April 2015 - The babies are arriving thick and fast

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TheBooMonster Wed 01-Apr-15 21:39:11

The Antenatal thread is here

the stats thread is here snd the spreadsheet is here

We have a Facebook group, give me a shout if you want to join!

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cinnamongreyhound Wed 01-Apr-15 21:41:48

I will mark my place tbusmile

IvegotaCaveTroll Wed 01-Apr-15 22:08:41

I'm not postnatal but will happily follow 2 threads to fill time. X

TinyTear Wed 01-Apr-15 22:10:42

Marking place, while bfing dd newbs...

RiverRocks Wed 01-Apr-15 22:30:59

Also place marking whilst feeding. I've dropped off the ante-natal thread, but hope to keep up with this one a bit better grin

RiverRocks Wed 01-Apr-15 22:33:12

How do I update the stats sheet? Or can I not?

TheBooMonster Wed 01-Apr-15 22:34:30

My Stats
children: DD1 27 months (MiniBoo), DD2 almost 2 weeks (MicroBoo)

MicroBoo’s stats
Name: Evie
Gestation at birth: 37+1
Delivery Method: IOL Vaginal Birth.
birth time: 1:24
Birth weight:5lb 15oz
days to return to birth weight: 10

My Birth Story

I went for a growth scan on the Thursday, Evie's growth had slowed and she’d dropped from the 41st centile (28 weeks) to the 11th (36 weeks). Given this slowed growth and a previous Postpartum Haemorrhage and precipitate labour they agreed to induce me at 37 weeks. An appointment was made and I was sent on my way.

Saturday rolled round, DD was sent to PiL and my parents took me into the hospital (i had sent DH to work for the day as i new it would take a while to get started and he is annoying when he has to wait round) at 2:30 I was weighed and measured and shown to my bed. I was put on a monitor and found to already be contracting every 15 minutes or so, an internal check showed my cervix was thinning and a good 1cm dilated.

at just before 6pm I was given the pessary and talked through the process of what would happen if it hadn’t worked it’s magic by 24 hours (mum and I laughed and told them not to worry about it taking more than 24 hours). my husband came straight from work and by 7pm i was walking round the hospital and contracting pretty regularly, so we went back to the ward and I had a good rock on the birthing ball.

At 9:30 i was contracting more than I was getting rests in-between and a quick monitoring showed the pessary had hyper stimulated me and baby was unimpressed. The pessary was removed, i was given an injection to slow the contractions and an IV of fluids to cheer up baby. I was warned that the injection might stop my contractions and if it did the consultant would be round in the morning to discuss my options.

The contractions did ease off but by 12:30 they were awful again, and my natal hypnotherapy calm was starting to climb out the window. I was monitored then given the precious gas and air (which made me just a bit high) after promising not to give birth in the loo (and chanting ‘don’t deliver the baby down the loo’ all the way there and between contractions like a loon) I was examined and found to be 5cm, so they decided to move me to delivery, leaving me temporarily devoid of gas and air which was the most terrifying thing i’d ever encountered (at the time).

We got to delivery and I begged anyone and everyone (up to and including another womans poor unsuspecting partner who happened to be wandering the halls at the time they wheeled me through) for an epidural, or just to knock me out. A very fast hand over was done and the midwife started discussing getting someone else in to give me an internal as I still wasn’t quite fully dilated, but before she had a chance some of my waters broke and I started pushing. Baby was still in her membranes until she was about half way out and she came out in 3 pushes arriving into the world (very vocally) at 1:24am. whilst I asked the midwife in no uncertain terms if I’d torn from front to back because it sure as hell felt like it!!

Baby was quite swift to take to the boob, having two 40 minute feeds before they were able to take her to be weighed and measured.

I had torn sideways through my labia (I don’t recommend it) and required some pretty intricate stitching by a no nonsense doctor using both local anaesthetic (which only took in some places shock ) and the precious gas and air.

We were discharged to the ward at about 7:30 in time for breakfast and stayed for a day and a half to help establish breastfeeding and capitalise in the actually pretty scrummy hospital food!

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mswibble Wed 01-Apr-15 22:47:30

Wow Boo! Well done, the embroidery sounds interestinggrin. I'm not sure if I should venture in here again however, it might frighten me too much!

ChickenMe Wed 01-Apr-15 22:53:44

Thanks Boo I like to read people's stories. Will write mine but DD is on a boob frenzy atm.

FiRaffe Wed 01-Apr-15 23:05:19

Thanks for posting Boo!

daholster Wed 01-Apr-15 23:07:45

Omg boo "sideways through labia" noooooo thank youuuu.... You brave soul! Not sure I'm brave enough to push for induction if you were begging for epidurals from strangers, gulp...!

Best find my ball, curry, DH's semen, pineapple, nipples and the energy for big long walks from somewhere... shock

RiverRocks Wed 01-Apr-15 23:27:03

daholster if you need to find your nipples, I think you've got bigger problems! grin

I'll update with my stats and story later when I have access to a computer and keyboard. Don't have the patience to do it one handed on my phone.

ChickenMe Wed 01-Apr-15 23:46:19

How is your tear Boo?

Nunkie Wed 01-Apr-15 23:54:17

Hello op! Marking my place! smile

Nunkie Thu 02-Apr-15 00:01:13

Bloody hell - just caught up with boo's story! Well done boo, sounds like you rode it out like a champ!

(Will copy mine over to here once less preoccupied with explosive boobs and constipation!)

And LOL river and daholster at missing nipples!

TheBooMonster Thu 02-Apr-15 01:07:44

It only went sideways because she caught the tiny tare from last time that they didn't stitch up. chicken it's not too bad, hating the stitches now it's healing. A little concerned they've used dissolving stitches when I heal slowly hmm

river you should just be able to open and edit.

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SquattingNeville Thu 02-Apr-15 04:09:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChickenMe Thu 02-Apr-15 05:22:59

I have some witch hazel for my tear Boo; when it was healing was the bloody worst.

PenguinPoser Thu 02-Apr-15 05:36:24

Yay postnatal thread - will finally share my birth story.

First baby
Born at 37+1 gestation
Induction of labour for obstetric cholestasis
Weight 6lb 1.5oz
Ventouse delivery

I knew the plan was to induce at 37w due to cholestasis - but at 36+6 my bloods had taken a turn for the worse. Consultant did a membrane sweep in clinic which was pretty uncomfortable but I was pleased that cervix was soft and stretchy and I was told that the induction shouldn't be a problem. Went home had a show but no contractions or anything overnight.

The following afternoon I was admitted to antenatal ward. Examined 7pm cervix still looking good but posterior so pessary inserted. Not much happened until examined again 1am when midwife said it would be possible to break my waters so no more pessaries needed. I didn't get waters broken at that point as they prefer to do it in the daytime. Had some crampy pain overnight like bad period pain and was given dihydrocodeine. Didn't get any sleep!

In the morning I was taken to labour ward at 8.30am and started on the monitor. Drip inserted bloods taken. Examined and midwife broke my waters about 9 am. Started contracting but irregular so drip was started about 10am. At some point I was given the gas and air as pretty soon I was contracting well every 3mins. I tried it and immediately felt dizzy and nauseous plus it made my mouth so dry. DH was on hand with water! Also it didn't help with pain although that could be cos I wasn't taking it properly due to the dizziness and nausea!

By 11am I decided if this was really going to be painful that I wanted an epidural as I felt it was the inevitable outcome. Midwife got anaesthetist who said I needed extra blood test for clotting (due to cholestasis) before she would do it. Hence 90min delay! I really wasn't happy at this point so accepted the diamorphine injection to tide me over. It was nice. Didn't stop pain but I definitely coped better and was drowsy between contractions. Eventually 90min later anaesthetist returned- bloods ok and did I still want the epidural - er yes please!

Epidural inserted no problem didn't feel a thing. Was told it would take 20min to work. 30min later I was still in pain but all on right side bump and back with the contractions. Left side was numb. They couldn't understand this and it persisted despite an epidural top up. Eventually anaesthetist offered to try re positioning it or starting again. She repositioned it slightly which did help and I was pretty confortable for an hour.

Examined at 2pm - fully dilated! Midwife spoke to docs and plan was leave me 2 hours before starting to push to allow head to come down. During this time babies heartbeat started dipping so doctors came in. They decided to take a blood sample from top of baby's head to see if it was safe to wait. Sample was fine so I duly started pushing after my allotted 2hours!

In the meantime flipping epidural was playing up. I was feeling all the contractions in my back which really hurt! Gave me a focus for pushing though. Couldn't feel anything down below thank goodness.

After an hour baby was not arriving and heart beat still dipping. Doctor came and examined me - baby's head was sideways so less than ideal position. Had another blood sample from baby's head to determine urgency of delivery. Sample thankfully ok and doctor went away to speak to consultant about how to get baby out. They came back and said it was between delivering in room or going to theatre. They felt I was heading for theatre but said as I was pushing really well it might be possible in room. Added problem in theatre would be pain relief as epidural wasn't working well so would have been further spinal or general anaesthetic. Well I didnt want theatre so opted for in the room trial.

Doctor explained she was going to try the ventouse and would have to do a cut (episiotomy) at that stage I didn't care and would have agreed to anything.

Didn't feel the ventouse or the cut so the epidural was partially working! DD was delivered over 3 contractions with some epic pushing from me and pulling from the doctor. She was fine straight onto my chest and stayed there while I was stitched up. Had a heavy bleed after placenta so ended up on a drip for next 2 hours.

Needless to say I felt like i had been kicked by a horse!

I think it sounds pretty horrendous written down but in reality I don't think it was. I was prepared for the possibility of instrumental delivery. Just wish the epidural had worked better!! I would do it again. It wasn't as hard as th breastfeeding in my opinion!


cinnamongreyhound Thu 02-Apr-15 07:48:35

I had labial tears with ds1 TheBooMonster, mainly because he was face up I think. Was much worse than what I had with ds2 for sure. Hope you heal well.

You sound pretty happy with it all PenguinPoser! I never had any dips in hr with my two, that must be tough in itself. Hope your episiotomy heals quickly.

TinyTear Thu 02-Apr-15 10:07:42

My story...

Dd2, born 31st March

So because of gd I had my elcs booked for 38+3.

Went to hospital the night before and stayed over while they monitored blood sugars. I was tightening regularly on the monitor but not painful.

The morning of the section they move me to labour ward and tell me I'm first after an emergency.

The consultant comes to say hello and it's the actual consultant, not a registrar doing my section.

I walk to theatre and they put on the spinal/epidural. First attempt hits bone and I feel pain on left side but second attempt is perfect.

I suddenly feel nauseous and have to be sick even though I hadn't eaten in ages... But then feel better...

DD is born at 10:55 and then takes OVER an hour to put it all back in and stitch it all up.

Reading my notes last night it seems my bladder had adhered to my emcs scar, other bits were all stuck together as well and I am glad it was the consultant doing a thorough job of sorting it. I even heard her say "I think this fits here" which is a bit odd to hear grin

Meanwhile DD was weighed and wrapped, they left her lovely vernix in to moisturise, and getting lots of daddy cuddles while I poked a finger and stroked her cheek.

I chickened out with the curtain and didn't lower it in the end.

Afterwards into recovery, dd had her first breastfeed and all OK...

I had a big drain left but that will come out soon and I'll go home...

Only yucky thing was as I was hungry but wanted something plain because on nausea had a croissant. Then an hour later had two cups of water too quickly so ended up being sick all over the bed, even hitting dd's foot, poor thing... Then hard to get changed as couldn't feel my legs, had a catheter on one side and a drain on the other... Poor midwives!!

Anyway going home today, hurrah

RL20 Thu 02-Apr-15 10:46:28

Wow just had a read of the stories. Well done ladies!!
That's all I have to say at the minute blush

BananaToast Thu 02-Apr-15 21:39:36

Love reading these - hope you're mending well Boo - ouch!

Babiecakes11 Fri 03-Apr-15 01:29:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RL20 Fri 03-Apr-15 10:51:36

Aww babiecakes. 4th March seems such a long time ago now!
Was nice to read your story, glad baby is doing well!

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