarlot Wed 15-Apr-15 13:19:13

Good work Boo. And good work zyla on your connecta buying. I want a full and frank review in a week's time please.

Love a bit of cuntybollocks by the way.

Some lovely lady just gave me her car parking ticket. Love the kindness of strangers.

Pisghetti Wed 15-Apr-15 14:29:17

Name: Pisghetti
Age: 35
DC: 14yr old young man and 3 week old diva
Buggies: one iCandy cherry with a plethora of accessories
Slings: 2 - 1 Moby D stretchy wrap and a Rose&Rebellion baby carrier
Changing bags: 2 but neither suitable for slings so maybe a third will be on the way

Minion Wed 15-Apr-15 15:09:47

Name: Minion
Dc:1 little rugrat, 16+1 weeks, currently obsessed with my arm?!?
Accessories: nothing exciting except maybe captain calamari.
Baby carrier x1, but really like the look of that connecta!

WilHarlot Wed 15-Apr-15 15:47:11

My frigging oven is broken.

ZylaB Wed 15-Apr-15 16:04:26

Aww wil sad. Good excuse for take away?

I currently have the world food mountain of bolognaise in the slow cooker, reckon there's 12 portions in there! I meant to do a freezer stock pile before I had H but hospital got in the way and this is the first time I've been organised and awake enough to sort it since!

JuniDD Wed 15-Apr-15 16:15:39

pulls up in golf buggy

Good work zyla & sorry about the oven wil, stovetop/microwave meals all the way?

Name: Juni
DC: 1 DD nearly six (6) months old. HTF did that happen?
Slings: five
Buggies: two

Been out to our local wetlands place. Amazing day for it and babyJ coped very well. Went with a friend who LOVES babies and had to battle to hold her much. But hey, it's good for her to get used to other people. She's currently lying on her mat gnawing Sophie. I'm trying not to look at the photos from today. I look DREADFUL.

JuniDD Wed 15-Apr-15 16:16:46

Oh zyla that connecta is really nice. I like the geometric one, called Estella...which was on the name list, funnily enough!

WilHarlot Wed 15-Apr-15 16:32:04

I ate crisps and biscuits and a banana and a microwave chinese meal

Sounds lovely Juni. Does she sleep a lot whilst you're out? This one crashes out in the fresh air. I also look hideous atm. Need to make a hair appointment.

I'm bored. I should be sorting laundry but I know I'll get screamed at if I put her down.

ZylaB Wed 15-Apr-15 16:34:57

The estella was one of our possibles smile. It should be here tomorrow


Minion Wed 15-Apr-15 19:01:47

Right there with you on the hair wil, although the rate I'm shedding there'll be none left.
It's everywhere.

Nessalina Wed 15-Apr-15 19:32:37

Name: Ness
Age: 32
DCs: One DS - J aged just over 5 months
Buggies: lovely iCandy Apple 2 Pear which he's just about outgrown the bassinet of - we're going to have to upgrade to the big buggy attachment!! shock
Slings: 2 that he loathes (moby & baby Bjorn) but I think the connecta looks smashing smile I need to get me to a sling library!

I've booked a long weekend to a random Balkan country with an NCT friend blush Had my 4th visit to the bloody post office today to sort out J's passport and it's still not right so I'm now panicking that it's not going to come in time!

Sympathies on the oven Wil!

Nessalina Wed 15-Apr-15 19:32:57

Genius thread title by the way grin

JuniDD Wed 15-Apr-15 19:43:28

Yes, it is a great title.
Holiday with babies and female friend ness? That sounds a bit awesome!

She sleeps about the same amount outside wil, possibly less as there's far too much to look at. God, it was stressful trying to keep Miss Lily-white out of the sun with my friend desperate to carry her round the whole time.

cookielove Wed 15-Apr-15 20:38:48

Name: cookielove
Age: 33 (just)
DC: ds 8 months (6 1/2 adjusted)
Slings: 3 but planning to sell 2. Keeping baby Bjorn!
Pushchairs: 1 but may get an umbrella soon as more convenient!

RPopz Wed 15-Apr-15 21:00:41

You buggers, moving house without telling me! grin

DS 15+ something (lost count, embarrassingly!)
Pram: 1 - also upgrading to the big boy pushchair attachment this week as the bassinet is ridiculously narrow
Slings: 2 mine, 1 on loan and 1 I'm bidding on on eBay grin

That connecta is lovely Zy smile I'm bidding on the Zoology one on eBay. If I don't win it I'm going to get the Dino print one from the Connecta site. I could easily order one in every design tbh blush Wil - I really recommend them, they're so easy to get on. Not as faffy as most slings. Structured but still soft iyswim. Its basically just one rectangle of fabric that folds under their bum, a waist strap and two shoulder straps that cross at the back.

DS didn't go to sleep til 11.45 last night! shock I had to wake him up to take him out this morning... little bugger.

RPopz Wed 15-Apr-15 21:01:44

I also "need" a backpack style bag to go with my sling... smile Can't seem to find what I want.

TheBooMonster Wed 15-Apr-15 21:02:06

wil I tired to bleach mine the other day in my desperation to go blonde... it's blonde at the ends, blonde at the roots and bright red in the middle, looks gorgeous hmm gonna have to wait till she's going three plus hours between feeds before I can get it fixed though as DH is useless at feeding her from a bottle... unless I can get a mobile hairdresser to work some magic...

Rubbish on the broken oven wil! is the hob still in action or has the whole lot gone?

It was wil's genius title, I can claim none of the credit grin

got my maternity allowance decision through... now I just have to wait for the first payment to come through as it's a months worth of payments gets out my sling lust list

DH insisted that micro needed a feed earlier, so I fed her and gave her back to him for her to throw the whole lot up over him, didn't stop him then insisting that she must need another feed because she'd now have an empty stomach hmm the answer to everything isn't my boobs and i'm starting to see red every time he brings them up especially as it's always 5 - 10 minutes after I've handed her over to him he is now playing minecraft one-handed with her in the other arm because it's not crossed his mind to use a sling so I'll let him off a bit...

TheBooMonster Wed 15-Apr-15 21:02:50

popz Pink lining used to do a probably horrendously overpriced backpack style bag

TheBooMonster Wed 15-Apr-15 21:04:47

£80 they also do matching purses... looks like you could fit the kitchen sink in there though...

WilHarlot Wed 15-Apr-15 21:30:39

How are the Connectas for dodgy backs? I even found it sore with the Ergo.

I have the most unsettled baby in the whole of babyland today. Answers on a postcard as to what's wrong.

Hob is working but grill and oven screwed. Hopefully someone will come tomorrow but it's the second time it's died. Scared we'll have to fork out for a new one.

FurryScoob Wed 15-Apr-15 21:43:20

The next thread should just been titled Slings anonymous, you lot have a serious addiction!

Name: Furryscoob
Age: 32 yesterday. smile
DC: 1 DD 5 months old on Monday
Pushchairs: 1 mini city baby jogger
Slings: None sad
Changing bags: 2 & I'm already filling them full of crap like my handbag use to be.

Miniscoobs learnt how to pull my glasses off, I'm gonna have to go back to contact lenses before they get bent or licked beyond repair.

ZylaB Wed 15-Apr-15 22:19:12

popz I just ordered this changing bag to go with the slings, may have not looked at mentioned the price though!

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