What do you want from a baby group?

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MrsPhil Sun 08-Mar-15 18:35:19

A friend and I would love to start a baby group, we both have young babies and want to start a group in our community that is welcoming and a happy place to be.

I know groups can be unbelievably daunting and we've all been to some with cliques that make us feel very self conscious, and have had that session when no one talks to you. So I would love to know from you what you dislike about groups already out there and what you would like to see or do at a group that would encourage you to go?

We feel that they should be fun for everyone, a way for parents to meet other parents and interact with others in the same situation. A reason to get out of the house and obviously need to be fun for babys too.

Thank you for your help, we'd love to know what you are thinking. smile

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worserevived Wed 15-Apr-15 15:55:08

Defined age range. Small babies and toddlers are a difficult combination.
Drinks and biscuits! People chat more over a drink.
Decent baby change
Chairs. Difficult to bf sitting on the floor.
Hot water to warm bottles
Something to provide stimulus for babies. A group I went to had a mat to lie the babies on it a circle, and we waved a large multicolured silk circle over their heads. I think there was music too. They were fascinated.

You can't stop cliques, that's down to those who attend.

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