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Jan 2015 new year new babies new thread AND EXPLOSIVE NAPPIES!

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bigfam Wed 01-Apr-15 16:21:37

Apparently the other thread is closed. How're nappy explosions going?
Baby bought up a little bit, but I thinks it's because she had a total of 9oz in an hour.

Pesto11 Wed 01-Apr-15 17:40:17

Well done on creating the new thread bigfam
...and the nappies

Lots of cuddles and feeding today.
Ah well ... Watching repeats of neighbours and home and away as well as today's episodes!

chiruri Wed 01-Apr-15 19:31:16

I had this typed out then it said the thread was closed! I love the new thread name, btw.
Happy birthday, Ness! Hope you're being spoiled.
We've had a couple of nappy explosions today, too. Must be age related. I got a lovely sleepy cuddle on the couch while DH was on the cycle trainer (he has a big cycle coming up). It was lovely to snooze with DD with DH watching over us.

Alyx80 Wed 01-Apr-15 22:31:52

Happy Birthday ness

We have 12 week jabs tomorrow which I am not looking forwards too, hope there is no reaction like last time!
Quade went on ok with his orthopaedic appointment. His feet will apparently sort themselves out, he's just got to have a hip ultrasound to check that they are ok as him being squashed up may have caused problems with his hips as well as his feet. She thinks he is ok though and it's just a precaution.
He did a lovely 5 hour stretch yesterday again, hope he does it again tonight but I doubt it lol.

bigfam Wed 01-Apr-15 23:05:01

Thought it would catch everyone's eye lol. Alyx were your lo's feet kinda bent inwards at birth? Baby managed to get poop in her belly button with a particularly large explosion earlier. tbusmile < had to use that

chiruri Thu 02-Apr-15 08:36:39

I'm gobsmacked here - DD just slept for 10 HOURS! I caved in and dream fed her at 4am, after 6 hours sleep for me, and that's is just up. I have no idea what I did differently but I need to somehow do it again!

September60b Thu 02-Apr-15 09:21:32

Chi, when you find out what you did can you let me know?! I can't complain as she only wakes on r during the night but the evenings are a nightmare trying to get her off to sleep.

Thanks for the new thread bigfam smile

chiruri Thu 02-Apr-15 10:13:24

Gripe water has worked wonders in getting DD off to sleep. She's usually incredibly windy at night, so I give her one dose of gripe water before bed. Since doing it she's been much less bothered by wind and can usually drift off to sleep quite quickly. She also gets a warm bath before bedtime, and a tummy massage.

bigfam Thu 02-Apr-15 12:21:12

Go baby chi. Since our one disastrous night, baby has been good. Last night I couldn't sleep and was willing her to wake up. The ONLY way I can get her to nod off is with white noise.

Nesspot Thu 02-Apr-15 19:27:45

Thanks for the birthday wishes guys!

Chi - that's excellent about the sleeping! Ds must have known it was my birthday yesterday as he slept from 11pm to 6am without a peep! 7 hours!

We got DS's latest hospital appointment through for his birthmark - 19th March 2018! I'd say the chances of us remembering about that are slim!

Alyx80 Thu 02-Apr-15 21:48:13

Lol, I can't believe you got an appointment for 3 years time Ness!

bigfam yes his feet were slightly turned in, I don't think it's that obvious and sounds like it's not going to cause too many issues for him.

We had another good night last night, he did 10pm-3am and then 4am-7am, all on his back in his own bed. Hoping but not expecting similar tonight lol. He's gone down a bit earlier tonight and been asleep since 9pm.

He's had his 12 week jabs today which went ok, he didn't cry as much as with the last ones and hasn't had any reaction since so that's good. DS3 has a cold which I'm hoping clears before we go away next week and DS1 took himself to bed at 7.30pm so I don't know if he's coming down with something too!

Hope everyone has a good Easter weekend, I still need to find the boys some eggs, I'm not at all organised this year!

Elizadoesdolittle Thu 02-Apr-15 23:05:51

lol and I thought getting an appointment through in June was a long wait!

I'm yet to experience a proper poo explosion from DS. The only one he's done my friend had to deal with it as she was looking after him whilst I dropped our DD's at dance class which took me 15 mins. Perfect timing on my part.

bigfam Fri 03-Apr-15 03:56:34

Dd1's feet were bent inwards, I was encouraged to just hold them lightly straight when changing her, it resolved itself in a few weeks.
I still can't believe the difference with this milk, it's only £2 more than normal formula, and it is well worth it. (we're worth it, like the hair stuff lol) glad your lo's jibs went well.

Dec1314mummy Fri 03-Apr-15 04:47:38

Morning all.* Alyx* glad to hear the jabs went ok. I agree chiri I would love to know the secret. 10 hours.... Wow!
Dd is waking 2/3 times a night which I really can't complain about. Ds's sleep has been worse than hers again. Poor Ds is back on antibiotics for an infected thumb! We are still away and he fell over in a huge puddle so think that must be how it happened. He also fell head first onto a concrete floor. Then reacted to something on Wednesday as he was sick again through the night! I must admit my anxiety is through the roof at the moment and I'm really struggling to enjoy it all! Just want to protect my babies in a little bubble! I wouldn't though, I think having an opportunity to explore etc is so important, I just need to stop worrying as much as I do!
Sat now watching Dd look all cute though after a feed. She really is so utterly beautiful!

bigfam Fri 03-Apr-15 10:03:35

Aww poor ds Dec hope he's on the mend soon. Baby has fallen back into her good routine of only waking once at night. I have to agree with you Dec on the beautiful baby front I can't understand how I made anything so perfect, I know I'm probably biased I'm not

chiruri Fri 03-Apr-15 10:41:44

Had another miraculous night. I have no idea where it's come from but long may it continue! Had her dressed in a cute wee M&S romper for her 12 weeks milestone photo, but she decided now was the perfect time to have a huge nappy explosion! She's back in her standard dungarees and bodysuit hmm

Alyx80 Fri 03-Apr-15 12:15:30

We had an amazing night too! 9pm to 6am! I'm sure it was because of his jabs and will be a one off but I had 8 hours sleep so I'm happy grin

Anyone else's hair falling out yet? It's happening a bit earlier than it did with my other boys but I'm always pulling hair out of Quade's fists! His own is falling out too, his sheets are covered and it's looking so thin on the sides now.

Here he is with my 5 week old niece Ruby

bigfam Fri 03-Apr-15 12:37:24

Aww look at them. My hair's so thick it literally doesn't matter how much I loose ive had to have it thinned twice since she was born, but it's always been the way. It used to be really curly when I was younger and my two dd's both have curly hair, my 3yo's hair is unbelievable though, I get so many comments on it.
Sorry to ramble, glad u had a good night's sleep too alyx

September60b Fri 03-Apr-15 12:39:08

Loving the baby pics! I hope your ds gets better soon Dec.

Nights are pretty good here too, she just wakes once and goes straight back down after a feed. Nap times and the evening before bed are turning into a nightmare though. She seems so have lost the ability to be able to drop off to sleep. Rocking and shushing used to work without fail but now nothing seems to work, which means she cries for hours and ends up falling to sleep through exhaustion! She was 12 weeks this week and it seems to have got worse over the last few days so im thinking it's probably because it's a wonder week or maybe she's not feeling well. I'm hoping it's just a phase.

Anyone got any nice plans for the Easter weekend?

September60b Fri 03-Apr-15 12:40:40

And Alyx my husband pointed out this morning that my hair has started falling out and has now got the vacuum out.....

bigfam Fri 03-Apr-15 12:44:25

This is dd2's hair

bigfam Fri 03-Apr-15 12:46:17

And a not so flattering one

bigfam Fri 03-Apr-15 12:48:34

Pic didn't go on last post

Nesspot Fri 03-Apr-15 13:42:17

Aw, just got onto a computer rather than my phone - look at all those wee faces!

Bigfam, my sister has hair just like that only wears it straight most of the time thanks for the wonder of GHDs - I have the most poker straight hair ever and would love her hair!

Here are a couple of recent ones of ds - he is trying out his new ear defenders in the first one. We are going to a couple of festivals over the summer and a rally/march in Glasgow City Centre tomorrow so hopefully he'll get plenty of use from them!

I honestly can't believe how cute he is!

chiruri Fri 03-Apr-15 14:00:48

Oo, Ness I think my friend is drumming in the rally tomorrow. She's in She-Boom.
My hair is really fine, plus it's bleached so breaks quite often, so I haven't noticed if it's falling out or not. I think DD is going to have her Dad's hair, as it's already looking curly and thick!
Bigfam your kids look so alike! I love your DD's hair.
Here's one of DD showing off her Tintin-style quiff. DH thinks she looks like a cartoon baby!

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