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March 2015 Baby Club - The Results!!

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Gudgyx Mon 30-Mar-15 07:03:25

Our last pregnancy thread above.

Thank you ladies for all your support over those worrying, exciting, mind numbing, vommitty, sleepless days and nights. It has been a pleasure.

Now onto motherhood :D

Gudgyx Mon 30-Mar-15 07:03:47

Can someone fix that link? On my phone!!

Gudgyx Mon 30-Mar-15 07:08:16

So my baby girl is now 1 month old. Holding her own head up, shouting to be sat up when she is lay down. Has her father wrapped around her little finger.

Why is it going so quickly ��

Also maternity leave is boring me to tears, and is dangerous on my bank account. Last week I bought an adult colouring book to keep me amused, which was fine, but last night I bought a 55" 3d smart TV. Least Lucia and I will be able to watch some bad ass TV!

DurhamRed Mon 30-Mar-15 09:01:48

Morning! Just marking my place smile

Hope all is going well Gudgy My baby girl is just over 3 weeks old now and it only seems like yesterdsay she was born...can't believe how time flies!

Gudgyx Mon 30-Mar-15 09:04:47

Morning Durham!

I know it's going in far too quickly �� can't remember ever being without her now, yet it seems like only yesterday she was born. She's getting frustrated now as she wants to sit up and look about everywhere, but she can't hold her head up permanently just yet. She's getting there tho! Had me up since 5 hyper and just wanting to sit up lol

ZylaB Mon 30-Mar-15 11:04:44


H is 7 weeks!! (Though officially just over 3 if you take into account her being premature), I can barely remember of imagine life without her now! We took her to watch her first rugby game in Saturday, slings are great grin

theonewiththenoisychild Mon 30-Mar-15 11:40:38

Morning ladies.
Elijah is 1 week old tomorrow and it has gone very fast. He is feeding well and likes to be swaddled at the moment. Dc's are amazed by him. Im still very bruised and sore from surgery. Cant believe how bad it looks to be honest

pinkandstripey Mon 30-Mar-15 12:28:57

gudgy a TV? That's pretty hardcore random shopping LOL. I once got so drunk that I didn't know I'd bought stuff til I got the despatch emails. I didn't look at the emails, was like getting presents smile drunk me spent lots of money in Ann summers!!! grinblushgrin

Good idea on the post natal thread xx

Lizziebear15 Mon 30-Mar-15 13:49:57

Hi, can I join you guys. My first DD (Elizabeth) was born on 2nd March at 38 weeks by ELCS weighing 5lb 11oz. We have both recovered well and enjoying time together. She is 4 weeks old already and has started sleeping through the night in the last week!!

Hope everyone else is well and enjoying their time with their newborn bundles smile

Gudgyx Mon 30-Mar-15 16:22:31

Hi Lizzie! We're birth date buddies! Lucia was born 2nd March at 1052 weighing 8lb 4oz, and is already ruling the roost in this house!

Yeah pink a bloody TV! Set me back 600 quid, it's painful. But my its a beauty of a TV haha and I figure since all I'll be doing til I go back to work is watch cartoons with Lucia it will be worth it.

Was due HV today but she hasn't appeared. What should I do? Do they just come out another day without warning?

M27J5M Mon 30-Mar-15 17:03:29

Lol bloody link wouldn't work on my phone then my phone started acting crazy but yay I found new thread smile

Cian is 8days old now and I still find it strange seeing tiny wee clothes hanging up about the house and an actual baby in the bouncer/crib etc! Loving every single moment of it tho! smile

StuntNun Mon 30-Mar-15 17:39:44

I can't believe my baby is a week old today. I think I might be starting to get the hang of things.

Gudgyx Tue 31-Mar-15 07:57:05

Think I can share my birth story now most of us are done!

My ELCS was booked for 2nd March and we were told to come in at 7am, I was first to go. We got there for 7am and were shown to the recovery ward with another couple, where myself and the other lady changed into nightgowns, the men into scrubs.

The surgeon came round to see us. He was asking about my crohns history, my fistulas etc. I told him one of my fistulas was bowel to bladder and he looked a bit alarmed. Said no one had told him that, and it would effect the section as the fistula would be directly in his cutting line. He rushed off to find my bowel surgeon, luckily enough I was in the same hospital.

While the surgeon was waiting on my notes coming up from my bowel surgeon, they took the other lady in first. For some reason, this made it really hit home what was about to happen and I completely panicked. I was visited 3x from the anaesthetist before the section, begging him to give me something to calm me down but he kept telling me I was fine. I really wasn't.

Anyway turns out I don't have a bowel to bladder fistula, or so they said anyway. This is something I need to bring up with my bowel surgeon when I next see him.

The midwife told me it was my turn, let's go. As I walked round with her to theatre, we had to stop 4 or 5 times as I was panicking so much. I couldn't breathe, I was crying and shaking so much.

I cried sitting up on the bed in theatre, leaning over the pillow. I cried when the cannula was inserted, when the local anaesthetic was inserted, when the spinal was inserted. It wasn't even sore, I was just so so scared ��

By the time OH came into the room, I was on my back in crucifixion position, silently crying and staring into space. They sprayed the water on me. I was told I would feel movement but no sharp pain, and I wouldn't know what they were doing.

They lied.

I didn't feel sharp pain. But I knew every single thing they were doing. Could tell when they were cutting open layers, bursting my waters etc. I freaked out at this point, crying loudly again, shaking and shouting at them to stop I couldn't do it anymore. OH and the anaesthetist did their best to calm me down and reassure me, but it didn't really work.

After a bit, I heard my baby girls cry. They wheeled her over the bed in the crib next to my head and i couldn't stop staring at her. She was wide awake and had these massive blue eyes. Neither OH or I could hold her right away as we were both in too much shock. The anaesthetist kindly picked her up and held her face close to mine so I could kiss her.

I started feeling ill round about here, and can't really remember much. oH tells me that's when the panic in the room was obvious. Turns out my placenta (anterior) had come away in bits and the membranes had ruptured. I very quickly lost over 1.8 litres of blood. OH says someone in the room explained everything to me, and said I needed a transfusion but I can't remember any of it.

When all had calmed down, OH was taken out of the room and I was stitched up, my baby girl put in my arms and wheeled back to recovery. After a while they checked my obs and haemoglobyn levels had risen so we escaped the transfusion.

I was a mess for days. Can only remember day 3 of hospital, the day I got home. I had a wobbly day 2 but the girls on the fb page talked some sense into me and I woman'd up and got on with it.

I'm only just recovering from the blood loss now after massive doses of iron.

But when I look at my baby girl now, still with those same massive blue eyes she was born with, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

Well done anyone who got through that massive novel! Didn't realise I had so much to get out, but it is very therapeutic smile

StuntNun Tue 31-Mar-15 09:56:47

Gudgyx that sounds like a very negative experience all round. Maybe you would benefit from being able to talk it over with someone in a few weeks time to help you deal with the trauma. I would also ask your OH to watch you very closely for signs of post-natal depression which could be triggered by a difficult birth. For now though congratulations on your baby.

Blue03 Tue 31-Mar-15 10:01:27

You need a medal Gudgy- well done hun!! And power to you for not sharing and scaring at a time when I'm sure all the support in the world was needed. You came through it and still would go through it all again.

It still amazes me how many different scenarios have the same result- a little person (or not so little in my case 10lb 4oz Jessica) to welcome to the family.

She hated lying flat for the first few days so me and DH slept in shifts so she could sleep on us. Totally paranoid about rolling and crushing her.

BF is going well thankfully, more than enough supply to meet demand but my God they are tender.

Gudgyx Tue 31-Mar-15 11:16:29

Thanks ladies smile

We had a talk through with one of the heads of the midwifery team at the hospital which helped. The health visitor is also very aware of it and is very supportive. She has told OH what to look out for re PND and he is constantly checking too, asking how I'm feeling etc but we're getting on great. I know these things happen, I'm just grateful that the medical team handled it all so well at the time, and are continuing to be aware of things and checking in with me.

theonewiththenoisychild Tue 31-Mar-15 13:38:11

gudgy i know how you feel i felt my section with my second baby and this time i sat on the operating table and they started setting up. as soon as i saw the surgeons kit being laid out i freaked and started crying and shaking and panicking. oh came into theatre when i did so he was the one who sat in front of me and held me still while they did both my spinal and my epidural (the back up plan) then he held the sick bowl while i threw up. i did feel pain this time but not like last time. last time i felt everything this time it was just one part in the centre like a ball of pain deep inside. when elijah was born the surgeon shoved him right into my face over the very low screen and i got a face full of goo grin when he was passed to oh he lay elijah on me best he could after i gave him a kiss. They topped me up with epidural twice during surgery. then i had something else while they put my outer stitch in. and that bit is where it got upsetting for me beause when i was in recovery and they were doing all the paperwork in my notes the midwife who came into theatre then realised what i had been given at the end and it wasnt suitable for breastfeeding mums. she checked with pharmacy they said not to breastfeed for 24 hours. i was very upset i had to stop elijah mid feed and he cried on my chest for a while. then the anesthatist came in she said the dose i was given was fine and i could continue feeding as she had clarified it with pharmacy. the midwife wanted to be safe so told me to hold on while she phoned nicu. they said that it was fine so i was finally allowed to feed him again. he was put on obs for 12 hours but allowed to stay with me.
1 week on and im still badly bruised and sore but getting better every day just still very shocked at the sight of all that bruising.
Elijah is doing great sleeping well and only wakes once in the night. we have had a lot of visitors over the last 3 days and elijah has been spoilt by family and friends and so have i smile my birthday was saturday so i got spoilt again grin its ds's birthday tomorrow he is 5 and it really doesnt seem long since he was a newborn. he has some birthday money so we are staying in tomorrow so he can play with his presents and family can visit then we will be taking him to s toy shop and then out for the day on thursday so im resting up to make sure im able to go

DurhamRed Tue 31-Mar-15 17:38:17

Wow * Gudgy* and * theone* it sounds like you both had traumatic birth experiences sad

I'm just glad that after the horrendous pregnancy I had the birth of my baby girl was pretty straightforward. According to my OH, during the birth I turned into the most polite person he'd ever known. No swearing, screaming, shouting just deep breathing and lots of please and thanks you's...I was even concerned that I was squeezing his hand too tightly. I told him that it was probably down to the Pethidine and that he should be bloody grateful I had it grin

In fairness, although my active labour was 11 hours I only pushed for 15 minutes before little Hettie popped out (she was born in her amniotic sac...she wanted to take her little haven with her!) Thankfully because she was so small I had no tears, cuts or grazes, so I got off very lightly!!

Gudgyx Tue 31-Mar-15 18:35:38

I was very surprised I haven't had any bruising actually, Lucia was stuck up under my right ribs frank breech and they had to do some hard tugging to get her out! Thought I was gonna come flying off the table at one point!

m33r Wed 01-Apr-15 02:54:28

Hello!! Found you all.

Sorry to hear about the section traumas but sounds like recovery is going well.

My waters went whilst I was shopping at 3pm. Baby was in my arms by 6.55pm with no pain relief or gas and air - all just happened so fast. Found the stitches more traumatic than the birth tbh.

So to motherhood...
I'm breast feeding and getting about three slots of 30 minutes sleep per night. Is this the same for othrtd? Its starting to get slightly better but not much...?

Can't believe our babies are finally here; seems like inky yesterday we had babies the size of poppy seeds and are fretting about 12 weeks scans!!!

madasacatter Wed 01-Apr-15 09:42:21

So glad to see all you ladies here, I'm a long time lurker on the other thread.

My little boy, Oscar, was born 18th March at 1.18am.

Everything went so fast, I woke up to my first contraction at about 11pm and it was all rush to get me to the (not nearest) hospital. Luckily it went smoothly from there, was 10 cm at first examination, and tbh already pushing! I just about had the opportunity for some gas and air before little man came into the world.

He's now 2 weeks old and sleeps 4 hours at night despite having difficulty with bf.

I find it difficult to get him to latch, especially when he's really hungry and therefore quite upset. When he does he doesn't stay latched for very long - does anyone else find the same?

m33r Wed 01-Apr-15 12:45:46

madas when my DS is uoset he struggles too. When he is like this, if you can express a wee bit of milk (just squeeze) and make it land in lips. This shows him what's coming but also makes your breast a bit softer (if you express a little bit more) and therefore easier to grab. Works a charm for me and it will even feel different to you.

Lifeisabeach Wed 01-Apr-15 20:31:45

Hi all!

Gudgy and theone, sorry to hear you had such a traumatic experiences, hope you're both recovering well now.

My little boy, Daniel, is 11 days old already, the time is going too fast! The MW came to see us for the final time yesterday and weighed D, who is now 7lb 10oz, well above his birth weight of 7lb 5oz. Such a relief to know that BFing seems to be working out. I still find it painful when he latches on, but the pain only lasts 30 seconds or so.

Got the health visitor coming tomorrow for the first time, to do the hearing test. A friend of mine who lives over the road and had a baby recently said the HV made her cry with all the questions and probing about whether she was ok or not, so I'm a bit apprehensive! Especially as I'll have my 6 and 4 year old here too so she'll probably be judging my parenting!

I know it's early days but so far Daniel has been a really easy baby, he sleeps well in his basket and is waking twice in the night, which I can cope with. It probably won't last though!

M27J5M Wed 01-Apr-15 21:26:18

Sorry to hear your sections were a little traumatic! I feel bad moaning about my labour which seems very easy in comparison!

Hope all is well with you all smile Cian is now 10 days all and I'm feeling like im finally getting on my feet

Blue03 Thu 02-Apr-15 02:41:20

M33r I found i used a ton of gas and air when it came to stitches, u r not alone thinking it's more painful than it ought to be considering we had just pushed a person out of our bodies!

Sleep is not much of an acquaintance of mine atm either. Jess will feed til she throws up which makes her hungry again. Im trying to work out how to get her to the full mark and then de-latch and burp her, then lay her down for two hours before it begins again. So far- its not working. I may be getting more than 30 minutes at a time so should count my blessings with that one.

My breasts were so painfully full yesterday that I tried hand expressing. What a slow process!! Worth the relief in the end though. I think I might be digging out the electric one if this continues

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