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September 2014 - 6 months already?!

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holls2000 Mon 09-Mar-15 14:32:47

new thread!

cookielove Mon 09-Mar-15 14:35:27

I was hoping someone would sort a new thread smile

Thank you holls grin

cookielove Mon 09-Mar-15 14:38:06

Uh oh you filled up the thread without a link!

Although I am sure everyone will find us here wink

holls2000 Mon 09-Mar-15 14:49:11

I know i didn't realise when I posted that I was the 1000th poster. ...ooops xx

KitKat1985 Mon 09-Mar-15 14:55:34

Place marking! Thanks for the new thread holls. xx

cookielove Mon 09-Mar-15 15:00:10

It feels good to finish a thread right?

Or us that just me blush

They will all find it I'm sure!

FATEdestiny Mon 09-Mar-15 15:13:53

Thanks for the new thread Holls

Topsyloulou Mon 09-Mar-15 15:47:26

Thanks for the new thread Holls.

The 11 hour flight went fine. DS slept most of the way in the bassinet & then spent the rest of the time nosing into the galley. Fingers crossed he's the same on the way back.

jaykay34 Mon 09-Mar-15 16:16:42

Just place marking. Then back off to catch up with old thread....

Honeybear30 Mon 09-Mar-15 16:28:48

holls did you panic when the angelcare monitor went off?

nazly I hope lo settled eventually at nursery, I would have been in tears to.

FATEdestiny Mon 09-Mar-15 17:21:45

So I decided to do a bit of baby proofing while DD was napping today.

Fireguard dug out of the garage and reinstalled. Not that we ever actually put the fire on but I am becoming increasingly worried about DD making a bee-line towards the hearth slab when rolling, I'm sure she'll whack her head on it one of these days so the fire guard removes that worry.

Then I've put stair gates on the kitchen door and bottom of stairs. Not that they are needed yet but it occurred to me (when rooting around in the garage) that my 5 year old doesn't know how to open and close a stair gate. So he needs some time to get used to doing it at a time when it doesn't matter if the gate is left open. So that when it becomes important to keep the gates closed all of the time, he knows how to do it.

I hate how constraining baby proofing is, especially the stair gate. No longer can I wander up/down the stairs with a pile of washing in my hands. Suddenly transporting anything up or down stairs has to be thought about to make sure I have a hand free to do the stairgate. Grrr.

holls2000 Mon 09-Mar-15 17:26:05

Honey - I crapped myself was quite scared!! However, we have had a few false alarms. Have turned up the sensitivity!!

I am dreading baby proofing. I think before we move, I shall just buy a playpen - our house is tiny and very full of stuff so not sure where to start!!!

FATEdestiny Mon 09-Mar-15 18:22:30

It won't be as bigger deal as you imagine holls, and doesn't all need to be done in one go with your first child. Initially, from first rolls right through crawling and into walking - you only need baby proof one room, your main living space. Just shut the door and keep baby in that room, but make it safe.

The rest - stairs, kitchen etc all comes later.

Zanashar Mon 09-Mar-15 22:07:11

thank you for the new thread Holls, and yes I agree, our two DHs defintiely sound similar at times eh?

Nazly, hope your LO starts to settle in soon. I am dreading when DD starts myself so can only imagine how horrible it must feel to experience those tears.

Topsy, glad that the flight went well for you all smile

yikes!!! can't believe how quickly the time has gone - this time 6 months ago DD wasn't here ( she was still 11 days away!!) and I was getting bored of waiting, but enjoying the lovely weather.

Today DH has put DD to bed (he actually offered...........i think the penny is dropping............slowly) as I have been up to my eyes in getting CPD up to date. But of course he has forgotten to switch the monitor camera on!!!

I've been suggesting babyproofing here but DH is of the 'let's wait for her to become mobile and then rush out to get everything we need' school. WHY??????????
where is the logic in that?????

(sorry for the many ! and ?s)

lilone1234 Mon 09-Mar-15 22:43:52

Thanks for the new thread.

Glad your flight went well Topsy.

Center parcs is lovely so far!

Zanashar Mon 09-Mar-15 23:11:50

Ah Lilone, I knew I'd missed someone!! Hope you're all having a fab time at centerparcs wink

topmammy Tue 10-Mar-15 07:04:17

Ooh a new thread. Fab.

I'm yet to do the whole baby proofing thing. One definite benefit of a non rolling baby! I have a couple of friends from baby groups coming round on Thursday and their babies are more mobile so I shall soon find out what I need to change in my living room.

J slept 8 hours last night. I got 6, bliss. Although I did wake up after 3.5 hours wondering why she hadn't woken me up yet. I gave her a yoghurt plus rusk mixed with warm whole milk for pudding/supper last night about 6pm. I wonder if that helped.

TeamEponine Tue 10-Mar-15 07:34:44

Oh, I thought everyone had been quiet since yesterday, then noticed the thread is up to 1000 posts!

Trying to stop swaddling DD is absolutely the worst thing we have done with her. It has thrown all her naps and they are now so stressful.

KitKat1985 Tue 10-Mar-15 07:45:43

Food is definitely helping here too top. Now we're trying to give 3 meals a day (if she eats it!) I can definitely see a huge difference. Last night she went to sleep at about 8pm and slept until just after 4am before she first woke for a feed. It took her a little while to settle afterwards, but was asleep at 4.45am. She woke up at 5.30am again but I left her and she went back to sleep on her own, until she finally woke up properly at 6.30am. A really good night compared to a fortnight ago, and her sleep definitely seems related to how much she eats in the day.

Team I'm sorry you're having such a rough time of it. As an interim measure would your DD fall asleep in her buggy or similar if you took her for a walk? Or would she nap in her car seat if you took her for a car ride? x

KitKat1985 Tue 10-Mar-15 07:49:49

Oh and much like you top I also keep finding myself waking up wondering why Jessica hasn't woken me up yet. Also I find it quite hard now to go back to sleep after 4am as previously Jessica was up near constantly from 3/4am onwards, and I think my body has just gotten too used to it! x

topmammy Tue 10-Mar-15 08:06:09

I know me too KitKat. Eventually our body clocks will get used to more than 3 hour blocks of sleep (hopefully).... lol grin

holls2000 Tue 10-Mar-15 08:16:19

worst night ever. really. I must have got up over 10 times. he moved so much that monitor went off 4 times as he was curled up in corner of cot. then most times he was fast asleep but chatting in his sleep.

useless mummy washed cover for bouncy chair but didn't dry it. grrrr.

TeamEponine Tue 10-Mar-15 08:54:13

Yes, she will sleep in her pram, so I tend to spend lots of time walking her around.

I've decided I need to make some serious changes to myself, just not quite sure where to start. I'm so fed up of feeling like a failure. I need to lose some weight and get some new clothes. I feel like such a fat frump. I also need to somehow adjust my expectations of my motherly skills, but not so sure how to do that. I'm a perfectionist by nature. Rationally I know that perfection is impossible with a baby, but I just feel such a failure with every little thing I can't do that I end up hating myself. I feel I'm letting DD and DH down sad

FATEdestiny Tue 10-Mar-15 09:44:09

You washed the cover of your bouncy chair holls? That's very efficient of you!

I keep looking at how grubby mine is and thinking I need to wash it, but don't get around to it. I don't even have to worry about drying etc since I have three identical covers (have bought and used to death two other bouncy chair of the same design, saved the covers) so just need to swap and put it in the washing machine.

What I did do yesterday was chuck all DDs hard toys into the dishwasher and gave them a boil wash. Everyone in the house is full of green snot has bad colds and I am becoming a bit obsessed by germs near the baby.

Plan for today is carpet shampoo and baby gym & bouncy chair deep clean. May chuck the soft toys into the washing machine with the chair cover.

FATEdestiny Tue 10-Mar-15 09:47:15

Team - You are not a failure. Being a good parent is about always trying your best. You don't have to always be perfect. Accepting that "good enough" is better than perfect goes a long way towards enjoying this baby malarkey.

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