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October 2014- thread 8. Growing up fast, 6 months already!!

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MundayCakes85 Fri 03-Apr-15 06:46:05

Morning all! A shiny new thread for Easter.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, I'm off to eat copious amounts of chocolate whilst hiding in the floor of the nursery with Ewan the sheep tbugrin

Igottastartthinkingbee Fri 03-Apr-15 07:20:54

Morning! Thanks munday!

Igottastartthinkingbee Fri 03-Apr-15 07:22:41

Oooh just noticed the Easter special emoticons tbusmiletbugrintbuwinktbushock

Buttwing Fri 03-Apr-15 08:25:37

Thanks for the new thread munday.

He slept through!! From 7-7.30 with a dream feed at 11. Woohoo but I am not naive enough to think it will ever happen again until teenage yearsgrin

Desperately thinking if I did anything different yesterday? Maybe it was the three spoons of baby rice he spat out? Or the fact I wore blue? Or the extra shake I gave the bottle? tbugrin

stigz your little one is scrummy!

Sleepywaterbaby Fri 03-Apr-15 11:29:04

Thanks for coming back to me everyone! Think we will just go for it with weaning and her move next door. Operation move baby starts tonight...

Buttwing - good news on the sleep through. We had one at the beginning of the week. No idea what I had done differently! Back to a feed at 3.30am now. Grrr..

Also, lo never seems to be able to settle properly after about 5am, it's like she's decided it's wake up time. She only goes back to sleep if I bring her into bed. Which I of course do.

Anyone seen splendide or tatty recently?

FATEdestiny Fri 03-Apr-15 11:49:24

I was thinking just the other day that we've not seen splendide or tatty recently. I hope they are OK.

STIGZ Fri 03-Apr-15 13:11:31

Aw thanks girls, she is a right wee chubby checker

Thanks for the new thread munday .

I am feeling bloody exhausted this week, don't know why ? That period lasted 11 days, the longest i have ever had, so maybe thats why? But its a horrible feeling, i cannot be bothered doing anything but with two children thats impossible.

Enjoy your easter weekend, and hope you all get a lie in of some sort?

FlipFantasia Fri 03-Apr-15 14:34:16

Hi ladies

Thanks for the new thread Munday!

I can't believe our babies are at the 6 month mark...

FlipFantasia Sat 04-Apr-15 17:20:44

Stigz could you be anaemic? May be worth getting your levels checked (and maybe thyroid too?).

Went to a supermarket last night called Fairway market and lost the run of myself a bit - got mi wadi (like the Irish version of robinsons) and hula hoops and club orange (irish fanta) and buttons eggs for the kids. And crunchies! Easter will be a bit better with proper choc around smile (it's all about filling the plastic eggs and doing a hunt here in America - plus every cooks an Easter ham...which feels so wrong to me!).

FATEdestiny Sat 04-Apr-15 18:32:06

We've got a spring lamb for Sunday - Nine people and leg of lamb is damn expensive, so it is a treat. We were having the first Jersey Royals for Easter Sunday dinner last year, but Easter was later. My Mum will make a simnel cake, the kids will eat too much chocolate. All very traditional here.

sazzlehopes Sat 04-Apr-15 19:15:18

Thanks for the thread munday

stigz your little one is so cute.

We are still having shocking nights but never mind. N has his check at the hospital next Tuesday to check all is well so be interesting to see what they look for developmental wise...
He celebrated 6 months today and was very happy about it!
Our ds1 is only just 4 and has no older influence so we got away choc free this year. Plus being dairy free myself if have only sobbed at not being able to eat any myself. Or hot cross buns slathered in proper butter. Omg how I miss those....

MundayCakes85 Sat 04-Apr-15 19:41:22

Happy Easter weekend everyone. Enjoy the chocolate Flip! Sorry you're feeling so tired STIGZ.
We are having a lovely family time. E has really taken to eating, loved holding the broccoli and smushing it!
Trying to keep a bit of a routine but bath time has fallen out whilst at family gatherings. Back on it tomorrow.

ohthegoats Sun 05-Apr-15 10:33:21

Is it too soon to be going down to 2 naps?

STIGZ Sun 05-Apr-15 14:54:04

sazzle what a handsome wee guy you have smile

Deffo will get my iron checked flip it does tend to get low at times, hope you enjoyed your chocolate?

Dd2 is currently asleep in her own room for the first time, maybe tonight is the night she sleeps in there all night (hopefully)

I am feeling sick as a pig, not one bit of chocolate has passed my lips! Think i might be coming down with dd's bugsad she is still not right either, so i cancelled our easter dinner with some of dp's family, i dont want to give them our germs. Dp finishing soon, so i think i will go to bed for a while, which feels wrong as the sun is splitting the sky here.

goats how many naps does she have just now?

STIGZ Sun 05-Apr-15 14:56:17

Oh & enjoy your lamb fate .. Hope i feel like eating easter goodies soon !!

ohthegoats Sun 05-Apr-15 15:07:48

She sort of has three naps - 9am, 12.30 then again around 4. But that was when she didn't sleep for more than 45 minutes - now the lunch time one has got longer - amazingly up to 2 hours - which means she doesn't really seem to need another one. We've only been back in our own house three nights and already her sleep is shed loads better. Her room has just been finished though, so no doubt when we try and get her into there properly it'll go back to being crap again.

splendide Sun 05-Apr-15 16:18:22

Hello all. I've been away a bit just sort of shy of the thread for some reason.

We're doing ok, A is now tracking just below 9th centile which seems to be ok with the health visitors.

Sleep is a bit better at night but still terrible napper. Don't know how to handle the naps really nothing seems to work now.

Buttwing Sun 05-Apr-15 17:35:16

goats babywing has two naps one at 9 for half an hour and one at 12 for 2-2 and a half hours. It took afew days for him to get used to dropping his 4pm nap but now he is fine.

Sleepywaterbaby Sun 05-Apr-15 20:28:21

Hey splendide! Glad you're ok. We have a rubbish napper here. She's just far too nosy and wants to be awake meaning she does 30min catnaps all day.

Just sitting down for a choc fest after a lovely day at my mum's.

Happy easter everyone.

STIGZ Sun 05-Apr-15 21:25:27

Welcome back splendidsmile

Thats dd in her own roomhmm I'm in bed feeling rather weird about it all, even though i can see her and hear her on the video monitor. Update you all tomorrow on how long she lasts in there smile

ohthegoats Sun 05-Apr-15 22:17:19

I tried to get child into her own room tonight, but no hope!! To be fair it's a new room, new cot, new sheets.. all a bit too much to take in one go for her I expect. I started off trying pick up put down, but after two hours of intermittent crying and happy chattering/shrieking, I gave up and put her to bed in my bed - took 30 seconds for her to fall asleep. Haha.

I must remember that it took me 2 weeks or so to get her to nap alone, to get her to go to bed in the evening alone etc. Just needs time.

FATEdestiny Sun 05-Apr-15 22:55:28

Goats, my DD would go down to two naps if we didn't have the school run disrupting her.

She currently sleeps 9.30am-11.30am (I wake her) and 1.00pm-3.00pm (again I wake her). Then she has a 30-45 minute powernap around 5.30ish. Wakes 7am, bed 7.30pm

She'd sleep longer in the morning if I let her, more like 2 1/2 hours. She'd also be happy staying awake longer over lunchtime so that afternoon nap could be pushed to more like 2.30-4.30pm. That would mean she could drop the late afternoon sleep.

In an ideal world I would be baby-led and let her sleep like this, without waking her. This is what she does at the weekend and in school holidays. But on school days I have to consider collecting my other children from school.

Because she sleeps in the cot and I have to get her up for the school run at 3pm, I have to fit all the rest of her sleeps around this. So that means making sure she doesn't sleep too long in the morning so she goes down early enough in the afternoon to wake for the school run.

Needlessly long post there, that could be summarised as no, it's not too soon to drop to 2 naps a day blush

ohthegoats Sun 05-Apr-15 23:44:42

Thanks though - useful.

ohthegoats Sun 05-Apr-15 23:48:36

Might see if I can get her to that 2-3-4 thing. So wake at 7, nap two hours later for an hour, awake for three hours until 1, then ideally two hours sleep followed by four hours awake before bedtime.

I'm going to start cot naps tomorrow morning. Not anticipating a major problem - she'll currently nap pretty much anywhere. Won't sleep at night as well yet though.

FATEdestiny Sun 05-Apr-15 23:59:43

splendide, good to see you posting again. Don't be shy, no need to be.

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