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December 2012: The one were they are stubborn Monkeys

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halestone Fri 03-Apr-15 07:02:11

New thread for us.

DeladionInch Fri 03-Apr-15 07:58:04


WLmum Fri 03-Apr-15 08:24:30

Thanks hales. In bed with H sounds like a good place to be.
Hope the coughs and throats are better in time for Easter chocolate!

halestone Fri 03-Apr-15 10:17:08

Woohoo shes going back to sleep. So i am going to nap with her hopefully.

ThreeFrazzledFandangos Fri 03-Apr-15 11:43:29

Morning all. Just checking in.

DS only had one accident in his pants at nursery yesterday - 5 on first day, 3 on second, 1 yesterday. But he has pooed in his jama pants this morning. It involved half a pack of wipes and a shower. I binned the jamas.

Happy Easter! tbugrin

Barbeasty Fri 03-Apr-15 12:37:20

Both of mine are being horrid today too. I think partly because DH made them nap yesterday, so they were up late last night.

ThreeFrazzledFandangos Fri 03-Apr-15 13:01:01

Nappy back on! Teething diarrhoea, but at least the first back molar has broken the surface.

DeladionInch Fri 03-Apr-15 16:05:41

ds is now sick bowl trained after eating gone off quorn envy

halestone Fri 03-Apr-15 17:38:10

Oh no thanks wine cake for everyone. FX for a better tomorrow.

DeladionInch Fri 03-Apr-15 18:07:46

He's fine now. Bowl was used as a hat, a boat and a platform to jump off. He's now fighting bedtime due to overtiredness

ThreeFrazzledFandangos Fri 03-Apr-15 19:12:30

I think the only thing to say about today is: wine

Although if anyone's stuck inside on a rainy day and looking for activities, we played for 2 hours today with a jumbo pack of toilet rolls! We stacked them and demolished them, looked through them, hid our ben and holly figures and bouncy balls in them, played skittles with them. You wouldn't believe how much DS loved playing with them!

WLmum Sat 04-Apr-15 07:47:20


WLmum Sat 04-Apr-15 07:51:49

Oh dear delad
beasty I'm on day 2 of no naps for T - managed 2 short car journeys with snacks, today we're going to friends a bit further afield so hoping a combo of DVD and snacks will prevent a nap. T slept from 7.15 til almost 7 last night -I think that's the longest stretch ever. Naps are def to blame for disrupting bedtime, night time and wakey time!

MrsNutella Sat 04-Apr-15 09:16:36

Thanks for the new thread Hales thanks

And for everyone else too thanksbrew and lots of cake

Barbeasty Sat 04-Apr-15 21:20:45

A fell asleep within about 10 seconds of going in his car seat this afternoon, but despite both DC sleeping in the car they both went to sleep ok tonight.

DD still isn't well though, temp of 40 this morning and 39.7 tonight. A is much better and his spots are fading, although they seem to be sore.

Both DC had haircuts today. DD had a few inches off to give a just above the shoulder bob, and has a fringe for the first time ever. She'd been asking for it for the last few days, said she liked it to the hairdresser, got down from the fire engine seat and burst into tears! Said she hated the fringe. She's slowly coming around.

Got her sandals for school. A sat down, took his shoes off and put his foot in the measuring thing. Ended up with sandals with room to grow.

Hope you're ok Hales

WLmum Sat 04-Apr-15 23:40:04

Poor dd beasty if feel rotten with a temp that high.

utopian99 Sun 05-Apr-15 07:30:25

Sorry I haven't checked in for ages - down at my parents for easter so lots of jollity meaning I forgot to check the thread!
wl belated yay for good news for your mum!
delad hmm for sick bowl as hat - O has a two - part potty he's never used but worn many times!

beasty I've had highlights like that. Poor dd. Hopefully she'll come round though..

hales, to answer your question from wsy back, O doesn't write letters on his own, but can do (some) with prompting or a template. He also recognises quite a few, like s because he likes making the snake sound. If you ask him to spell his name he gets the first three letters write but then it's a free for all...

Happy easter to everyone! We went up and down the swanage heritage railway from corfe castle yesterday. O was beside himself with excitement all day, and A seemed happy. He (a) really just wants to join in with O so gets a bit frustrated, but can roll over now, which amuses him no end. O also sneaked him a stick of cucumber the other day which he loved, so now shouts to join in at lunchtime. He's not quite 5 months, but has had teeth since 2 mo, so tempted to let him.

just found out dh never had an egg hunt as a child! shocksad no wonder he's so keen for O to get one...

WLmum Sun 05-Apr-15 12:12:51

Hope everyone was visited by the Easter bunny!

WLmum Sun 05-Apr-15 12:16:36

utopian I never had Easter egg hunts either so we do them every year for our dds - poor DH gets up at 6 to hide little eggs around the garden and between us we always do an invitation card from the Easter bunny. Dd1&2 were really excited about T properly joining in this year which was so lovely.

DeladionInch Sun 05-Apr-15 12:29:11

R got dinosaurs, he collected his bodyweight it chocolate at the ILs yesterday I've already started helping him eat it [bugrin]

halestone Sun 05-Apr-15 13:21:30

Happy Easter everyonethanks

H is unimpressed as she doesn't like chocolate haha.

WLmum Sun 05-Apr-15 20:02:48

Cup of tea and an Easter egg for tea!

WLmum Mon 06-Apr-15 14:23:08

Beautiful sunny day here. Been to the park now some chores.

halestone Mon 06-Apr-15 14:28:14

That sounds lovely WL.

My Mum and Grandparents have taken H out for the day, shes been on a ferry (across the mersey). I am lay on the couch at home watching crap TV and may have eaten some alot of chocolate

DeladionInch Mon 06-Apr-15 14:44:37

R napped nearly 4 hours yesterday and is into his 2nd hour today so I'm also on the sofa scoffing chocolate, but with crochet!

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