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steerpike82 Mon 23-Feb-15 01:20:10

I had my lb in Feb last year, so he's a year old now. I wasnt particularly happy staying at home all day, it was isolating. I was due to go back to work October but I got pregnant again at 6 weeks & my lg was born 23rd December. I love my children so much, but should it be this hard? I had horrendous morning sickness with my lg so I couldn't take my lb to mums & tots groups really but I didn't fit in anyway. I'm quite introverted, so making friends doesn't go down great. My husband works nights too. It just feels like my life has stopped still & I can't seem to adjust. I love my children so very much, but sometimes I just wish things were the way they were 2 years ago. I feel terrible just saying it and I'm so unhappy. Does anyone have some advice?

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